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  1. Who was that tyre kicker we had that ended up at Charlton?
  2. It was at Sassulo. Too many beers yesterday
  3. See that fan catching a fish at Spezia?
  4. Norbeck Castle is that rough the asylum seekers turned it down It gets horrendous reviews and the place looks like its falling to pieces. However its permanently rammed. Coach after coach pulling up every day chucking out hordes of em out. People love a cheapo.
  5. Great stuff. Urge anyone thats thinking of staying a night or two to find places like this. Premier, Hilton and co are trying to swamp the town and the wankers at the council are all for it. Doing their best to kill off the little gaffs. There's some gems about.
  6. There really is some great gaffs. Where was it pal?
  7. Watched the CL final in there last season. Belting gaff.
  8. Edited. One is correct. I suppose ED had us down this path already.
  9. Further to what @Underpantswas saying on another thread... Would you want us to be taken over by Saudi mob in a similar fashion to Newcastle or City? Or would you prefer life just as it is with us fluttering up and down the leagues like we have forever? Its a tough one. I get what undies is saying. When we were punching on euro jollies I never felt we belonged there. Im in no rush to get to The Premier League. My kids however... well that's a different story.
  10. Its horrendous on family fun days
  11. It was rather distasteful. Disgusting infact. Mocking something like that is lowest of the low imo. The Munich cunt.
  12. Same with any big club. Their away support is and always has been superb.
  13. Best team Ive seen in my lifetime.
  14. gonzo

    Big Sharps

    Awful news. Had loads of banter years ago with him on here. He was like the original cheese Was part of the old Burnden Aces. Big on twitter too under Adam Sharples. Seemed like proper nice lad and 2 great boys. Hope he can find some peace now RIP
  15. The boulevard gaff looks ace. If you fancy getting away from the crazyness of town have a little much up to ceder sqaure, next St Johns sqaure outside winter gardens. Some great little bars and eateries. Abingdon market now a food hall with all kids of craft ale gaffs and food places. Dont tell the peasants in shenanigans though
  16. Stay off their social media bollocks mate.
  17. Honourable mention for Deducketed.
  18. Ive still no idea how Chris Morris got away with that episode
  19. Hope the weather stays like this for you. Seemed pretty quiet on my hotels today. Loads bemoaning the train strikes and 35 Bank Holidays last month. Last weekend was carnage. There was a big northern soul thing on as well as pier on pier. Loads of ravers all over the prom off their chops
  20. https://www.blackpoolgazette.co.uk/news/people/blackpool-protest-rally-planned-on-the-comedy-carpet-for-dogs-marshall-and-millions-killed-by-met-police-4167148 Vigil taking place for the two dog on Blackpool seafront tomorrow. What The Fuck
  21. Are they bigger than Barnsley though?
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