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  1. What if there’s not a party or person you want to actually vote for?
  2. Agree with all that. Labour are split, and destroyed. That lurch to the left and corbyn was the end of the party. Now you’ve got half the party wanting to get back to centre and half the party still harping on about Corbyn. I thought starmer would be a Blair type dude to drag them to the centre, but I think the job is too big now. They need to split the party and start all over again. The working class thing has been utter bollocks for years. They alienated the supposed working class by going that far left. Silly cunts.
  3. Totally forgot. Not much point, Conservatives usually win round ere by a margin. Not voting for them cunts When are the results in?
  4. What’s the craic with this DAZN then? Is it on fire stick?
  5. Morecambe will bottle it.
  6. They should ban knives completely. All food should come pre chopped or in mashed form.
  7. When did they stop playing in white at home?
  8. Hyndburn the worst in country. Huddersfield, Doncaster closely behind. Bolton on their tail. Meanwhile, Blackpool is one of the lowest. No Asian community here and the place is packed out all day every day.
  9. Hyndburn rates top of the shop. Be civil war if these cunts delay the pubs opening proper.
  10. He was lucky v GGG. The guys a machine, especially since he started the PEDS, but he’s a beatable. Underestimate BJS at his peril. BJS gives the performance of his life and he could get a split points decision.
  11. The only reason kids pick up knives is fear. Get boxing/self defence taught in school either as extra classes or part of the curriculum. You’ll never stop young lads waning a tear up, it’s part of their DNA. Like Royal says, the sentences for carrying knives are a disgrace. I don’t know if this one in Bolton is gang related but really don’t think it was. A scrap at a house party and the lads grabbed the nearest weapon imo. Not sure how you stop that.
  12. £2.5m..ish in income there then. None other bar what we get off the EFL and Sky. Not sure we can giving stuff away.
  13. How many ST’s did we sell last season?
  14. It appears they’ve been in to all local businesses offering corporate packages and the likes. My mate who’s company does the events at the ground been contacted too. That JJ night will be back on soon with Campo added to the bill.
  15. Diazepam and Xanax. Take your pick
  16. How much of a discount did you expect? Genuine question?
  17. The only thing I’m looking at is that my season ticket for this year is £80ish cheaper than last years. The club are rewarding my loyalty with £80 deduction on a season ticket at potentially higher level of football. It could’ve been more. But like I say I’m sure if they could do it, they would have.
  18. Got his football nightmares on VHS somewhere.
  19. The lad stabbed was going out with a lad from match daughter. The lad who did it is 15 and looks about 12. Apparently they were part of same group of mates. The fact he staggered from house to house has got to me most Awful
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