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  1. Jesus hes not fuckin about there is he?! Whos the manager hes on about?
  2. Was called that for a bit after they moved back in wasnt it?
  3. Charlton away bonfire night. Missed this as I was ball boy at Blackpool 👀 (After vale)
  4. Udders feeled correct
  5. Nicked off twatter
  6. Gets treated as a hero whenever Ive seen him at the match. He wont be offended by me calling someone a spaz in my spare time.
  7. Mate come on. Its miles different. You know when people call each other idiots and spaz nowadays they're not actually taking the piss out of disabled people? Those terms have just evolved in meaning you're just being a bit thick or whatever. Having a go at some kid in a wheelchair online is in no way the same. If my mrs calls me tubbs or fatty and looks at my current beer belly its not a slur against people with eating disorders or type 2 diabetes. Context is everything. Nobody would call or nickname Darren MOngy Darren in today's world. Fuck the nicknames poor kids had in school were tenfold worse in them days.
  8. I dont from either angle. The lack of betting shops wont stop people and either will the club detaching itself from betting companies. Doesnt affect anyone still wanting to bet. All a fuss about nothing.
  9. Spazzy Darren was a nickname made in the 1980s when folk didnt know any better. Hardly the same. Never heard a single person call him M0ng boy either.
  10. Whatever happened to being responsible for your own actions?
  11. gonzo


    Not sure Fleetwood are in any immediate danger with all their monies being owed to Pilleys own company. What happens to those loans if Pilley gets done and his businesses not allowed to operate?
  12. The song we had for Le Fondre was our best song in the last 30 years. Easily.
  13. gonzo


    https://www.fleetwoodtoday.co.uk/news/crime/fleetwood-town-owner-andy-pilley-accused-of-fraud-and-money-laundering-and-appears-in-court-in-blackpool-3392290 FTFC are in £20m in debt to Pilleys energy firms as well. Fuck knows whats going on with what MK just posted. The blokes a crook but what hes done for Fleetwood and Thornton where their academy is, is unbelievable. Be a shame if it all goes tits up, even though everyone knew it would do eventually
  14. gonzo


    The shits about to hit the fan at Fleetwood. I did warn folk
  15. gonzo


    Id rather the day trippers stay at home. Moaning cunts make it too busy and the atmosphere shitter than normal.
  16. gonzo


    Simon Jordon was brilliant today on the matter. Theyre hoping to have Mel Morris on tomorrow.
  17. Is there actually any need for that response?
  18. They won't be on peanuts. Shows there's a bit of dosh somewhere.
  19. Ive just told my lad evatt is leaving for forest. Hes crying and Im going to kill myself.
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