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  1. He will blame Ukraine and Covid. Standard default for Brexit apologists.
  2. Yes their fans shouldn't chant after a bad decision because of some charges from 10 seasons ago.
  3. Their repertoire of songs is fucking awful. Uniteds piss all over em.
  4. We had a night match at Burnden v them called off as well. 94ish, pissed it down all day and it was called off as we got in King Bill. Might have been the same season Sneekes scored a worldie there.
  5. Hes been injured for a large part of it then ill for 2 games last week. If that's not at it then fair enough. I do fear for his place with Doku and Peps more direct style mind. Id love to see him on the right getting past his full back.
  6. We all ready? What number are we?
  7. You're gonna need a bigger boat.
  8. Thats the way hes been told to ffs. Hes there for ball retention, cut inside and lay off midfielders. Hes doing what Pep tells him to and it worked a treat last season with silva and kdb on the inside. It took Pep a year to mould him in to that position from the free role he played at Villa. Peps tweeking it this season with Doku and a more direct way. He tweeks it every season. Really baffles me how people who are meant to know the game cant see this.
  9. Grealish been injured a lot of it tbf. Hes still fucking light-years ahead of Rashford. Gordon needs to be in the next sqaud 100%
  10. Newcastle are everything United arent. So good to watch.
  11. Hope everybody stood up and clapped.
  12. Wasnt quite as peaceful and pleasant when Blackburn demolished us a bit later on in the season
  13. Coldest one so far this morning. -5 Anti freeze in my buckets.
  14. They had shit loads of lads from all over that day. At the time it was a bit of a communal jolly boys for exiled lads in London and banned lads from other clubs. They had QPR, Port Vale, Tranmere, and shit loads of Millwall out that day. It kicked off royal at the station after. Around the same time of Maze Hill.....
  15. I think Stan Collymore is ace. He did us some damage during his career thats for certain. Southen then Forest then Liverpool. Always scored against us. Loved him on the radio in the glory days of feist night and game day. Does a good cameo on a Friday but nowhere near enough. Always speaks well for me and knows his shit.
  16. Anyone remember Darren Eadie breaking his leg at Burnden?
  17. Fantastic charity. Nice one mate. Sort laters x
  18. Deffo Lever end. He had sexy hair and tape on his fingers.
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