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  1. gonzo

    Lincoln (H)

    Like a tiny little torch with cheap batteries dropped in a big pile of steaming shit.
  2. gonzo

    Lincoln (H)

    Bridcutt was on trial at Blackpool in the Summer. JSL
  3. gonzo

    Lincoln (H)

    I cant name a Lincoln City player past or present.
  4. gonzo

    Lincoln (H)

    Yeah If your pal or lads mate from School just fancies a cheeky day at the match you can't simply order them a ticket on your account. You have to register them as a member then wait 24 hours to buy the ticket. By that time most will have fucked it off or just asked about for a spare.
  5. Trafford starts for u21. Bbc red button
  6. I don't remember Liam Richardson playing for us 😳
  7. Needs to fuck off loan somewhere
  8. We are going to win the world cup.
  9. Its probably Mount you should be looking at, based on form you're right but the debate is pointless as Gaz has his lieutenants. He couldn't wait to fuck Bowen off. ...and leave my jackyboy out of this πŸ€£πŸ†πŸ’¦
  10. Watford sack Rob Edwards. Deserves all he got for going there.
  11. Well hes looked ok in a totally crap team for me. Calling him is pointless as hes never going to replace anyone in that team and theres already a queue infront of him.
  12. Playing for a team thats had the worst start in premier league history. Hes taking nobody's place in that team.
  13. Was gonna say, hes been bob on for Chelsea this season. Their only shining light. Plus hes been Englands best player for past 4 year.
  14. Aye to be the cup game
  15. Need to get myself down there one day. Our Rog there a lot with Carl Crook etc.
  16. Just gone top. Madness Great game
  17. I'd have Kane, Foden and Walker in the world class bracket. Grealish and Bellingham have the potential to be. Pickford should be playing for a top top club, hes been unbelievable for 18 months now. The rest are a collection of very good players. We've been punching at the top for 4 years, we just need a man with a plan to follow it through and a decent centre half.
  18. Charles had a good game for NI. Had one ruled out and was unlucky with a couple. Hes a menace for defenders. Bradley played too, hes going to be a class above that lad. They won 2-1 with 2 late goals. Elsewhere Bakayoko played 63 mins for Sierra Leone πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡±....lost 4-0 to Sarf Efrika. Trafford didn't play for U21 and Im not sure when Iceland play? Presume Bods in there.
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