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    Smacks of Dougie Freedman. What the fuck are they thinking? Get a steady eddy in, reduce your wage bill and dont fuckin panic.
  2. gonzo


    Ally McCoist with Clive Tyldesley is absolute dream team. Sky should be in for them two to replace Martin Tyler when he packs in.
  3. Its all very exciting. I grew up with Carlton Palmer and Tony Dorigo.
  4. Can see him at Real Madrid next.
  5. Bellingham, Rice and world stars in the making. CB wise, Tomori will be there or there abouts as will Cowill the Chelsea kid.
  6. Its a double edged sword for GS. He without doubt failed when push came to shove on the biggest stage, he got out foxed by Mancini and allowed the game to drift. However, I doubt any other so called elite managers out there would've got us to the final and semi wc in the first place The revolution of our national team after Iceland has been unbelievable and hes been centre stage in all of that. Hes created an ethos and togetherness and got the sqaud playing as one. No other manager has managed what he has since Alf Ramsey. After the failures of the golden generation with top name managers and big egos playing for themselves we should be wanking ourselves senseless at where we are now. GS and his team have got us here. It wont be long before we win summet, our youth system is as good as its ever been and we have the best and strongest football pyramid in world football.
  7. Come off it. It'll be the best thing you ever do.
  8. Said on Radio yesterday he could be off to Argentina?!
  9. gonzo


    On the radio Dean Ashton has to be the worst of all the co comms.
  10. gonzo


    The ones on BT are soul destroying. Carra and Neville are the best going, just not on their own teams games. People slate Danny Murphy but I like him, hes ace on a Monday on TS.
  11. We were a penalty shoot out away from winning the euros and sterling was the player of the tournament. Hes currently a star in one of the best teams on the planet and won his team the prem on Sunday after changing the game when we came on. What more would you like him to do? He cant actually get any higher in the game if he tried.
  12. Tbf hes been formidable in our last two competitions.
  13. And so he should, hes brilliant.
  14. Pugwall was always on before it haha
  15. The only nonce thing I recollect is Rudy saying he stuck up for grey in a pub when someone, maybe a player playing under grey, referred to him as a nonce. Dont think he actually called him a nonce outright. Not taking sides or downplaying the story here btw just trying to piece together the actual allegations.
  16. Good job our lot dont turn out on night games then innit 🤣
  17. Posted the whole twitter page ffs. Just search Fair cop twitter mate
  18. Jesus what a waste of everybody's time. As if you pose any kind of threat ffs. Really hope you get sorted pal. That footy solicitor bird on twitter is ace pal, she'd give you some more advice and coverage if you needed. Helped a few lads I know.
  19. Cant work it out at all
  20. Pep will change his entire set up and game plan next season. He generally does every 2 seasons. A lot of people seem to miss this. He deffo bought Grealish for next season, he will have known he was getting Haaland since Kane fell through.
  21. Just caught up with all this... Anyone heard anything? What even happened?!
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