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  1. Agree 100%, deffo in the first two games he was going with who starts in the WC, two diff back lines to suit. Mad all this talk about tiredness by the way, they wouldnt be tired if it was the WC cup starting yesterday ....and neither would we as fans haha
  2. Mad how opinions differ. Hes some talent that lad. Keeps it all ticking with the simple stuff and energy. Undroppable when on it. Did ok in first half but clearly shagged.
  3. He put 3 more on. We had 5 pivot CDMs in front of the back 3.
  4. He was our only player with any form of intent. Ran out of steam like the rest of em. Heard today this was mounts 64th game this season. What a ridiculous time to be playing these games. Wonder if Italy will get slated for parking 10 men behind the ball for the full 2nd half or will folk have a wankathon at the great Italian way?
  5. Liking the look of us here
  6. gonzo


    Fair play to him. Its not his job to pick up the admin tab. Hes a brilliant business man.
  7. Christian Values and National identity? Nice bit of far right jargon there mate. They are currently trying to get bank holiday passed for servicemen who died fighting for the nazis, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Do some research fella. Re political gain, check out whats happening in the Ukraine at the mintue on the back of a regime that's managed to brainwash its people into an ideology.
  8. Dont think Gaz is either, thats why we have to play 7 defenders
  9. Anyway hope he starts Abraham and Tomori. They both know the Italians well...m
  10. People have no actual grasp of the fundamental left or right ideologies. Theres folk living in council houses in a left leaning society that think they hold right wing views becasue they dont like Muslims.
  11. The sheer existence of the far right is a threat ffs. Their political gains in Hungary are more of a threat than any act of terror. The Nazis had the whole of Germany on board before they so much as fired a bullet. If you are the far of anything you are massive cunt btw.
  12. Trouble on the Terraces on VHS.
  13. 🔥✍💪🎉⚽️🍆
  14. Why would 70% of Senegalese people want him to sign for Bayern? Do they need a pump for the well or summet?
  15. Theyll get him for £32m... Why the fuck does he want to go there?
  16. My Dad still lived in Bolton back then. Said the policed pulled every car in at the Lea Gate pub on Blackpool Road near Preston. Pre M55 days of course. That after being kept in for hours after the match. He moved to Blackpool late 70s, had to dullen the accent in town pretty sharpish.
  17. Stinks of Miami in here
  18. You might want to research the Carpathian Brigade and check out the sheer size of their numbers and affiliation with Far Right political parties.
  19. Wonder if theyll bring many to Wolves?
  20. Maybe that firm just put it on themselves
  21. Did we not have a sponsor in 1985 then?
  22. Maybe an old kit with the sponsor put on afterwards?
  23. Maybe where Bowen comes in. All those years with Vardy wasted on the bench. Soon as he packs in Kane starts playing deep
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