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  1. Id vote for Ian Huntley and his party of innmates from D wing and HMP Frankland if it meant this shower of utter cunts didnt get in. 13 years in and the country is on its fucking knees and everyone is skint. You dont need any manifestos to tell you what a complete shitshow this gaggle of cocksucking leaches have presided over and how to get them out. Anyone and I mean anyone but these wankers.
  2. Surely Biden cant run again? 😳
  3. He should have bobbed and weaved.
  4. Geese were mobile in their droves yesterday. Lovely clear skies this morning but its hot water in the bucket today, wee bit fresh.
  5. There were Rangers fans in the Scotland end tonight supporting England. There were also England fans in the away with Rangers flags.
  6. Super John for me. Made my Childhood. Took us to places we only ever dreamed about.
  7. I can see us getting beat tonight and the knives will be out tomorrow big style
  8. It's 8 people having a pints fault
  9. gonzo


    It's obviously way down the line but you cant move the club out of its town then not provide some form of subsided travel. Dunno why there's not just direct shuttle busses from the pack horse or summet.
  10. Bet they really enjoyed that 5-0 that won em the league. Twunts
  11. Aye my Wolves supporting egg delivery man I used to see in town every day fucking despised. He said we 100% overtook WBA for them during that 10 year spell. We had them on toast for that spell, near enough every big turning point for them in that time was down to us, it wasnt just the Super John thing. My mate said it all started with getting twatted at Burnden and getting knocked out by Chorley. Then we knocked them out of cup 93 Beat them 5-1 SJM play offs. Did the double the season we came down plus the battle of Burnden and SJMs antics. We stopped them getting in play offs twice. Then SKD all but relegated them. They were out for blood after that.
  12. Think Id like to be dutch. They love the stuff we love but take it all a little bit further.
  13. Surely if Southgate was a virtue signaler sinister woke slag he wouldn't have picked Henderson as he plies his trade in Saudi? Tbf to GS is comments backing Hendo and mentioning the governments dealings with Saudi etc was pretty brave and he spoke brilliantly. Anything but woke or pandering to causes. Told it how it is.
  14. It needs to pissing rain and clear this humidity.
  15. Talksport on a Sunday morning mate
  16. They certainly do! Watford 98/99 Villa Semi, Tranmere Semi, Barry Knight 99/00 Preston 00/01 Theres games in those seasons lost forever. Left school around the same time too. No idea what the fuck went on.
  17. Dont suppose anyone heard the FA fella on Sunday Supplement this morning? He basically said he doesnt like outspoken Managers and those who casue a kerfuffle on the touchlines. It wont get picked up on and didnt by Neil Custis or his pals but he was pretty clear they go for yes men. We knew that anyway of course.
  18. Foden would walk in to every other team on the planet both club and country yet he struggles to get a game for both City and England. He should be number 10, hes the most naturally gifted player we have.
  19. Dunno about either of them tbh. White is a massive bender who doesnt even like football so I cant see past it
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