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  1. Does anyone from Adlington/Chorley way know if the bus service is on this season? Can't see any sign of it on the clubs website.
  2. Good player Bridcutt, disappointed we didn't keep him.
  3. Mine is about 7 minutes behind. Keeps jumping backwards about 20 seconds as well.
  4. I fookin love Benidorm. Next time I'm there I will pay this place a visit. I assume its not been open too long, as at the moment it just looks like a white box with some BWFC pics on the wall. Hopefully they will get time to do it up a bit, but I imagine it's bloody hard in Benidorm to make money from a bar. The location won't help, as its a good 10 minute walk from the main strip and the beach.
  5. Yep, all sorted now thanks.
  6. Does anyone know what Twitter account the mstreams bloke is using at the moment? Sent him a message and he usually responds pretty quick, but not heard anything back. The website is offline as well.
  7. Yep, pretty much unwatchable for me. Jerky as hell.
  8. Just switched it on and wondered the same thing. Both teams playing in their away kits. Probably to increase sales of this blue shirt.
  9. I've found iFollow to be spot on this last couple of months. The co-commentator on our games is decent as well, seems to read the game very well and makes sense with a lot of what he says. A lot better than some of those you get on Sky and BT.
  10. Thanks for the help, but think I tried that a few months back and had no luck. I could watch the England game last night, only on SD and with a small amount of buffering. Which is better than I thought I would get. Probably off to BT when the contract is up with Virgin.
  11. I'm using Surf Shark with Mstreams.
  12. Virgin are being a massive pain in the arse with VPNs. Fucking them off in new year when my contract is up. Does anyone know of any other broadband providers being similarly arsey about VPNs?
  13. It's a shame the Shrewsbury EFL trophy game isn't this midweek. it would be pretty much a friendly, trial a back 4 and see how it goes. Playing wing backs is all well and good if you have players in tune with each other. A newly formed team, as we are, it just seems like an open invitation to attack down the wings.
  14. Goals. Lots of them. Lewandowski, Gnabry, Coutinho, Neymar and Mbappé is a ridiculous amount of attacking talent. Bayern have the better defence, so will win it.
  15. Anyone know the reason why some fixtures over the Christmas period are then played again in January? Always found it odd you go so deep into the season until playing a team, then play the reverse fixture about a month later.
  16. The new Chelsea shirt looks to be a similar design, only with the badge and Nike tick moved to the sides. They probably only did that as it would get in the way of the sponsor, obviously not something they need to be concerned about with an international shirt. Shite if real.
  17. Whatever this new shirt looks like, there is no way it can be as bad as the new England shirt. https://www.footyheadlines.com/2019/12/nike-england-euro-2020-home-kit.html Looks like some cheap rip off tat from Chorley market. Maybe the delayed Euros will give them time for a rethink.
  18. I wouldn't want them, or any club, to go bust. However, many of their lot found our situation hilarious. I saw someone on Twitter only yesterday trying to take the piss. Time to shut the fuck up, Piemen.
  19. I've always liked how De Freitas' first goal against Reading skipped up and got stuck in the corner of the net. This one is just crazy. How this got through the net I don't know.
  20. This place at the end of Deansgate in Manchester is well worth a visit. Pricey though. https://www.classicfootballshirts.co.uk Some nice Wanderers stuff on there.
  21. I only know one PNE fan and he's always banging on about their away support. He's a proper knobhead so I just ignore him. Are they all like that?
  22. I don't think Kevin Nolan was underrated by Bolton fans, but maybe by the wider football world. I don't think Eagles got enough praise. He had his off days, but when he was on it he could be a massive pain in the arse for opponents. Always a goal threat as well. His last minute winner against Blackburn is up there with my best BWFC moments.
  23. I do believe we'd have stayed up in 2012 if we had a fully fit Holden playing, he'd have earned us the extra couple of points we needed. But it would only have delayed it by a season. Coyle was such a bad manager, we were on a downward spiral and would have gone down in 2013. I expect big clubs would have been sniffing around Holden that summer. I honestly think he could have done a job for a top six team.
  24. Good thinking, thanks. Rebooted the router and works a treat again.
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