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  1. They are scheduled at Oxford on the 6th
  2. whos on co-coms with the jock
  3. The buses - all 6 of them - do come off as one, but they get no priority on the car park - they just push into the qs just like anyone in a car does
  4. Wasnt it usually followed by "DEAD" !!!!!
  5. Mu understanding of share issue - which is very limited - is that existing shareholders have to be offered the opportunity of purchasing additional shares to maintain there overall percentage held - or something like that
  6. Should say 1656 tickets
  7. Yep agree with that - we may now be old but we are fucking passionate !!!!
  8. Dont Bolton FM operate from someones back bedroom though??? It seems like it
  9. Only stat that matters is Goals - For and Against
  10. Its only the jocks - Fcuk em -
  11. Loads of scotland to preston trains cancelled today because of weather in scotland Carlisle fans - quite rightly - fcukin fuming
  12. Avanti west coast are saying no services north of Preston tomorrow - that’s going to cause a problem for the invading forces tomorrow
  13. Him and Freddy Hill were the earliest memories I have at Burnden
  14. Not sure they deserve top half of prem with a shit hole of a ground to start with
  15. Got there late on a coach - about 5 mins after kick off - straight into the ground - then realised it was the Shed End and not the other end - oops - Lesson in how to take a Bolton scarf off with no one noticing!!
  16. bwfc2003


    Shit on M61 which was closed for a jumper!!
  17. They have sold out whatever allocation we have given them - fcuking simpletons
  18. All 3 coaches are full I believe
  19. Avanti West Coast @AvantiWestCoast · 15 Sep "ASLEF, the train drivers’ union, has announced strike action across 16 train companies, including Avanti West Coast, on 30 September & 4 October. Please do not attempt to travel on these dates as we will not be running any services on our routes." I think on other strike days they ran an hourly service Manc to London stopping at Stoke - doesnt look likely next saturday
  20. Twitter and facebook is full of pillocks expecting the 4.5m bond money to be splashed on players and Sharon to throw in her family silver into the transfer kitty
  21. What "chickens in our back yard" ?? That is a classic!!!!
  22. bwfc2003


    Do you not think the "knocks" are Evatt mind games??
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