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  1. Did the commentator say he had improved his game once he started concentrating on football ? Was that a dig at his dinner lady duties
  2. He was also only a loan player
  3. Pity one of the Argies didnt give him a shoeing - modern fuckin football !! - squeeling like a stuck pig
  4. Can we have a big screen that is actually...big
  5. Was it not Clive - Magical night in Barcelons - Tyldesley????
  6. Is it the stretford loving bastard who is commentating
  7. even those that kick off at same time apparently
  8. Wish I hadnt asked the question now
  9. Did they not say they were releasing an up to date version of 3 Lions??
  10. To be fair to some on there - cant a few wigan fans are taking the piss about a boycott
  11. Bolton v barrow all day long
  12. Didnt there used to be a members only section for donatees??
  13. Even that squirrel faced twat Ogden has been telling twitter for last few hours who is in
  14. I think they did that in the summer
  15. No it goes off match number - I think
  16. bwfc2003


    1271 sold out of 1463 according to ticket office twitter this morning
  17. Missed Roger the Red - especially when he told me to go and hang myself!! - What a knob he was
  18. As I said earlier best way to sort is to get out of this shitty league
  19. My moan about fleetwood is the number of people getting tickets without going through the procedures us mere mortals had to go through Like Traf says - lancaster Whites - London Whites probably got some - what about the supporters trust?? - I believe box owners have always got 4 tickets?? certain pub owners who run coaches????? - I see the "Her Game too" managed to get tickets. How many do the players get for wives/friends?? - I bet none of them turned up on that shitty night last year at Fleetwood?? I think the figure they issue should be for how many tickets we have to sell to ordinary fans - once that lot have taken there cut Rant Over That re
  20. Looking at the online map theres hardly any bugger bought tickets
  21. burnley go 3-2 up in 12th min of additional time
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