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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. just checking the monthly paypal to neil_thompson61@hotmail.com is still correct?
  2. the whole thing is bollocks and shit show on all parts hth
  3. they are both poor. neither should be here next year.
  4. gethin jones is the most important player for us. without him, were all over the place.
  5. poorest player in the team, but who makes us a better team. crazy
  6. He topped it into the ground.
  7. These signings have completely transformed the team. Dion charles is our Jamie vardy. Absolutely immense.
  8. Not been on here for ages, so only just seen this. Only spoke to Neil a handful of times. Cracking chap and will no doubt be missed. RIP HW
  9. Striker putting a pen over the bar. Joker
  10. Forgot you can't even listen to it on radio manc website. Bullshit this.
  11. Will you be both dull and annoying all at the same time?
  12. Who's going to the match that is prepared to Facebook live it?
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