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  1. this WILL happen. its just a matter of time until the existing "authorities" are paid off and an agreement is made.

    unfortunatley the number of daytrippers for the "super clubs" outweighs the real fans. therefore there is FAR more money to be made, even if they do piss off the die hard. so this is not gonna go away.

    yesterday is the end of football as we know it.

    not only is neville opinion totally insignificant. due to the size of this deal, so is the the voice of sky. they are just gutted they will miss out on the broadcasting rights.

  2. On 18/03/2021 at 20:59, DazBob said:

    Yoof started his trial at Accy Stanley last week, which was originally supposed to start in January.

    TBF to them they've been doing two zoom calls per week with all the kids to keep them engaged. Very impressed with them.

    aye my lad had been doing the same. and i have to say, the setup (in terms of feedback and how they look after you) has been much better and nobend than at burnley.

  3. 3 minutes ago, Breightmet Boy said:

    I presume that there will be only one goal between the sides, and unlike Meghan & Harry, we will be more powerful than the Cambridge’s.   


    (Just made that up, can you tell?)


  4. 13 minutes ago, paulhanley said:

    We're in with a squeak of making the play offs irrelevant ... by finishing in the top three. I think we'd need 30 points from our last 14 games to be in with a good chance. Not entirely impossible though.

    call me crazy, but id take my 10year old experiencing a wembley playoff win over 3rd place. even at the risk at non-promotion.

    thats kinda stuff gets in your blood forever.

  5. On 03/03/2021 at 13:08, Bradford lad said:

    Thought I'd come and and say hi, your almost too confident of beating us. We actually have two games in hand over you. Very similar recent form. Considering upto 14 games ago we played shit then suddenly got rid of McCall and now we are as good as anyone.

    Always loved my trips to your old ground, never a dull moment on or off the pitch, we always bring a good following regardless to your place as you know. 

    i am not taking you seriously until you admit wayne jacobs was not MoM

  6. Well I think maddison has been utter dogshit.

    But I also said the same about Williams, and he's turned to out to be better than gundogan.

  7. fair play to williams. lasy week i said he was awful tonight he was superb. he obviously took my comments on board. good lad

  8. 31 minutes ago, Ani said:


    He ain't a world beater but will do a job so others can play. If he is 'piss poor' what does that make Comley ? 

    Piss poorerer?

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