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  1. Theoretical situation... IF Rivaldo was a possible signing would ya have him?
  2. Where's the option "whenever the missus does it, coz i'm buggered if i can be arsed, bah humbug"?
  3. Its reet, i know i'm boring :D/ Who voted funny and interesting? I'm scared!
  4. my apologies ian, it was zico who said that, you just accused him of being ginger, which is acceptable.
  5. Its called an opinion, you ARE allowed to have one. 8-[ my opnion, either they are guilty and the girl and her family are going through a shiity time OR she has made it up and the players and her family are going through a shiity time. maybe not something that is an ideal subject for a fun poll on t'internet ?? hence the lack of votes. yes, either way its terrible for one of the partys involved. But, as i said, its an opinion! I bet u have an opinion on jody morris, michael jackson, matthew kelly etc etc OH what about, your opinion of LEE HUGHES Drink driving
  6. Its called an opinion, you ARE allowed to have one. 8-[
  7. hmmm, 92 views and only 4 votes.... is that fence comfy boys n girls? :-"
  8. Newcastle United defender Titus Bramble and Chelsea striker Carlton Cole can now be named as the footballers arrested in connection with the alleged rape of a 17-year-old girl. The ban on revealing their identity has now expired so we can now confirm the names that have been known to most football fans anyway. Bramble and Cole, currently on loan at Charlton, were questioned and asked to provide DNA samples by the Metropolitan Police. The 17-year-old girl claims that she consented to sex with one man at the Grosvenor Hotel on September 27 but was then attacked by several others.
  9. http://msn.skysports.com/skysports/article...1111811,00.html Do we have faith in him, fantazmantazmanam is excluded (if he is still here)
  10. Just look at that jam-packed stadium in the middle photo!
  11. Not that fools n orses is that good, its just the opposition aint too clever imo...
  12. I think my school days put me off rugby for life, making us play union EVERY pe lesson instead of footy...gary nevilles!
  13. Hmmm, i was thinkin the same thing zico, harry enfield? Was watching alan partridge and blackadder last night on UK Gold i think, fookin nearly pissed me self!
  14. Cracks me up every time! But its more embarrasing than funny sometimes.
  15. ooh, very tuff question. I like a lot of the style council stuff, but i suppose the jam were much more successful but i also like some of his solo efforts too. i cant decide!
  16. ooh 5 each at the min... suppose it dunt matter there was NO actual definitive question...
  17. How dare u post a footy question on this forum! All posts must be non-football related, sarcastic, abusive or at least childish!
  18. WTF are u talkin too? You have serious issues mate! Loser...
  19. Homo Gay probably was one, but seeing of one of you lot has this clever disguise then.... ah bolx to it, cant be arsed, more important things to be doin!
  20. Why no option, to beat him about the head 1st? Only jokin gareth, ya little annoying pleb!
  21. Tuff one this, we dont really have many options but with 'fully' fit squad i would have to say 'out'... But can ya change a winning team?
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