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    Only 56% pass accuracy today Vs 85+ in past games. Who cares, put the ball in the bet more than the opposition and that'll do for me!
  2. HomerJay


    Lee is a level (at least) above Williams.
  3. HomerJay


    I'd agree with this. Totally underwhelmed by Maddison and Williams is piss poor. But we won!!!! Our only game this season in front of fans will be Wembley in the play off final!!!
  4. agreed. all fair in love and war
  5. Watched without clown sound. No way is that being recinded
  6. williams was late and high for me. shit anyway, no loss.
  7. https://www.bwfc.co.uk/news/2021/february/maddison-suspension-overturned/
  8. Only one angle but that's not a red. Barely a yellow
  9. derby are not in this at all. will finish 2 or 3 nil to chorley.
  10. I'd watch a F1 parade over villa vs southampton every day of the week these days. Each to their own i guess.
  11. dont know to be honest. i dont see why you would. but the plan is for this the be the Futsal hub of the north. hosting major comps eventually. and with the FA recently pulling Futsal funding, we need all the support we can get.
  12. Not footy but Futsal, and if you believe what you say please support Athletic Buckshaw and the upcoming (hopefully) Athletico Sports arena. This will take weather out of the equation. https://planning.chorley.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=neighbourComments&keyVal=QKBBCZETKVI00 All comments on the application much appreciated! https://www.facebook.com/athleticobuckshawfc/posts/834352390665561
  13. the main pitch is superb. the others are serious mess do to poor drainage. more games cancelled than played. they spend money on drainage but does next to nothing. im no groundsman but you have to question the quality of the work, and/or the amount of investment. all the while, parents continue to fund one of the most over subscribed grass roots clubs around. as i say, huge shame.
  14. all is not how it seems, believe me..... which is a huge shame
  15. more than comfortable that. just read all the comments back. comical..
  16. Are we still on ifollow codes? Or are they not needed now? As I've not received one?
  17. Stop saying "free" instead of "three" you imbecile.
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