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  1. Stop saying "free" instead of "three" you imbecile.
  2. soory, but there is a reason why nobody wants him i would assume.. something has changed, i think we should move on. although thats not to say i wouldnt welcome him back for a crack.
  3. my lads been offered a trial at preston today, so it seems academy footy continues.
  4. im in exact same boat. in years gone buy i would just build something. but been out the game for years, so will end up just buying a prebuilt, or using a builder type company. ryzen 3100, gtx1660, 16gb ram, ssd is where you need to be for this kind of budget it seems.
  5. hahahhaha. do some research and come back to me. cheers
  6. fuck all to do with the club. plus why would you want to pillage the clubs anyway. shit happens. fuck me.
  7. seems proper fucked tonight
  8. cant argue with that goal. build up and passing was very good. just stop making shit mistakes and defending like 10 years olds.
  9. chris taylor is ripping us apart. bad times
  10. tower fm commentary is dogshit at best.. at one point, the non jock said with 10 mins left "last throw of the dice this"
  11. wankers to a man... but were not getting there anytime soon, so not really arsed what they do.
  12. not sure whats worse... the team or rent-a-cliche tower fm at least the team can improve...
  13. my god the stream is piss poor quality on ifollow.
  14. good pre season = shite season shite pre season = good season FACT youre welcome.
  15. from what i know of silva (admittedly all press reported ), he's a model professional. and considering the number of mercenaries in the game, i welcome rewarding such folk in which ever way the club see fit.
  16. why on earth would there not? if the rules is "no spectators", then these would be classed as spectators wouldnt they?
  17. i know one of these, poor lads been pushed all over the place. Now, he was decent player but i reckon he's sick of footy now.
  18. aye, but still too far for us to get him there, around our working hours unfortunately. the scout put me in touch with another more local team, so we will see what comes of that over coming weeks.
  19. We dont really push him. Everything is his decision. But equally we do say dont miss an opportunity if its there. As i say, he plays a year up in Futsal, and has been offered a year up at grass roots. But he want to play his current grass roots team, unless another academy comes for him. He certainly has hunger to just play footy and enjoy it. He doesnt have that drive to play for a "top" club... Dunno if thats a good thing or a "bad" thing.
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