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  1. Funnily enough, my lad was at burnley for a while, and they constantly played him where he said he didnt want to play. ie on the wing and up top, rather then centre back or centre mid. Wanting him to run at players and they told with the ball. I think its maybe comfort zone thing? Maybe they saw things he didnt.. Who knows. We didnt really get any feedback. Now my lad wants to play. Head up and pass it. He is very comfortable on the ball. but doeskin really focus on going for goal. But the coaches were having none of it, and then released him. Now we come across the coaches fairly of
  2. My lad already plays futsal for buckshaw. We're better than Bolton. 😁
  3. yup cat 3. decided its too far to travel for us. easily be up to an hour.
  4. will run rings round the little shits
  5. I have call with them today or rather a scout from there.. but wondering what to expect.
  6. hmmm, so not a standard cat 3 or cat 4 academy?
  7. Fleetwood Town "academy". Whats the craic?
  8. HomerJay


    thanks, and don't call me shirley separate note, but i tried to introduce my 12 year old to airplane (he generally likes 80's films) was having none of it. shame
  9. literally final destination type stuff.
  10. HomerJay


    are there plans around ifollow coverage for us? i assume we wont be allowed in the stadium by then.
  11. in a strange twist of fate, you could argue that covid has prevented more deaths. looking at the pics, a lot more people would have been in trouble if the carriages we even close to capacity.
  12. agree with the sentiment. but if businesses are more streamlined, wont we be left with the bullshit jobbers and the workshy? what happens to those folk?
  13. second time ive heard that today.... never before. you must have heard same thing as me.
  14. my thoughts exactly. we were in recession, we are now on the way back. doesnt help the poor fuckers who its affected though.
  15. seems you can only pre-order the shirt, not full kit . my lad will not be best pleased
  16. painting - shittest job in the world* FACT *when youre not a painter.
  17. love this.... then primetime tv was watching ceefax.
  18. i beg to differ. You just needed the right "its against my religious beliefs" line.
  19. i am not even going to pretend i know how that team will do in league 2.
  20. HomerJay


    anyone seen it yet? do we get a mention?
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