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  1. my lad is still at a full kit age.... ouch
  2. HomerJay

    Jimmy Wagg

    wagg does a reasonable job. just a comforting voice to hear after yet another abysmal display. gowling on there other hand....
  3. hamilton is best driver in the best car. he can name his price. only mercedes "stubborness" will stop him renewing. would hamilton take on the challenge of a different car - im not so sure so, somethings gotta give
  4. Klopp was a bit of a nob tonight.
  5. no idea why folk get so riled up by her. dont like her, ignore, simple.
  6. HomerJay

    Keith Hill

    David Lee Shirley? Especially with Dev squad gone.
  7. kits bring in cash so unless we cant even afford the design phase, i cant see this not appearing as per usual
  8. HomerJay


    thanks for the memories emma.
  9. i have no idea what happened. obviously. and i have not really followed the speculation like others. the comments i see are unreal. i wonder that if it turns out the parents are totally uninvolved, they will get any form of a apology from the millions of c***s in society?
  10. hearts going legal https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/11990412/hearts-threaten-legal-action-over-unjust-relegation-from-scottish-premiership
  11. ah yes, i forgot to take into consideration the intelligence of the average fuckwit
  12. at the weekend they played in germany. i assume all players were testing beforehand, so nobody was infected. in which case, why did they social distance on the bench, and why did players only touch elbows??
  13. if we did the same, what does our table look like?
  14. Start in June it seems. Not saying that won't change over next couple of weeks though
  15. Only been Germany once. Aachen. Do they have a team? Ooh Founded: 16 December 1900 which is my birthday. Not the year obvs. Written in the stars I tell thee.
  16. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/12040/11986561/no-professional-sport-in-england-until-june-1-government-announces Coronavirus: Pro sport in England could resume on June 1 Premier League aiming to restart in June, with 92 fixtures left to play.
  17. My FB also suggested them two. But I decided not to stalk folk i don't really know. 😁
  18. The media are to blame. Even the BBC are listing was COULD happen. And morons take it as fact.
  19. i would literally piss myself, if toon got this new owner who pumped a load of cash into winning the league at the first time of asking.
  20. my god. can you imagine the uproar?
  21. horrible thought. but fair enough. wont happen though
  22. they dont deserve shit until they achieve more points, over 38 games, than any other team
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