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  1. There is absolutely no way this season is being finished. All the discussions in the media are merely lip service to keep news ticking. We are not far from swinging the conversation from "should 19/20" finish, to "should 20/21" start.
  2. That's a "cheap" lodge. you can spend 250k if you wanted. There is certainly some riff raff there. Even amongst the owners. Owners lounge is very tidy and nice and civilised.
  3. If MA wanted to get us back to the big time, he would have as good a chance as anybody in the world. And I believe he could do it. Equally if we wanted to rip the heart from bwfc and earn himself some coin, he could just as easily to that, and not even bat an eyelid.
  4. Dysons are great but expensive. We've just got a Xiaomi roidmi. £200 Lighter, more powerful and around half the price of the equivalent Dyson. Battery doesn't last long on the cordless types though. We have had a couple of traditional dysons and this is better.
  5. This is ours at Hafan y mor in North Wales https://hafanymordirectholidays.co.uk/hb_accommodation/19-cardigan-bay/ The new facilities are superb. Theyve spent millions recently.
  6. All of football can say what they want about dates. It's counts for sweet FA if the government say nobody is doing shit. The media are just making shit up so they have something to talk about. And the footballing are just covering as many eventualities as possible.
  7. I actually like this idea. Champ man for the end of the season.
  8. aye, them getting the trophy "by default" is even funnier than them not getting it at all.
  9. absolutely magnificent. i doff my cap to jake graham
  10. plus we didnt rescue okocha from arse end of turkey. thinking about it, how the hell did sam talk him in to signing!? i would love to know what other offers each of them had.
  11. that poll is bollocks. the wways one holds much more value, FACT
  12. the quality of the goals is far better than the quality of the video.. truely world class
  13. merely a marketing ploy. you know that.
  14. Agreed. Don't watch much TV but this is quality. Every series top notch
  15. chinas numbers are comical. I have no doubt they have been the most extreme with their control but come on...
  16. +71 now. seems to be updated live per state https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/
  17. as of 14/04.. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
  18. Hmm, I can see a phased approach. With distance rules, but if it goes pearshaped then we're back to lockdown.
  19. But admissions are dropping because of the lockdown aren't they? I think we are months away from going back to work.
  20. And surely lockdown can't end until there are no new daily cases, or it will just start all over again won't it?
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