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  1. And surely lockdown can't end until there are no new daily cases, or it will just start all over again won't it?
  2. I've never understood booing and abusing opposition player. Especially in an angry manner. The majority thrive on it. Banter I get but some some folk just across as simple.
  3. I've just been to Tesco and I'm sure everything has doubled in price . Are we being bummed here?
  4. the way they are "stacked" in that trolley only adds to my anger
  5. Not decided what they want before they are served. Rhyming off one drink at a time. Not even having they wallet in their hand. Having a conversation at the same time. 🤬
  6. How do you deal with them? I mean in general day to day life. I seem to be coming across more and more people who are just thick as fookin pigshit. It gets to the point were im actually questioning my own intelligence and sanity. Honestly, I see where Victor Meldrew (the "real" one) was coming from all those years.
  7. sorry pal, but this is really naive. If a lawyers smells blood, he/she will find a client.
  8. If this does pass to animals we're truely fucked. Even just cats. Although, more chance of keeping pets isolated than some fuckwits out there.
  9. This is not you think should happen, but what you think will happen. Face it, whats is speculated on here is usally gospel anyway,
  10. my missus is doing it anyway, as she loves her job, and its something to day. her boss is a c**t in my eyes.
  11. my missus is on furlough, but is being told to do bits from home. should she: a) post dogshit to her employer? b) post her own shit to her employer? c) not involve the post office and just be thankful?
  12. showing these numbers to general fuckwits is a dangerous game. eventually they think risk has gone, take more risks, and off we go again.
  13. what are you insinuating my right honourable friend?
  14. i think this issue of most of these chains is the cost of being on a retail park. but thats just an educated guess.
  15. i like it... in fact im not sure of any other chains like it?? ive never had anything with cheese from there. i dont like nandos or frankie. each to their own i guess
  16. natural selection. let them get on with it.
  17. ive just seen that this morning... ive seen that day rate graphic 100 times now, today is the day it stops. as we will now start falling being italy i think (granted im no expert). also, what some people dont see is that if you are not out and about, there is less chance (hopefully) of you getting into a situation where you may need medical assistance and therefore putting additional pressure on our resources. as pierce the nobhead has said, all folk need to do is stay at home and watch telly. its not rocket science.
  18. I have henderson in my team. Proper pro.
  19. I can not stand Jim White. Says too much, without actually saying anything. No real issue with brazil though.
  20. HomerJay

    Prem off

    Is this season gonna be cancelled? Unless it starts back up really soon, surely they can't let it stand as is due to teams having games in hand. And they can't extend too far as players will be out of contract... Null and void is my vote 👍😁
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