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  1. Ani


    Yeah but eventually that will be glossed over
  2. Ani


    When Cummings took the piss with his antics, the question was 'why is he being allowed to get away with it ?' Some said he must have some right shit on Boris, others said it was just Boris being a loyal boss. Let's hope we find out if the first bit was true.
  3. Ani


    It actually is a reason. if it is miles ahead of what we have how can we verify it ? When you say widely I assume that means not totally, so why should we accept it if other euros countries are not ?
  4. Ani


    Always good advice at a kids party
  5. Ani


    Good argument for border controls. The UK variant is called the Kent variant over here, we have a long and proud tradition of blaming someone else.
  6. Do you think Israeli soldiers shooting people leaving prayers were a factor in this ? I know you blame Hamas and the "Arabs". Do you think at any stage Israeli politicians have used Gaza to prop up their own popularity ?
  7. Ani


    What is the net impact of you being less likely to pass the virus on but the variants of the virus being more likely to transmit ? The restrictions on travel are more about limiting the chances of new variants entering the country than the risk of individuals infecting others on a 121 basis. We had a vote to take control of our own borders so the Govt are enacting the will of the people.
  8. I think the first 6 words of your 4 th para sum it up. To argue that one side is right and without blame ( not aimed at Bolty) in a dispute that has been going on for years is just not true. I know very little about the whole situation so can not be on a 'side' but look at the link below a 10 year old kid. Utterly heartbreaking it says and kids being caught up in this clearly is.....but....watch it, is she really a random kid caught up in fear anger and desperation ? It seems almost stage managed and the fact that my cynicism about people involved in these disputes makes me
  9. Ani


    Smithills was 3 schools not sure about the artist formerly known as Hayward. Smithills had the Grammar, Moor Grammar and High School, same uniforms but run as separate schools other than for sport
  10. Ani


    Put @Escobarpon your post or he will pretend he never saw your comment.
  11. Ani


    It takes 30 seconds to find it on t'internet,
  12. Who do Palestine rely on fucking ?
  13. Ani


    Think it was the G7 meeting that caused issues, the trade meeting was done virtually. But as matters of state are reason to travel pretty sure the G7 meeting with Indian delegates was after they went red and then their delegates tested positive
  14. S_ _ _ W _ _ 😎😁😂👍
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