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  1. Does anyone have a list of these between now and Xmas ? Wanna book a holiday.
  2. Got an old friend who is a Vale fan, he thought our best players today were Sheehan, Morley and Big Dan !
  3. Just got back to Leeds. Anyone moaning about the performance of any players need to give their head a shake. Totally dominant first half. Stood up as they chucked everything at us second half.
  4. Tbf he went downhill from there. He ends up having to defend what the Home Secretary said even though it is not Govt policy. Thought the best point made was that if HS2 had started in the North and worked down to the South it would not get cancelled.
  5. Glad you agree that the Tory party is actively working against itself.
  6. On Peston last night they showed bits of her speech and they had someone over there questioning her. Back to the studio Tobias Elwood was the Tory in the studio 'what do you think of those comments?' ... response ' I totally disassociate myself from those views'. He could not even be bothered pretending.
  7. The issue is that it is quicker and easier to drive. Because you have the time of getting to Leeds station and connection time in Leeds. That journey becomes nearer 1.5 hours. (We are one stop from Leeds station). If you think it about why would anyone travel into Leeds to get a train that travels at 60 MPH when you can do the same journey in your own car ? To put it into context for a Saturday home game we leave about 12:45 to get over and have a couple of pints before game. Same journey by train I would need to a train at 11:30 from local station, so leave home at 11:15 and just off Trainline with no rail card it would cost £30 per head. Add in unreliable trains it makes no sense to get the train.
  8. from a Leeds perspective , the original HS2 proposals knocked about an hour of the 2hr 20 min journey to London, revised proposals knock about 20 mins off so simply not worth it. Have lived over here for forty years now and bet I have not driven to London more than 10 times and then it would be because we were doing something in London that needed a car. The train is fine. In terms of cross country unless was on a boozy do I would always drive to Manchester, Liverpool , Birmingham etc because the service is so slow (nearly 2 hours to Brum) The fact that Leeds to Manchester is about 45 miles and the train takes 50 minutes for the express service and about 80 minutes on the rattler it is quicker to drive. From a passenger view the latest version of HS2 seems a waste but can not comment about freight side. My only question is what are the alternatives, having said the trains up and down are ok, they are very quickly disrupted by seemingly minor issues and as soon as one train goes slowly the system is fucked so something needs to improve.
  9. Oppenheimer gets a very solid 9.5/10 for me. Bit long but right up my street. Only complaint was I had finished popcorn before trailers were over.
  10. Ballot open for next years tickets if anyone is interested.
  11. People can argue about the red, IMO it was fair enough, but if he got way with it we are an incredibly Ill disciplined team. We seem to pick up 4-5 bookings every week, and are now adding reds to the collection. Legohead has been booked 7 times alone, it is still September FFS. I think apart from Morley and JDB who ain't played much every outfield player has been booked at least once. Evatt can blame refs as much as he wants. By next week we will have 4 players suspended for games this season and as mentioned it is only Sept FFS. If we keep it lit up it is only going to drag us further down.
  12. Anyone else sit east lower by north stand ? On way out one of the exits was shut with a lock and chain on it , not sure that is a good idea for what must be a fire exit !
  13. First half was awful Red card was fucking stupid. Second half was excellent in the circumstances. JDB looked very good Lulu did well too Crowd second half was brilliant two more out next week, but one back. We look like a very average team at the moment.
  14. But given you have not listened you have by definition no idea what he is saying.
  15. Based on previous strikes getting back is the issue rather than getting there. They seem to run a day time service rather than evening.
  16. Aye yesterday Rishi basically said we have made a pledge and put that into law. We have not made enough progress towards the targets we set as we have never really planned out what is needed by when and how much it will cost. Now we are honest,pragmatic etc etc They are fucking shameless .
  17. So after months and months of taking back control we are reversing a policy because the EU have ? And no one thinks that is ironic ?
  18. 'Not listened to him' enough said.
  19. Until the detail is announced it all guess work, but based on the reports so far it is TMGJ says a cheap attempt to buy votes . If you think we need to pull back on commitments based on affordability surely you need to look at each commitment and do a cost benefit ? It seems Ford have already invested £Ms towards getting there so the delay if anything costs them money. No idea how it affects other industries. The Govt talk about us being 'world leading' this is an obvious area to invest to deliver towards to green commitments and help us become world leading. Instead we are going for a dragged out inefficient solution that is less likely to deliver economic as well as environmental benefits.
  20. I got a letter this morning about bowel cancer screening. I think processing those samples most rank (very apt) as not good. Presume you need some qualifications and when the instructions say "do not send too much poo' it tells its own story. Covered in human shit finding out people have cancer. I think could be a winner.
  21. Working behind a bar is great, used to know loads who went in, basically served my mates, made a small fortune in 'tips' , got pissed then free taxi home.
  22. He is no where near as clever as he thinks he is. I would have down as one of the bright ones but as you say uses language to brow beat people rather than making a meaningful argument. He also by his own admission had an addictive personality in that he is prone to excess and addiction ( his line 'I ruined drugs and booze by taking too much of it' is very good tbf) . Given his sex addiction and the availability of lots of seemingly willing (not saying all we're willing) women easy to see how his life descends into chaos. His female assistant who basically procured women for him talked about it being normal. When your 'normal' life gets to that place you know it ain't great. I am sure in that world that are many stories that could be written so I do wonder why his has become the one.
  23. (some how my first para had gone into the quote) fat fingers !! Not sure which GB News presenters you follow on Twitter but you can guarantee as regular as click (deliberate use of click) work when a story comes round they will all (or 99% of them) be tweeting the side they are briefed on. At least unlike the political parties (especially Tories) they have the good grace to do so in their own words rather than lifting whole paragraphs of text. In any debate around politics you follow the money, do you think the people pumping millions into GB News or other pretend news channels are doing so so we have a balanced reporting service ? GB News lost £30m in its first year, why is anyone funding that ? And if someone was constantly 'off message' do you think they would be paid for long ? Every newspaper is aligned politically as they are privately owned so deliver bias messages. People say the BBC only gives one view, check out the guests on Question Time and Newsnight, shows it is bollocks. The weakness of the BBC is its lack of bite to really tackle stories rather than just report. But that is a challenge for any neutral reporting news channel. The irony of the 'non' Main Street media pumping out 'stories' about MSM bias is plain for all to see.
  24. Brand is and always has been a total prick, thinks he is clever because he uses long words, but makes a twat of himself as he often uses them incorrectly. Main Stream Media is a term used by people want to discredit someone's opinion with out resorting to actual facts and/or arguments, put it alongside 'the establishment' ' and 'the blob, terms used a lot by GB News and their trolls who have been briefed to support Brand based on every other tweet over the weekend. Power and game corrupt and it seems Brand has got rather carried away with his and taken it too far, does that or the fact he is a prick make anymore guilty than he was for the amount of hair spray he used to wear ? Not sure it does. The main channels got slated for ignoring Saville and get the same for reporting on Brand. Can not win really. Maybe the saddest thing about how this story gets 'reported' is how the usual people are on the usual sides. It is almost as though every story divides the country along the same lines. More on Twitter etc than on here.
  25. The train services into Leeds are brilliant during the day. Rush hour is a disaster. We are one stop from Leeds so trains are rammed when (if) they arrive. The biggest difference between London and rest of the UK is the range of public transport options. Leeds does not have a tram service and I have used a bus maybe 5 times in last 10 years. When we do aways in London usually meet some mates down there who 'plan' our journey. As everything is linked you just scan your debit card. Up here you need a different ticket for every step, bought before you board. But they have us getting trains, tubes, express buses.
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