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  1. The 3-0 game when Jimmy Case scored a hat trick was brutal outside. One of the few teams went on Travel Club, all scarves removed before we arrived to avoid windows going through and the snidey bastards picking of fans in small groups. Everywhere was pretty rough back then but Liverpool was horrible.
  2. Questioning Evatt in terms of selections comments to press and last week man management is fair enough. However some of the deeper comments in terms of right man for the job and trusting are a million miles off my view. From FV down there is a sprite of being in it together so rather than picking faults we pull together surely that is the club we all want ? The reaction of the crowd second half yesterday was one of the best bits of the day. Evatt mentioned it in the interview. It is not being a happy clapper it is about supporting the progress of the club and feeling like we have a role to place in our progress .
  3. Was Evatt an improvement on Hill ? Did we bring in decent players at start of last season ? Has Evatt tried to play good football ? Did we improve last Jan transfer window? Did we strengthen in summer ? For me all 5 are big positives, we are work in progress, Evatt himself is learning, but we are 100% heading in the right direction. Owners are great and increasing connection with fans. Evatt's interview after game yesterday recognised that the fans stuck with the team and him and that helped. It is hard to remember how far the club had fallen and the journey will be tougher and longer than some might like, look at Sunderland 30k for home games, never dropped as far as us but struggling to get out of this division. Instead of breaking our progress down to last 2-3 week look at 6 month gaps and we are moving very much in right direction. I back Evatt 100% to get it right in the longer run. I am equally sure that FV will back him and enable us to continue to progress. He will make mistakes and hopefully learn not to talk shit in interviews. At some point we may hit a level that he can not take us past but we are not there yet. Still do not think we have paid a transfer fee for a player, certainly not paying too wages in the division. The club seems to be in a good place and going in right direction get onboard and enjoy the journey it is miles better than last few years.
  4. The real big take from today is that we are still a team and that last 20 minutes will do a lot for team spirit. Have said all season at some point playing too much football will fuck us over, very lucky to get away with it today Santos was awful today, first goal him and MJ in midfield and then he got beat in the middle, on half time he gave ball away trying to beat their centre forward. As bad a game as I have seen him have for ages He has plenty of credit in the bank however. See the comments on Isgrove and his end product was disappointing but him and Lee (different gravy) combined well and helped turn the tide. Not sure if the last 20 minutes has papered over cracks or is a big step in the right direction, hopefully the latter.
  5. I think they might, if the attitude is 'let's sulk and think about Sarce' we ar fucked. If the attitude is 'we are good enough without him let's go out and show people ' we win by 2 or 3
  6. Sorry was not clear that was really what I meant by the 'take the pain and move on' really was not clear in what I wrote !
  7. The disruption of this is something no team needs at anytime. When that player is your captain and a virtual ever present it seems worse. It either points to a deeper issue in the club, players v manager or a row that got massively out of hand, neither of which are good. But if it is a deeper issue maybe we need take the pain to be able to move on. On Sarce as a player in a transfer window he is replaceable on the pitch. It might help Sheehan to be clear first choice and more balanced with Lee in there. Thomason can IMO come in, do Politic and Darcy return ? So it is a hassle we could do without, let's see the reaction tomorrow.
  8. So played at 7:45, couples later game over, warm down and get changed, then before a 4-5 hour journey the team watched a replay of the game ? Sure he did not mean Weds ?
  9. Out of interest why not put what he said in full ? Or at least an fuller and accurate summary ? He also said it frees up a spot that we can use and fill better in the future. Point being we can bring someone in in Jan who is bought into what we are working towards. I was impressed with Sarce first few games I saw this season but he has been off the pace, looking at his record he never completes a full season.
  10. Continued and continue in the same sentence ?
  11. Making Santos rather than Doyle who was/is vice captain implies some more has gone on.
  12. 'Harry go for a coffee with these two , let me know what they say and you keep your spot' 'Yes Boss'
  13. Who were the 3 players walking round Plymouth have a coffee ?
  14. Cheers just had no idea what it was about, the rumours I mean.
  15. I also know exactly what has gone on and I also won't be posting anything about it. I also make up lies, if people have seen rumours just post a link.
  16. To the last bit.... For the pricks chucking stuff on the pitch potentially although not aware of any similar incidents a warning more likely, maybe a fine for not controlling supporters. For the language you heard, no, because no one has reported anything apart from you on here. If as was the case with the Hungarians there had been repeated reports and they were doing nothing about there would be a case.
  17. Immediate ban for anyone who describes the game as 'must win'
  18. Ani

    Plymouth away

    Preferably last minute if we are scoring first.
  19. Ani

    Plymouth away

    Criticism is fine and deserved. Personal abuse to lad who will be hurting as much as the so called fans giving it out is a cunts trick.
  20. Ani

    Plymouth away

    But you dropped Dapo ! From looking a good organised two weeks ago couple of injuries and suspensions and we look sparse. We will be missing 3 out of 4 of our leading defenders tonight, one of the replacements had a nightmare on Saturday. Dapo s' form has dropped but is still our most potent weapon. If we are thinking formation changes would 3 centre halves with Isgrove and Gordon as wing backs. MJ and Thomason as holding players Sarce and Dapo slightly more advanced and Doyle or Bakayoko upfront. So 5-4-1 basically. Relying on wing backs to get forward. I really hope however that Brockbank plays and shows the moronic cunts who spent Saturday night abusing him so much he apparently suspended his Twitter account that he is a bigger man than them. A life long fan , in the academy since 7, captain of the group that came through and played when we had fuck all (even though he was injured). I know football is a tough gig but some people take it way to far the fucking pricks.
  21. Out of interest and for balance do you think the Hungarian supporters who are opposed to players taking the knee are doing so because, they are tired of politics been shoved down their throats , it just the BLM connection, they are worried that the gesture is being misinterpreted and should be replaced by a stronger more unifying message against racism (such as pointing to the Respect badge or are some of them racist ? I know in this country is not the last point but wonder if given cultural differences they have different reasons ?
  22. Honestly at him no. Have I heard racist stuff ? Yes one lad and people have told him to stop and he has done, he was there Saturday and shouting crap but nothing that would be racist more big standard 'stupid dog fucking cunt'. The only thing that was remotely racist was 'balaclava wearing twat' but as he was pictured wearing one hard to class that with the big R word. My dad used to tell a joke that he quite liked 'packis' but could not eat a full one, he told that at the match about 59 times, I did not report him btw.
  23. There was nothing at all by us that I heard ESL quiet end. That is a fact, I ain't deaf.
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