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  1. Sunday 3 o'clock ? trying for interest but struggling
  2. Been talked about for a while, can’t see it being a bad thing
  3. Add to the fact the staff have been warned about this kind of shit before.
  4. Because shit like this shouldn’t make it to the public domain
  5. If that that’s true I hope the cunt leaking gets sacked
  6. Big E

    Wiggin Home

    32 pages in and people still dick swinging that wigan are not a rival and they don't care about it. We have played them twice this year, twice there has been an announcement by BWFC saying behave yourselves. They havent said behave tomorrow have they ? get over yourselves. United, liverpool, city etc all don't give a fuck about you. time to accept it
  7. Big E

    Wiggin Home

    All that today proved we hate them the same.
  8. Big E

    Wiggin Home

    People need to realise Wigan are a rival of us and it’s fucking wank
  9. Halifax away so we can have a Party in @EyesRightwarehouse
  10. https://sportsworldghana.com/exclusive-bolton-wanderers-in-talks-to-extend-contract-of-teenager-bright-amoateng/ seems he was on for a new deal.....
  11. Big E

    Wiggin Home

    I am sure we can barrier off our bit
  12. Big E

    Wiggin Home

    Be nice if we can get a big crowd on as well. could be pushing 22k on for it
  13. Big E


    I know it has probably been covered but the information regarding dimentia and football points at a lot of ex pro's in their latter years. Is there any comparisons which have been completed with the modern ball?
  14. They don’t have players in call centres Stevie
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