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  1. this pedanticness has to be coming from the Top though. It has to be what the owners want.
  2. Big E

    Neil Hart

    The issues of fans running on the pitch and attacking players will be causing shit soon. can see mandatory netting coming in.
  3. absolutely mental in this day and age. surely people wouldn't stand by and allow it.
  4. I meant ATOL Traf Tours not Pre Traf Tours
  5. @Traftours first big euro tour I hear
  6. Sound. Dodgey box it is.
  7. Big E


    I am broken still
  8. Got a couple of smart TV’s which don’t seem to update the All4 app. Does anyone have any suggestions. One tv bought 2017 and one 2021. currently using the balloons got the dogs birthday so can’t try that
  9. Poor day for the future hopes of Crazy corner. funny watching the young lads in the away throwing all sorts with the old woman kicking off behind them.
  10. Think it’s just a general frustration. Letting lads go, no investment. Only interested in their club house
  11. They are similar to how I imagine the trust are. Fans but in it for themselves
  12. was having a craic with my Tranmere mate who was saying they owners are trying to move them to a new ground with no pubs etc so they can maximise the pre match revenue in a tent etc and sell current ground for housing. hate the fuckers but i do feel for people like him whos owners are fucking them over for personal profit.
  13. Big E

    Neil Hart

    It’s frustrating but the club don’t want normal fans. They want the trust and bwsa folks. good old auntie shazza has got this very wrong but believes he’s brilliant. It’s a sad sad time
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