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  1. Big E


    Just things I’ve heard about his power. Dapo sale.
  2. Big E


    Why does santos have so much power ?
  3. I am just hoping I tone back the aways. £800 at the weekend isn’t ideal when everything is going up. Aways are £150 a pop now really so somethings got to give. No point spunking all that money to see 100000000 passes on the 18 yard box
  4. Victor is not good enough to play evatt wants it playing. Put balls into the 6 yard box n he finishes. We don’t get balls in
  5. Bod has 10 goals this season doesn’t he ?
  6. Surely you don’t turn right on a long haul
  7. Big E


    “And then he shit on his bonnet” fucking awful they are
  8. Big E

    The Final

    You just need to buy season tickets ya door hinge
  9. Big E

    The Final

    i would like to play them home and away Saturday / Tuesday / Saturday / Tuesday until they are done with.
  10. Bods goal to minutes is better than victor I think. That’s how shit our strikers are
  11. I would love a change in formation. 433 feels pleasant 😁
  12. If we sign ashworth I think I give up. Didn’t play him so why sign him permanently. Just like when Nlundulu did nothing in his loan and then we wasted money on him. our recruitment processes appear baffling at times
  13. Bod, Nlundulu, victor and Jerome all not gonna get us where we want to be.
  14. Big E

    The Final

    The grouping monzo does is just mean
  15. Cruise. Ya posh bastard. my apprenticeship days cruise wasn’t open 🤣
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