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  1. The only issue I have is it’s been common knowledge for a while. Hopefully this can help stop the leaks
  2. It’s weird how saleable they are when we found it so hard
  3. Big E

    Big Sharps

    Awful news. He was a big park of my formative Bolton years with James Parker and co. So sad to hear this passing
  4. Shrewd business, trust the process etc etc
  5. I want reading midweek next year so I can get super fan points for going
  6. Most uncomfortable shit shoes ever
  7. The video of him when jack Jones gets a million followers is a bit sketchy
  8. Can the Barnsley Connell boredom be moved to a separate thread
  9. I’ve got them footy cards if ya still fancy one of them
  10. Think we may be disappointed next season when they can beat us again
  11. He should be banned for life. However it does show how ridiculous it is that we have so much betting advertised in football and ignore the gambling addict issues
  12. Does Salford count to the 92 if it’s a friendly? Chester could be a good day out
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