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  1. Nah defo improve. People only don’t go because it’s u23’s remember 😁
  2. You get the ball into him in the 6 yard box we score. Sadly we don’t play that way. I hope we can get a striker in but can’t see us going for it
  3. It shouldn’t be a foul but contact with the keeper under the daft laws is
  4. L8 whites setting off at 11:43 with a pit stop in reading to dump bags etc. hopefully the buses back to the center don’t take too long tonight
  5. Reality is though we wouldn’t beat United or Everton so it’s pointless.
  6. I find it weird people would sooner not win a trophy in exchange for maybe a couple of rounds in the FA cup
  7. Anyone else get the feeling we are finally getting some sentences that may deter criminals. the 4 men sentenced today for the Ashley Dale murder all got 40+ years before they can apply for parole. seems a lot higher than they used to be or have I just not noticed before
  8. Cool. Makes no sense dragging it out then
  9. don't they legally have to do it now though. advertise, interview, fill quotas etc
  10. yeah not convinced myself really. the one at Xmas seemed fairly innocent though. it is lovely now. the police seem to have a better grip on stuff. post covid has been a bit shit with kids running a mock a bit. pre covid the old duffers would chin em but they've got a bit out of hand (see the 12 year old girl stabbed by a lad of similar age). big groups were kept in line before
  11. shootings have even become a bit of shock again. normally just random women getting caught in the cross fire.
  12. it is ace now. my gaff is by where the riots were hahaha.
  13. it is a shame as the food etc round here is class. people should get involved. we haven't had anyone stabbed on my street for at least 2 years now either
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