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  1. Just move them to the west side be reet
  2. John Hartson. Painful. Wales were shit.
  3. Unbearable the commentary tonight. I really hope we dick em
  4. Big E


    That’s because you are mean
  5. Beers snobs all in. Fuck all wrong with cold budweiser.
  6. Big E


    good luck to the lad. clearly loves football. be nice if he did go to more shit bolton games but that won't pay the bills Stuntpegg is doing well for herself as well which is good to see.
  7. To be fair they do have a license and hold many sporting events. they were however not holding any events anyway. They have a full calendar pretty much. it’s an easy win for the PR however many have mocked them for it.
  8. In all the documentaries I’ve seen it said no ale was being served in the ground. I assume this is the zero stuff being removed .
  9. It’s the current in thing for the “Peter Kay is shit” crowd
  10. He was hardly gonna say it’s that before he was charged was he
  11. I can’t see him want to sit on the bench watching us offer nothing going forward each week. plenty will take a chance on him for me.
  12. Where do we think Dapo will be heading ? Who can we afford to bring in which will improve us?
  13. Big E


    Absolutely ridiculous fair enough if we had 3 subs like but it’s just pure stupidity
  14. Was gutting that. A great day out but we should have won.thought we had done it. bet it was hurting in the freeloading section that some folk were in 😁
  15. Isn’t the Toney thing due to gambling
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