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  1. Make sure this is properly confirmed. Loads of folk claim that and its utter bollocks and holds shit up. We have sold my mums for a 3rd time now so hopefully it goes through. The housing market is a mad place. apparently 1 in 3 are falling through. Good luck with the search lads.
  2. can't believe you won't foot the bill for them. Should be lucky they take you out the house
  3. But if the police actual deal with these people then there is uproar as "Little Jonny was bored, joking, led astray". Look at the issues with stop and search. People soon get phones out kicking off at coppers doing their job. Parents need to get on it with this. Bigger prison sentences for carrying knives need to happen but then bigger sentences exist in America for most things and it doesn't do much to stop stuff there.
  4. I've been told you didn't renew and made your dad do it. Mrs E and Father of Mrs E are all in.....i am cushion shopping
  5. People will always find fault with it and not everyone can be catered for. Personally very impressed and hopefully people will back it (which is seems they have done). we all wanted a sustainable club and this is my they are not being dished out for free. hopefully a decent summer recruiting players for a serious push will show we are on the way forward. well done BWFC
  6. It’s a good job as nobody would go to the events as the people of Bolton are too smart to be guinea pigs like them silly scousers.
  7. Who knows but seeing the scenes from the Macron it’s cute how you lot judge scousers.
  8. Yeah. Hopefully it all works and it allows normality back.
  9. To be fair everyone on here loves to mock scousers despite Bolton being rough as fuck. everyone who went had to have a negative test for entry. the event was very well ran and a good pilot scheme. Multiple events like this are happening this weekend and hopefully it will allow positive moves forward.
  10. You forgot cushion shopping
  11. It’s the ones who haven’t watched hardly any games all season but suddenly jump on the promotion party are the problem
  12. Just drive the RS focus
  13. Unless it changes stuff through America it will just continue. The only reason this changed was it was on social media. wouldn’t be a copper there. Every cunt has a gun and if it goes wrong you are either dead or in prison. good news for the family and hopefully the police will be less likely just shoot folk. Think it will go the other way again though when police start to hesitate and a few of them get killed. Trump will be back ruling the roost. A very sad state of affairs for all concerned
  14. I think the money men will think twice now with it. They have just lost 50% of the £350million per club pie. Can’t see the yanks being happy with that. hopefully we get some big reforms. People know the Prem is shit now. Too much money. We need more fan involvement similar to Germany.
  15. I am amazed it is not more given the access people will have to the "Top football". match going folk won't like it but millions will log in at tea time mid week and watch the games.
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