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  1. Big E

    MK Dons (H)

    Our players and club have taken the knee as a stance against racism...not BLM. it is that simple. From the website: Whether a player, coach, volunteer or supporter, it has the power to unite people in a way that very few other things can. Our actions and our support can send a powerful message across the whole country that football is united in the fight against racism and we can all take a stand. Bolton Wanderers chairman Sharon Brittan said: “As a town Bolton is strengthened by our diverse community and at Bolton Wanderers Football Club, through our work in the community
  2. Big E

    MK Dons (H)

    sound then. best drop the poppy then as well so we don't have to hear the complaints of people not wearing them.
  3. Big E

    MK Dons (H)

    a way through that suits everyone? not booing our own players should be that way. No matter what the backward justification the booers try to use. But when the issue is said to support anti racism and not BLM by booing you are.
  4. Big E

    MK Dons (H)

    they may do. i am happy to accept that because my general rule of thumb is someone who boo's an anit racism stance will not like me for multiple reasons anyway. Booing reflects badly on the club and fanbase. a world where we stop making a stance because racists get offended is a world which should not exist
  5. Big E

    MK Dons (H)

    2-0 Bolton. 13547 in attendance. Sadly empty heads boo the knee
  6. 1st. 100 goals 100 points.
  7. this is where the system falls down.people are cunts. I know people who happily isolate as they get paid. like begging to be pinged. I have given up now. if people demand i check in then i do but i don't just do it anymore. too many folk fuck it off and i am sick of being fucked over for following the rules. A friend of mine went mad at me for going to wembley and said i was a complete wanker etc. the same lad works on the oil and gas and travels to red list countries moaning about isolation. prick
  8. She is now in contact i believe so fingers crossed its nothing
  9. Has anyone experience any shooting pains in the legs post covid? Mrs E is having them. any ideas what can help?
  10. i thought they had shut missoula's nationwide until they lift restrictionas
  11. Yeah. Salt of the earth. Misunderstood
  12. A classic go fund me going right now for the salt of the earth little cunt who killed a pensioner driving the wrong way down the motor in a stolen car.
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