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  1. Big E

    Wiggin Home

    Be nice if we can get a big crowd on as well. could be pushing 22k on for it
  2. Big E


    I know it has probably been covered but the information regarding dimentia and football points at a lot of ex pro's in their latter years. Is there any comparisons which have been completed with the modern ball?
  3. Big E

    Pizza Cup

    They don’t have players in call centres Stevie
  4. anyone asked how many we have sold yet
  5. get involved.....2 day session
  6. agreed but shite football is £10 for basically Sunday league so its not going to change. £15 for fucking chorley.
  7. Do not listen to this man @walkerwoo he is just bitter
  8. 3-1 Bolton Doyle, Dapo, Baka,,,,,,,,Vela for them
  9. this isn't the same in my opinion. not that it will stop people moaning about it.
  10. Big E


    Shiner co can take up the role
  11. whatever happened to the lad who went to arsenal at 16 or something from us
  12. Big E


    Exactly. Macclesfield and bury both had to suffer. these cunts are getting off lightly
  13. Big E


    Get off the fence. i am sure both sets of fans wanted us to go under so fuck em.
  14. Big E


    Fleetwoods Escobar
  15. We should get some digital versions going out
  16. Big E

    Safe standing

    Is there any reason why folk can’t just have a seat / stand and get on with it. Our fan base is ever increasingly growing in its bellendish with regards to seating. Like standing at the front of Wimbledon and acting the cunt when the old fella steward asked you to clear the hatching area. seating is shit on the whole. Standing in the new style seats is a massive improvement. If folk want to stand they go there. The seated people go in the seating areas. Bring them in
  17. Can definitely see why from a Bolton based fan but moving was ace for us travellers. Much easier to get in and out of. Would be a better match day now probably in the town center though.
  18. Full on right wing. Government the lot. It’s a shame as it’s nice in the capital
  19. Payment plans or paid it’s a great news for BWFC. cleverly done so we can avoid spending big in the window 😁😁😁
  20. They will and then kick off that people abused our players when deep down they loved it and wished they could openly do it.
  21. Mental though isn’t it the outrage our fans have at both racism and taking the knee. Imagine what it’s like in their heads daily. so glad we smashed them. it’s a backward place from a politics point of view there.
  22. We can still sign people who’s contracts have been cancelled can’t we ?
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