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  1. Eavesy

    Port Vale Away

    Simply not enough from bakayoko. The number 1 demand from Bolton fans when you are big lad upfront is to make yourself known.
  2. Eavesy

    Fan Zone

    Did it reopen after the match?
  3. Eavesy

    Wycombe (H)

    Bizarrely I thought iredale was poor defensively. Didn’t win a header all day and didn’t block enough crosses. His best part was going forward. Considering he was brought in to shore things up instead of Declan John I’m not so sure.
  4. It’s for the greater good of the team. No doubting mossey was a good player but getting him in the team made us worse in other areas. Sadlier will be a good long term solution for that right wing back position. With Sheehan, Lee and that lad from Gillingham playing central attacking mid we need Sadlier playing consistently out on the right. Not sat on the bench as 4th choice CAM. It might also mean we mix it up and go 442. Which will get the best out of afolayan as he’s wasted and ineffective playing centrally. As a collective we’ll be better.
  5. Assuming we’ll be alright financially, another year in league one winning more often than losing is a lot more desirable than getting smashed in the championship. If we could find a few more Morley’s (who was excellent again) then we can build for the long term.
  6. That interviewer is one of the best we’ve ever had. Absolute natural, asks the right questions in the right tone
  7. In the wrong place then. Captured market, hence the prices. There are thousand places you go to and get shite for more than £4.30. the issue you queue forever for crap. 2 minutes for crap is fine
  8. And yet it’s still an issue! People don’t go to football for a fresh beer. majority is desperation i need a beer. Half time tokens solve the issue fine. flat as anything but you know what you get. just bring back half time beer tokens
  9. What’s the point of cleaning them when we can resurrect the plans to put seats there (remember that back in the day?!)
  10. Bang on. We are miles away from our Sheffield Wednesday away performance. Now we are losing week in week out and also being 2nd best. Atleast earlier on in the season you could see a style, argue we were the better team and could put it down to bad luck.
  11. Is blerim dzemali available? We could have em both playing centre midfield
  12. Kieran Lee absolute star. Class above the rest. Isgrove did his best at right back. Still not convinced we have much to attack these crosses in from wide.
  13. Tell you what. it’s never boring as a Bolton fan is it. always summat happening love it
  14. Absolutely brilliant chance for the lad.
  15. Not since Leicester away when butterfield played have I seen a worse performance in my life from a single Player. Stop giving players contracts based on sentiments
  16. Eavesy

    SW away

    Let’s stop taking big away followings it never ever fucking helps
  17. Eavesy

    SW away

    Christ. How far out is hillsbrough from the station!
  18. Lee for Sheehan was a mistake. yes a few of Sheehan’s passes went a stray but atleast he was looking to make something work. lee came on and went side ways and backwards and doesn’t have an ounce of creativity in him. creative player off and defensive general on is baffling
  19. Eavesy

    MK Dons (H)

    Half time beer tokens been confirmed?
  20. Great game last time we played afc Wimbledon away. madine shut up a lot of people.
  21. That is cracking business. A free. (Premier league reserves with zero appearances go for millions these days) We know what he can do. He knows the score, the location, the training facilities, the ground. No shocks. Hopefully improve and on a 3 year deal we could make some money if he does well.
  22. Clough under Evatt. Absolutely yes. Fans favourite with the kids. Ease him into it and see how it turns out.
  23. Politic has got better the longer he has been injured. Same as Darcy, the longer he has been out the better he has become.
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