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  1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
  2. Fancy letting these corrupt bastards preside over COP.
  3. Negatives are part and parcel of life, they existed before 2016 and will continue forever… same as positives. But nothing was ever negative prior to 2016 and nothing ever positive happened since… like I said crossed wires in your brain. 🇬🇧 and that graph was pure fiction… made up by rejoiners.. otherwise known as loons.
  4. We don’t need to aplogise for anything… any negative that has happened since 2016 can now be explained by the half glass empty brigade as a Brexit related… negative folk think negative things, it’s how they roll. Anyhow the graph is complete fiction, it does however accurately depict the cross wired thinking of remainers. 🇬🇧
  5. That would have to be our lowest away following for a long time.
  6. The away end is same as it was back then I think.
  7. I backed him at 66/1 to be top scorer in the league. Evatt Out!!
  8. Isn’t that what’s happening right now anyway.
  9. That graph like the wires in your head.
  10. Anyone got a spare for lion of Vienna?
  11. 10 of us in the lion of Vienna, can’t see us venturing outside. COYWM
  12. As per usual good northern folk nail the current situation, one lady (she was brilliant) said if Labour get in power never mind non doms leave the country that she will leave the country, she was followed by chap who was 45 year Tory voter saying he won’t be voting Tory again after this government and the damage this lot have done. It’s a shit show, but one thing for sure the Tories need to be out of power and reflect on the damage they’ve done. I’d favour a Labour Liberal pact to curb the Labour excesses, but saying that through gritted teeth.
  13. No idea.. that’s why I asked.
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