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  1. That ain’t good… hope not.
  2. Not on todays performance, agree the lads got something but perhaps will need to bed in and get used to this style of football.
  3. What about Peel, they seem to be taking an interest.. that’s my best guess.
  4. Just for the clown above my comment was regarding the steel tariff which was lifted on EU imports to USA but not ours... didn't last long though....as I predicted. US rolls back Trump-era tariffs on UK steel - BBC News
  5. We’ve no deal with the US and they’re our second biggest trading partner.
  6. Just been released that police think she’s fell in the river.
  7. If you buy loakes make sure it’s the British made version, they do some made in India, look similar but nowhere near as good.
  8. What’s the point of restricting sales in that area if it’s not blocked off and you can just waltz into that area. Sounds daft to me.
  9. Crazy corner always looks chokka am I missing something on restricted sales?
  10. The cost per year of running the stadium was an eye opener, 2 million would have been 3 if they’d not signed energy deal.
  11. I think Hart said that they’ll be looking at a loyalty scheme.
  12. No.. perhaps you should have sent that question in.
  13. That are aiming to match Charlton tv which is supposedly very polished, that’s the end goal.
  14. couple of interesting things mentioned tonight, the stadium naming will be decided and released in next couple of weeks, biggest deal ever and long term deal, also I follow getting binned off and BWFCTV incoming.
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