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  1. These names will be interesting reading, it’ll give a flavour of the quality we’re looking to bring in.
  2. 100%, someone needs to have the bollocks to call it for what it is.
  3. I bought one last week triple XL Bright blue, great deal but only available in 3XL and 5XL. 😳
  4. Why can’t you test day 8 and if negative not have to quarantine for a further 6 days, isn’t the 5 day test & release same test as day 8 test? Sounds like it’s just about £££.
  5. It’s a strange requirement of returning to U.K. that you have to test on day 2 day 8 and still have to quarantine after that for 14 days, also strange that test and release on day 5 is still available yet quarantine length is 14 days, government still all over the place.
  6. Just stay there until the restrictions are lifted, might be 3 months mind, but now your retired go for it. Enjoy. 👍
  7. The problem is one side has the eradication of the other as a central pillar. That’s why I back israel in protecting their people over some rag bag outfit who’ve actually made their peoples life worse than it needs be. Let’s hope the Palestinian people get shut when an election is called.
  8. I think if Sinn Fein took up the armed struggle again and had the policy of obliteration of the United Kingdom then they’d lose votes. I think Hamas might do well to look at how peace has been achieved in Northern Ireland, sadly I don’t think Hamas want peace.
  9. Give then a platform and let the Palestinian people choose, let’s hope it’s regulated & fair election (have my doubts it will be) I have faith that if Palestinian people get the chance they’ll vote for a peaceful conclusion and obliterate Hamas from within.
  10. Stop being a knob, I know that’s not easy for you, but do try. I’ve read a number of articles, to get a balanced view. Mainly this one. https://ecfr.eu/publication/back-to-democracy-europe-hamas-and-the-palestinian-elections/ but also articles about Abbas and the Hamas leader.
  11. Looks like there’s been no election since 2005 but one is being planned this year, Hamas and Fatah at each other’s throats is yet another Islamic civil war, until conflicting Islamic groups negotiate round a table seek a peaceful settlement and the Palestinian people have the opportunity to a free and fair vote & choose a different path and move away from Hamas or any party that wants the eradication of Israel then this ain’t going away.
  12. Stop bombing Israel and it goes away, Hamas putting kids in harms way for propaganda purposes does happen, the blame lies with Hamas and indoctrination of people obviously starts young. I don’t like some of the stuff the Israelis do, but Hamas are the catalyst for the Israeli retaliation and while your political goal is to annihilate Israel and Jews and Palestinians continue vote to keep Hamas in power, then the nett result is always going to be misery & death for Palestinians. I’m going to read up on Hamas and whether they are democratically clean, because I have a suspicion normal
  13. This little girls plight is heart breaking, but do you not think Hamas are bombing Israel to provoke return fire and use the collateral damage such as this young girl as propaganda to further their cause, I do, the blame lies at the feet of Hamas.
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