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  1. Was in but now out as didn’t realise it was half term.
  2. If he’s playmaker type and we sign him then Sheehan might be surplus if he gets back to fitness.
  3. My Dads a blue and one of his heroes Trautmann he used to tell me the broken neck story since I was a nipper.
  4. I think they’d snap someone’s hand off for that deal…. Surely they can’t find someone stupid enough to offer that.
  5. It looks like a no brainer to me, FV don’t have to pay it back unless business is sold, (that was my concern) if they sell the club for let’s say 20 million then the 8% shares worth 1.6 million. Good business for FV not great for tax payers.
  6. That mean we’re valued at over 60 million.
  7. I’d think FV have this well under control and it’s for the benefit of the club.
  8. Yes, there was another share notification last week for more. I presume it’s these.
  9. 5 million government loan turned into BWFC shares rather than repaying loan … think we need accountants input here @Biggish Dave
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