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  1. My cousin was at that match was working in the smoke but he was a red, think it was a long shot from near half way line.
  2. What’s happening with Nolan at West Ham? Warburton just announced as first team coach.
  3. Mounts Kipper


    How much bigger than BWFC? Not much bigger in reality. He ain’t leaving us for Derby.
  4. Mounts Kipper


    Obviously had no intention of taking them forward, took the money while the saga was ongoing and as soon as a takeover looked likely he has baled out.
  5. I have a feeling he will get fixed up with a contract before the end of this window.
  6. Mounts Kipper


    This looks good for Derby, Clowes have nett assets of 266 million so should be financially be able to bank roll them out of League 1…. That’s if the buyout goes through quickly.
  7. Defensive centre mid and striker for me.
  8. Bollox, destined never to visit Plymouth land back on the 25th August but got a do Cartmel on the 27th.
  9. How they getting round FFP I’ve no idea.
  10. And we’ve not announced Conor Bradley, doubt Fossey coming but you never know.
  11. Our friend Amir Khan must of had a word. Well done Amir. 👍
  12. Not sure who we’re selling who would raise that type of money, I would think only Dapo or Santos would command a decent fee.
  13. If Rotherham offered 3 years on decent money I suppose he has to take it given his injury record, has to be all about length of contract and the £££.
  14. Thats an underwhelming move for him, who the fuck is advising the lad, hopes he has turned Wigan down for Rotherham.
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