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  1. Evatt and markham have a list of players for each position and will move down to the next one on that list. We need better than Paris and perhaps we’ve got his replacement in the building, CMG/Lolas.
  2. Aren’t we in same position as last season for wing backs? And we’ve signed Lolas who could be better than bang average, arfield who’ll surely contribute more than CJ, and Johnstone will be like a new signing, don’t think we’re weakened if everyone fit.
  3. That’s incredible, it pays to do some research on your condition, I chose not to go Wrightington because offered full hip replacement but didn’t offer a Birmingham Hip replacement, which is what I wanted so I asked for a referral to royal ortho hospital in Birmingham who did offer the BHR, was a great decision.
  4. If you can’t get fixed at local hospital try other hospitals in other areas, you can have your op anywhere, I had my hip done in Birmingham by one of the best hip surgeons in the world.
  5. Unusually I’ve been hit by a bout of anxiety at night, work related, fuck me it’s a cunt trying to sleep, I’m fine in the day, wake up about 1pm and up rest of the night. Luckily I’m away for a week so looking to re-set and so left work lap top at home, within a day couple of work fuck ups and couldn’t sort without lap top. Sleeping better over here though. Seriously think the shit uk weather contributing to my issues, I’m on Vit D, magnesium and passiflore, prescribed by the wife.
  6. It wasn’t a big transfer budget, it was a bigger budget in general, so he can spend it on wages, transfers, bigger squad.
  7. On the policy to ban smoking fert kids… utter bollocks.
  8. Great news on the trains being renationalised. Crack on with the power and utilities.
  9. A better labour policy would be to lock up one of the parents who don’t look after their kids for abuse.
  10. 4-3-3 might be more likely.
  11. Is Morley rumoured to be leaving?
  12. Same, was over last night in the blink of an eye, the Wembley debacle still despondent. However I’m looking forward to the season now.
  13. While scargill needed reining in The Tory government used illegal methods and coerced the police to do the dirty work for them, then when the miners were defeated they left communities to rot, it was Pre-meditated and abhorrent behaviour from a party supposedly serving the nation. Yes deal with the NUM but after that they should have shown compassion to those communities but instead they just left people to suffer.
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