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  1. Mounts Kipper


    He’s going out punching, be interesting to see how this goes.
  2. Sad when clubs no bigger than us nick our players for nowt, we need to get back in the championship so we are better positioned to hold onto the better young players.
  3. Great thread brilliant reading. Good work. 👍
  4. It’s not as bad as Newcastle though.
  5. Went in the cup night match few seasons back we were in the top tier, is that still the case, can generate decent atmosphere up there.
  6. The progress we have made since the January 21 transfer window is astounding, normally clubs take years to turn around, continue at this pace and we could easily be heading up another division come May although if that does not happen and we stay up comfortably this season then it’s job done.
  7. At the moment our only real attacking threat is Dapo, therefore teams target him and thus greatly reduce our attacking threat, once Amaechi and Bako are back that’ll give the opposition more to think about, looking forward to playing Rotherham on their own patch with hopefully a full squad, think we will get our revenge.
  8. I’m not a fan of Lee either, perhaps he might benefit by a run of games, just get a niggling feeling he’s not the player he was.
  9. It was very BWFC to lose today, Rotherham played it like a cup final which is a tribute to how far we have come over the last 18 months, fully expect us to bounce back and finish above them come the end of season.
  10. Mounts Kipper


    HTF Blackburn keep rolling on god knows, the venkys must of put in tens of millions, look at Rovers crowds, they can only dream of crowds like ours today, same at PNE, Wigan and even Burnley. Always said it we are far and away the biggest town club in Lancashire.
  11. Mounts Kipper


    Last visit I left at HT.
  12. Mr Pink is interesting given his role in delivering increased ST & crowds, hope he can also help bring some ideas on how to make our ground as noisy as Selhurst park is these days, their support has been completely revolutionised and must be one of the loudest in the premier league these days.
  13. Thank fuck I’m lording it up tomorrow.
  14. Surely someone on here might know someone suitable. Top gesture. 👍
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