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  1. I’d be under 10 stone and at 6 foot 3 don’t think that’ll be a good look. I will be happy near 16 stone.
  2. Came back of holiday last week and decided I’m kidding myself that I’m not a fatty… been back a week, exercised every day, cut my calorie intake and lost 2% body fat and 2 pounds… gonna be a long haul this, looking to lose 20 pounds.
  3. Obviously the powers that be want leeds back in premier league. Tin foil hat on.
  4. Personally speaking the offside should be taken from the foot position not any other part of the body but if the current offside rule includes torso or head playing someone offside then I don’t see why a hand pointing that is in an offside position should not be offside, after all the attacker is trying to gain an advantage.
  5. The liner must have a guide dog. Pathetic that decision.
  6. That is gaining an advantage in my eyes.
  7. I’ve thought about this and again it’s rubbish rule… without the hand/arms you can’t run… they also say you can’t score with your hand and that’s fair enough but the defender ain’t trying to score he’s an unfair advantage by being allowed part of his body in front of the attacker.
  8. Didn’t know that… anyhow when it’s so tight it should go with the attacker, and also thing if we’re going to use VAR it should be decided by a computer like cricket decisions are so there is consistency… at present there isn’t any consistency in decisions.
  9. Draw it from United players hand which is to my eyes looks further forward than his foot. Utter disgrace of a decision.
  10. 5-0. I’ve still not got over it.
  11. Rightly so. Was she there, not seen her around for a while.
  12. Should be able to find out by looking at bet details.
  13. I must say Maghoma has been very good these last few weeks his bang average performances over mid winter a thing of the past… well done young man. 👏👏👏
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