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  1. Seriously embarrassing. Crack on chaps I’ll leave you to it.
  2. Megalolz! FFS! Perhaps happy wanderer made right call, pull the fucking plug, put this site out of its misery.
  3. Let him carry on his gammon taunts, seems to make him happy. Some folk clearly haven’t got over it. Bless!
  4. Name calling gonna really hurt him. FFS, this site really going to the dogs.
  5. Only really use it for BWFC, Travel news so it’s not really problem for me.
  6. Just spit the name out so he/she can defend themselves.
  7. Of all the racist tweets I read just 4 tweets were from UK, most were from Africa and Middle East, based on that number if true then the the problem isn’t here in the UK.
  8. Sadly it’s having no effect on racism, racists will always be racists, taking the knee makes absolutely no difference to them, as for losing my shit 🤣😂🤣 just expressing my opinion isn’t losing my shit. I’m not ginger so I’m fine.
  9. I can either boo, avoid it or pack in, who knows. One things for sure further politicisation in sport is turning me off the game at the higher level, might just go watch the game at grass roots.
  10. No doubt they won’t give a fuck, same as I won’t give a fuck about them.
  11. Agreed. And this is why politics should be left out of sport. This England team, management, FA can all fuck off, finished with watching them.
  12. Deleted my Facebook app last night having a break from it. Sick of one cause after another being rammed repeatedly down my throat.
  13. If you do have a peek can you look at the administrative expenses of 7.3 million and explain what these might be. Thx
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