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  1. Think it’s a load of bollox this. Seems a bar to getting a ticket, strange decision by good business folk to actively discourage folk from attending.
  2. First 2 yes, but Everton!! 🤣😂🤣
  3. Can’t believe united haven’t tried to get simeone, he’s absolutely made for them. They spend big on transfer and pay the biggest wages in premier league and have a dud like Ole in charge, what a piss poor ownership united have. Long may it continue.
  4. Do I have to bother joining if I’m a season ticket holder?
  5. I must of gone on the Travel club coaches, for dodgy games as a young un used to take the safer option. Dodgy back then was on another level to today.
  6. Let’s hope any pubs that open use proper glasses, won’t be frequenting if it’s plastic, pretty sure Barnstormers was plastic pots back in the day, was a shame because the beer was ok.
  7. I remember having my parka hood up all game they were notorious for chucking darts at away fans, snidey bastard they were.
  8. Didn’t go that day but did the 3-0 defeat at anfield year before which wasn’t a bad effort because Liverpool were brilliant team in that era.
  9. We put in a great defensive block against Liverpool 1979 think it was 0-0. Wasn’t the done thing back then. Didn’t go down well with Paisley.
  10. Actually felt sorry for him… he should offer his resignation.
  11. I’ve got the original picture of that, think it was MEN photographer.
  12. Wasn’t sure of the year, originally put 79…. Was there though & at OT for the 1-2 Should of known though as we went down in 1980.
  13. 2/3 more and it’ll be fucking stupendous.
  14. As they did at Burnden that wonderful Christmas in 80. 🤣
  15. Hope scousers ease off otherwise they’ll sack Ole.
  16. I was watching on iFollow and have to agree the hardcore on yesterday were fantastic 12th man second half in our of need you stepped up to the plate. Proper fans. 👏👏👏
  17. I’d love to see Bako & Doyle as a 2 up top. We’d have to go 3-5-2 but think that might work. If we ever get in a position to try it I’d like to see that formation.
  18. I’ve faith in Evatt, was worried he could of lost the dressing room first half but the fight back second half was more like it.
  19. Interesting to see we’ve played 9 of the top 10 teams, our league position isn’t bad taking that into consideration.
  20. In what way don’t you trust him?
  21. Agreed, he was fucking abysmal.
  22. I think he’s one of the better ones.
  23. I didn’t include Santos in the weak as piss all over pitch commented, granted he was below par.
  24. What about the other 8? I’ll not include Santos.
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