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  1. Dropping him strengthens our defensive capabilities, and we’re going to need some steel next 2 games so I hope he’s no where near the starting 11.
  2. Worse than women that group… bunch of Fanny’s.
  3. I’ve liked the lad from first time I seen him play, not had best of luck with injuries and played little game time but can tell he’s a game changer.
  4. Class pass and finish to thank… Gomes offers that something different.
  5. Your opinion was that China would join Russia against USA and the west so I just pointed out why I thought you were wrong… you had the opportunity to qualify your opinion, you did not take that opportunity and then resorted to personal abuse. If you have an opinion it’s better to have a rationale behind that opinion before you enter into a debate. I’ve never condoned bombing innocent folk. It helps to get your facts right and ducks in a row before you make yourself look a silly Billy.
  6. He never had an argument he never even tried to explain the position he was taking.
  7. I’m the thick one and you think China gonna join Russia and go to war with USA over Israel’s treatment of Palestine. 👍
  8. No lessons from me on politics.. just using commonsense, China will not go to war with the USA because they are their biggest export market.... and they do not really care what is happening in the Middle East, As TMGJ correctly states China only cares about China.
  9. Aye... They want cheap fuel, useful idiot territory. Have you checked how much China exports to the USA? That might give you a clue. But I wont hold my breath
  10. Breathtaking build up play, quality finishing, what a team that was, did we really appreciate how good we were? And the pitch stripes! A thing of beauty. What a time to be a Wanderer.
  11. Good luck with that one. There won’t be a world war over Israel attacking Palestine… and China wont be cosying up with Putin in any event. They ain’t stupid.
  12. What has that got to do with China joining Russia in a world war… I’ll tell you, nowt.
  13. Exactly why Israel should be allowed to finish the job.
  14. The free world. Led by America.. China would be neutral.
  15. Farrelli said Iran & Russia could start a world war…I’ve pointed out they won’t because they’d lose.
  16. As I said earlier, don’t be silly.
  17. Nuke the west! That’s plainly silly and won’t happen. Russia has numbers you say, they can’t even defeat a relatively poorly equipped country on their border. Like I say it’s not happening because they’d get destroyed.
  18. You think Iran & Russia could take on the west in a full on world war. 🤣
  19. That's by the by, they need removing, Palestinians cant do it so the solution is for Israel to remove them... Palestine cannot move forward with Hamas in charge unless you can come up with an alternative solution?
  20. I can see the things Israel have done, but the bigger picture is Israel have the military power and the backing of the USA and ultimately decide when and what they do, the Palestinians need to negotiate the best deal they can get, removal of Hamas will allow them a better deal than harbouring them in Palestine.
  21. But they’ve hardly got the wherewithal to attempt revenge…. They could join another terrorist organisation and kill another 1300 Jews but then they’ll just get obliterated again. Sometimes you got to look at the bigger picture… go for peace, remove hamas get the best deal off the jews you can possible negotiate and try move forward. Ultimately the superior military strength of Israel will win out.
  22. I don’t see any alternative any other than to crush Hamas.
  23. I know this… still more Palestinians voted for Hamas than the moderate alternative, while knowing they were an organisation who want to exterminate Jews and Israel… how did those Palestinian's who voted for Hamas think it would end up. Furthermore if the Palestinians can’t get rid of Hamas then someone else has to try or at least weaken them significantly. Leaving Hamas in power is bad for the Palestinians, removing or weakening them is good for Palestine in the long run.
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