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  1. Me too, brilliant memories.
  2. Wasn’t it Boris? Complete vanity project, none of it should ever have been signed off. Anyhow it’ll decimate what’s left of the red wall that had turned blue.
  3. Ahh we’ve got there in the end… you agree it started as a gesture to support Floyd, a violent criminal, druggie and thief.
  4. Nope my point was that it started because Floyd was killed by cops and wasn’t at first a gesture against racism. Find it strange I have to keep pointing this out repeatedly to you.
  5. It started in response to Floyd then when it was clearly seen to be a stupid action and BLM were outed as a dangerous and anarchist organisation they decided to save clueless and easily manipulated players from embarrassment and make it an anti racist protest rather than a Floyd BLM matter. Only the gullible fell for it and some like london white are still pissing against the wind trying to justify it.
  6. What’s 2016 for to do with anything, British footballers players took the knee straight after Floyd was killed and in direct response to his murder, if racism was really the catalyst it would have started in 2016. Gullible describes precisely your position.
  7. This increase while players were taking knee. Wasn’t very successful was it. No wonder they’ve jacked it in.
  8. Just take your fire stick snd watch game wherever you are.
  9. 8.7 billion it seems. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-60176283
  10. Aye players who’d never ever even thought of taking the knee then decided it was something that they must do after a US criminal was killed by cops…. I Wonder why they’ve now fucked it off while racism persist , perhaps the gullible and ill advised footballers have finally sussed it. Unlike those who continue to defend it.
  11. I didn’t boo just looked on in disdain while footballers took the knee but didn’t have a clue about what they were kneeling for and what it was really justifying and I didn’t ever need validation from anything or anyone … the gullible sucked it up… sounds like you were one.
  12. That’s possible but unlikely in my opinion.
  13. Nope… knew it was bollox from day one…. Bet you thought it was super great… gullible.
  14. It will be easier for starmer if the Tories cancel it…. Don’t think it makes any sense to continue, to answer your question I doubt starmer will continue with it.
  15. I was against HS2 in the first place money should have be spent on connection between manchester to the east and west of the country, connections to the west country and wales from Birmingham and then linking east of the country to the east coast line and beyond to the east of the county, the least priority was the london Birmingham link and it’s an utter disgrace the money spent on that section. Sooner this Tory government is given the last rites the better.
  16. There was already a campaign in football against racism…taking the knee was utter bullshit, propagated by BLM and swallowed whole by the gullible.
  17. He was great on that game show… with his catch phrase “say what you see” 🤣
  18. Solid performance today, the back 3 and Baxter were were excellent, Cogley excellent going forward and though Morley had great game, 3 home games upcoming and 9 points would be fantastic.
  19. anyone up for taking the knee or still advocating it?
  20. If the wife and baby ok why not play, worlds gone mad.
  21. I don’t think so it’s only about 60 minute trip from Bolton.
  22. You should have added controlled. Currently it’s anything but…. Thankfully we’ve the channel that slows it down, the rate of illegal immigration is even worse in Schengen Europe…, I do wonder when the penny will finally drop in Brussels.
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