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  1. Bourton on the waters nice… Cheltenham if you want bigger town… don’t go same time as the racing though.
  2. You’d expect United reserves to smash a Bolton B team.
  3. Whatever 11 Evatt picks I’ll back him he gets the calls right 9 out for 10 the players who get the most minutes over the season will be the best for the team. Bod, Charles are best 2 strikers and fitness permitting will play more than Baka and Kachunga, MJ will get more game time than anyone else in our midfield and Santos same at the back. We are in good hands.
  4. He can’t do basics. He wouldn’t get in any other top 20 international teams, neither would dier.
  5. Trying to play out from the back with maguire and dier.. Deary me Gareth.
  6. Southgate have him first name on team sheet, alongside non footballer Dier who can’t pass 3 yards to player on same team.
  7. Neither can dier he keeps passing to the white shirts.
  8. Fingers crossed for you. good luck.
  9. This 100% sooner GS gone he better uninspiring, boring, negative, no goals in five hours sums it up.
  10. Beer goggles helps. 🤣 I ended up Charnock v Euxton Reserves was a decent game and 6 goals and a cheeky pint of morreti and free entrance.
  11. i am on this, see you chaps there.
  12. Problem is you ain’t going to get a decent keeper who’s happy to train all week and not make the bench. So we’re stuck with him.
  13. No one is saying he can’t play, just that he’s going to need more rest and recuperation than other younger players and that Evatt will pick and chose games where he thinks he can make most impact.
  14. He can’t play 90 minutes on a regular his body/engine can’t cope with it, take issue if you wish but it’s why he’s not playing the 90 and his game time is managed accordingly. It’s no disgrace at his age when our game is all about the high press.
  15. He’s not played 90 minutes since Plymouth, that doesn’t surprise me. No one says he’s a bit part player but some folk reckon he’s a regular starter and can last 90 minutes, Evatt doesn’t think so, that’s not because of a lack of ability but as you say because his body isn’t up to it.
  16. I’ve said I see him playing 60-70 minutes rarely 90 minutes and with frequent games where he does not get any game time and that’s how he’s being used. Isn’t that the case at the moment?
  17. I think he will be used more at home and against the teams with less physicality, certain games away from home I think Evatt will go with a more solid set of players, perhaps bringing Lee on to influence the game when the game opens up. After the first 2 games Lee has played only 227 minutes of the 630 he could of played.
  18. Think the overwhelming evidence is Lee is being played selectively and cautiously, as proven by the minutes he’s played, isn’t a guaranteed starter, never been premier league quality and is being employed mainly at home and MJ should of started at Plymouth. Other than that he’s a good squad player and useful when utilised in the right games for a limited number of minutes. And that’s exactly how Evatt is utilising Lee.
  19. Hope so, but ain’t a guaranteed starter though and will often not last more than 70 minutes and will often sit out in order to recover.
  20. The best players win you more games and will play more minutes as a general rule of thumb.
  21. It’ll be in black & white at the end of the season. I’ll leave it there.
  22. His game time begs to differ. It’s clear Evatt likes to use him more at home and changes it for away games, Lee played one 90 minutes in league games sort of backs up my viewpoint, but I’m just an ex kids footy cone putter outer. 🤣 Away Ipswich 70 minutes. Drew Away Plymouth 90 minutes Lost Home Sheff Wed 0 minutes lost Home Morecambe 82 minutes Won Away Port vale 0 minutes Drew Away Wycombe Won 0 minutes Home Charlton Won 77 minutes Home Milton Keynes won 73 minutes Home Peterborough won 0 minutes
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