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  1. I wouldn’t be switching formation either, but there might be occasions when players are out injured where we do.
  2. Could easily slot Bradley In on the right wing in a 4-4-2, but I’d think Evatt won’t use that system often. There’s Also a 4-3-1-2 which he could fit Charles and Dapo into. Loads of options.
  3. With a 4-4-2 you can play Dapo left and Charles Baka/Bod up top.
  4. Worked his ball’s of great team player, Also MJ has his detractors but first 2 games he’s been right up there as one of our most effective players. Not surprised Lee benched, he might be sat down most of this season given the competition he faces.
  5. Was a shocker he was, gave us fuck all.
  6. What do you expect with 1500 free pints. Wasn’t a good idea to do that on the first day.
  7. Early days but that’s title winning form.
  8. Mentioned it after the Longridge game with Bradley we won’t miss Fossey.
  9. Same, I’m away, difference is first time in years mates wanting to use my tickets, so all 3 being used.
  10. Sounds like the intro to it ain’t half hot mum!!! 🤣
  11. Stick is stick racial or not, plenty still post on here who had a pop. Lad obviously had mental issues but some folk still got stuck in to him.
  12. Funny how some folk chased Rudy one of the few black lads off this website, and some of the same who are now giving it the racist angle big time. Suppose bullying black lads is ok though.
  13. The earlier wiki report said that many of these voters were transient and not actually racist voter many were anti immigration who had nowhere else to register their anti immigration feelings, so I take the figures with a pinch of salt, the more important figure was actual NF members which at the height in 79 of 17,500, who I expect were or are racist, very low numbers even then and we can agree to disagree, my view it was blown out of proportion back then and even more so now given the fall in numbers since the peak. Whichever way you look at it less racism is good.
  14. It wouldn’t be anywhere 250k not all the eligible population vote and not all population are eligible to vote, and this was 50 years ago and the number of NF has shrunk even lower today, the highest ever NF membership was 17500, and now it’s substantially lower, it’s was a tiny problem then and even smaller now, hence my assertion it’s blown out of all proportion. I
  15. The overall vote for NF was 0.6% of those who voted, that’s at the peak. Nothing like the 1 in 5 you quoted…. Can’t be quoting that without qualifying that it was in just 1 seat and probably skewed vote by riots in the area or probably some other local issue.
  16. think you need to check the 20% figures, highest vote ever was 1979 at 0.6% of the vote. Again backs up my comment that it’s a tiny problem, not a good problem but not one to merit the constant noise from some. NF highest membership was 17500. Many folk weren’t racists just anti immigration and most left when finding that it had racist ideology. The NF faced a high membership turnover.[324] In 1977, Walker described its membership as being "like a bath with both taps running and the plughole empty. Members pour in and pour out."[325] Fielding echoed this, stating that the NF's "stable membership" was lower than the number of people who have "passed through" it;[271] Taylor suggested that during the 1970s, "at least 12,000" people joined and then left.[326] Many of those attracted to the party because of its anti-immigrationism may have departed on discovering its fascist ideology.[32
  17. Michael Jackson had a good go. 🤣
  18. Why would I read it, it’s shoved in my face virtually every day and I lived through that period , the NF had some traction with a tiny minority of fruit loops, But the vast majority of fans were not racist, things have improved in the intervening years, my opinion is FA anti racism is doing a good enough job.
  19. Never seen it in nearly 50 years, so how many fans attended and bananas thrown… perhaps millions of fans and 1 banana.. kind of backs up my earlier comment that it’s overplayed.
  20. Fans back then had a go at everyone, black players, fat players, cockneys, Welsh, Irish, Bobby moore hand bag chant some were funny, some were less PC s and some definitely overstretched the mark( thankfully the excesses have been curbed, except at a horwich cc) but all we’re targeted basically to put good players off their game, not for one minute do I think the majority of fans singing these songs and chants were racist or anti the fat guy, cockneys etc.
  21. But pies were thrown at fat players, abuse was dished out at cockneys, Yorkshire teams, even Bobby moore.. with the famous hand bag song, racism cannot be tolerated and loads have been done on that front and folk who dish out racist comments are rightly dealt with (see Horwich cricket club) My view is that it’s massively overplayed and the anti racism campaign ran by the FA is sufficient in highlighting the issue, some folk seem to want to put it front middle and centre of everything and that in my eyes is counter productive.
  22. Throwing bananas happened rarely amongst large crowds (never seen it happen in 1000s of matches) and monkey noises was mainly younger immature fans being knobs, and those doing it in my opinion weren’t racist just being knobs, and It wasn’t as widespread as you seem to think, yes there were some racists back then same as today but it’s massively overplayed, the 2 tv comedy programmes dealing with the issue made it clear that the butt of the jokes were the thick white racists. It’s ok if you want to keep being outraged crack on, racism at football then and now massively overplayed.
  23. Just Sharon’s boyfriend, that’s about it I think.
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