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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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  1. No, I was on the black economy a few years before the Burnage boys even entered the charts.
  2. I cant recall any groups, singers or bands pledging alliance to any political party, Skrewdriver from B/Pool was a far right punk band though.
  3. Cheapest place in the NW for supping is Morecambe, will be hoping I can get a ticket.
  4. Laughing at the Shrewsbury spotters who kept coming in the various pubs in town, you would have thought the kicking they took in Bolton might have taught them a lesson .
  5. Ha ha, a brilliant day out yesterday in the outstanding town. 😀
  6. Watching the wanderers for years and never got turned away at the turnstiles when you could just pay cash , must be a big draw now to limit us to a feeble amount of tickets and seeing the home support with a ground half empty.
  7. Must be getting old, on the 9-30 from Manc to Shrewsbury, I need some sleep after tomorrows night game at Saints.
  8. Always a cracking away day, I expect a huge following after todays performance.
  9. Hoping for the same in the second half. Cracking match.
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