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  1. This is one of the weirdest vids from Sandie Shaw.
  2. We still have the timetables for the trains in the library.
  3. I want all those Salford folk who got kicked out of Sedgley Park and Higher Broughton and got moved on to L/H to claim that land back.
  4. She would've pissed it with this tune.
  5. Get Sandie out of retirement.
  6. Some cracking sub tropical weather today in N Lancs.
  7. Will have to get something Gothic up Whitby in a couple of weeks, any suggestions ?
  8. Will opt for a G String and a Gimp mask.
  9. I prefare those slow walking zombies on Shaun of the Dead to those quick fuckers on 24 Hours Later.
  10. Like the famous Barnsley Chop, been over a few times to Oakwell, but never went out my way to carry a bag full of meat all fucking day.
  11. That's were it was taken from, I would pay that with the absence of carrots and sweetcorn.
  12. Off for a day out in Lancaster tomorrow seeing some old mates, in the same boat, what do you wear ?
  13. N Manc folk may have to watch out.
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