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  1. Tyrers have got the contract this year charging a flat fare at £ 5-00 for one way. Fucking scab bastards for what they did at Queens rd in manc when that depot was on strike.
  2. Just a pure rip off greedy country we live in, every meal I had in Portugal last week was so affordable and supping Super bock beer to wash it down was a treat.
  3. Just hoping I get the all clear with the test I took yesterday, I pushed the swab so far up my hooter it made it bleed.
  4. Will be supping early in Bolton town centre and getting the latest train possible to HP and by passing that pub serving ale out of a plastic pot for 4 pound a glug.
  5. Looking grim on the home front with only the Harvesters open close to the ground.
  6. The Ham Bone is the best butty shop in Llandudno when I worked over that place.
  7. I was bad for nine days with those symtoms in January, just got back from abroad yesterday and visited the walk in centre at Leigh with my arms bleeding from blotches on them with i think it's being caused by tablets to thin my blood, ended up in an ambulance and spent seven hours in Wigan hospital because they discovered my ticker was wizzing over to fast. Never had has many tests today. Got the all clear in the end when in my heart rate went back to normal.
  8. Will crack open a bottle of sabres to celebrate in Portugal.
  9. Just killing time now for transport to the airport for the 06-15 to Faro.
  10. https://youtu.be/DDEdFxUZ01s
  11. Laughing his head off outside the court despite losing, some mugs will pick up the tabs.
  12. He might get a job on GB news.
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