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  1. Could have been worse and called a jam tart.😀
  2. We gave away to many forced turnovers. 😁
  3. Without a remote and a screen full off tobacco smoke stains down the screen ages ago was my induction to watching England, in the pubs of Bolton.
  4. BBC V ITV picture quality during the matches, on the BBC it gave the red button to get UHD, it gave my telly it's full potential and seeing such sharp screen shots and vibrant colour.
  5. Sloppy seconds after me annoyed you.😀
  6. I'm a good judge of boozers with experience in my past, that Man Bar made the pubs around New Cross in London look tame in comparison in the 70s when you went Millwall.
  7. The punters were rougher than the Griffin crowd what frequented in the 80s.
  8. Cheapest pint of the day at £ 2-20 for a pint of lager.
  9. I managed to get two, but thanks,and a cracking day out, that man bar on Dickson Road is fucking mental. 😳
  10. Cheers Gonzo, much appreciated.
  11. I need two, and getting in B/Pool about 11 on the train, mate went to Highbury today and got refused, even said he had a caravan at Cala Gran.😀
  12. Having no luck getting a ticket for the home end, Accrington were grabbing your hand off for money.
  13. A fucking laughing stock, worst kit Leigh will ever wear.
  14. Quicker than the 34 for me getting into Manc, 126 to TC and tram to town.
  15. Fuck off you janner cunts.
  16. Without the step ladders.
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