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  1. did you watch them from a distance or something? Yeh, i took me pants off, then me specs, then i did a runner.
  2. Can you see little Bolton,capitulating from the new force whats happening just down the road.
  3. JEEZ, pressing loads of buttons, and now im upto date, and the CELTS, are on top.
  4. Every time i come on W/W, im still in mid november,i know i live in Leigh, and its still a few months behind Bolton, i know i got this computer from a dodgy LAD from Wigan.
  5. Gubs, got into Manc,had a few scoops in the Monkey,caught the 26, and had a twosome with two Leigh girls.
  6. Actually, Hull and Brighton are much better.
  7. Watched the draw earlier, then seeing all the plum teams being picked,it was inevitable that the whites would get a crap team.
  8. I know we got a bad result yesterday, but a better town for drinking establishments cant be found anywhere, i think the worse drink all afternoon was at half time supping that dreadful chang beer, and at 3 pound a pint,must have been a good day,got the hangover from hell.
  9. Im thinking about taking the famous black bag to EFC on saturday, filling it full of junk from the garden shed, ie clogs, yo-yos,some cannonballs an anvil,about nine barrel glasses,a commodore 64, some soiled underware,and leave it in a boozer, and see just how long it takes to walk.
  10. Well thats me and Gubbins bet down, with Walter Smith being appointed, we thought a lady papershop owner in Morecambe, who happened to be scottish, would have definitely got the job. Could tell she was upset when we both ended up with two cups of cold coffee and charged 90p each
  11. At first, i thought it was Brian Flynn, but im sure it was Mc Nab who floored that nice welsh person.
  12. With all the media on about the gobbing incident, i can recall a game at Burnden, when the big man got sent off in the late 70s, and can recall a bit of spit being exchanged, any ideas?
  13. I Would have watched it, but ive just been filing away all my CDs in alphabetical order,while my girlfriend was in the next room gagging for it.
  14. N/White, the above post was tongue in cheek,in reality we got some rice that night, i went in 80 in the goodison paddock and got some payback
  15. Going back to the dark days, and seeing what went on in matches when the Toffees and us ever played each over, Feb 77,Bolton took a massive following,to have a nice welcoming commiitee of your ever pleasing fans to meet us. Thanks for showing us to your pubs, and asking to remove our coats and having a nice friendly banter over a massive bowl of lob scouse and beetroot to eat over, and thanks when we meet on Saturday, can i have me leather jacket back.
  16. Hows St Patricks going on this season? i remember having a good jib at H/T when the Whites played them, and having a good nosh at the buffet table, no and it wasnt a nun,
  17. Plenty of stragglers at the reebok this season.
  18. I Usually have a little bottle of red wine in the lucky bag for any stragglers what miss out on a drink at H/T
  19. Congrats Traf, i was unfortunate to be born in Davyhulme, and my son at Bury, but we are Bolton through and through.
  20. I Think your alone now dosent seem to be anyone else around, Q a little Tiffany dance, that right Gubs?
  21. It depends how bigger drinker you are, loads of pubs in city centre, quite a good selection near goodison, then back to the city for post match cocktails, then back to manc for last orders, then back on the bus to leigh in a drunken stuper.
  22. Throughout the county palatine, from the Furness fells to the River Mersey, from the Irish Sea coast to the Pennines, this day shall ever mark the peoples pleasure in that excellent distinction---true Lancastrions,proud of the Red Rose and loyal to our Sovereign Duke. God Bless Lancashire and God Save The Queen.
  23. Thats the one, got beat 4-0, plenty outside the ground,try to turn the mini-bus over, until the starting handle came into use.
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