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  1. Passport nearly nicked, caught him dipping and launched a bottle at the cunt when he ran away, phone stolen a few hours later, and money pinched out my pocket off a brass after the game. Not one of my best Euro trips.
  2. Make the most of it before your snotting at the LSV next week. 😊
  3. Very true, those 50 years have passed so quickly and we thought football would never change in those days.
  4. Ha ha, you can just about see Tony Dunne's hand in my pic.
  5. Showed some old reds in the pub today and they say it was Morgan with the 11 on the back of his shirt.
  6. Always puzzled me how you built a stand roof like that, sussed it out now.😀
  7. Three ex Bolton players on this image.
  8. Worked with a Vale supporter in Chester in early 93 with them and the other potteries team were neck and neck at the top and miles in front of us, he was fucking gutted when we pipped them on the last day of the season. He was on suicide watch when the Baggies beat them at Wembley.
  9. Just caught up with this reply, fucking hell, what do you want from a team on it's arse not long ago and on a great run and you call our performance today shit. Dear me.
  10. What a great performance.
  11. Those skin girls in Cov were mad as fuck.
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