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  1. I was selling progammes that day, as i was walking to my pitch & a Stokie gave me £1.10 for 2 programmes (they were £0.05p each) someone had said that they couldn't take money over the turnstyles as it was a sunday so you got in for nowt with ya programme; scuttled away sharpish incase he came looking for me. felt rich as fcuk.
  2. Just had a cheeky couple o quid on 4-0 toodle pip
  3. Would it bother anyone if it was postponed tonight? Can't see it happening somehow when we played in the swimming pool against Zenit in'th Waffa cup, a bit back Toodle pip
  4. I aint been many matches over the past 3 years, but that Feeney is fculin KACK!!!
  5. Some of the comment above made the hair on the back of my neck stand. used to love it when defenders had the ball & SKD was heading towards then & Hoof, can't remember any defenders trying to dribble the ball past him, ha ha SKD good luck in whatever you turn your hand to & hopefully back here in the near future. Now where's that big thumbs up sign.
  6. Remember a young Mr Winnard singing the whole version of "twas in the year of 58" to him after a match @ Burnden in the King Billy many moons ago. Was sat with us for a good hour, even bought us a couple o pints RIP Sir Nat
  7. Pretty sure the Wogden Whites will have a coach for this booked already
  8. I also had a Dog named JB after the Legend also
  9. Good morning chaps & chapesses; is there a website that has all the horses running each day in an A-Z format? With me being thicker than Mr Thicket fromThicketford I don't know. Toodle Pip
  10. I never went & can't fcukin remember why!!!!!
  11. Isaac will be turning out Satdy; First home league game since the prem!!! Been a while Toodle pip.
  12. Not been to any home games (this will change next season as Isaac will be getting a season ticket) Blackpool & Wiggin away (though I never bothered going in the ground for the wiggin game) Toodles
  13. Barnes was fcukin kack as a Manager just ask those 2 set of cunts Celtic & Trashmere
  14. Wont let me log on at work, thinks I'm in the states (I fcukin wish) will do it when i get home Cheers
  15. Traf, so once I have wagered £150 I can then start to withdraw? Pretty sure I'm well pased that now, will have to check?
  16. I did have it up to £103 friday, but got a bit giddy
  17. I opened a bet365 account a few weeks ago & got a £30.00 bonus. I got this upto £70.00 on Saturday & looked at withdrawing some, but it wouldn't let me. Do i have to get this past a certain ammount before I can withdraw? My lad said it is somert like £150 yesterday so I tried to invest it on alsorts o shit (cause I was fuckin annoyed) £2 lucky 15 £2.50 e/w accy £5 on all each premiership game ending 2-2 £10 on 4 spanish teams £10 on 5 italian teams Anyway I have now got £50.00 (cashed out of my Lucky 15) All the rest ducked is this correct about getting it upto £150 or summert? Isaac confused af fcuk toodles
  18. They liked a tear up them millwall lads!!!!
  19. It's free if it's the first time you've asked for a replacement.
  20. Can't see you getting many offers!!!!
  21. What everyone else has said really; never been there when it wasn't rammed wi bolton!!
  22. There already some big girls blouses watching the whites, so they'll be quite a few!!! Tally Ho!!
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