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  1. What a set of miserable Twats you lot are.
  2. Just seen that too. Wonder how the rest of the back room staff would be impacted? Fred Barber for example, IMO he would be a great loss.
  3. Welcome Home Owen! Let's get the good times back - Love it!
  4. ha ha - Its amazing what the sacking of Megson has done, the likes myself and Rog have come of the wood work. Its a tremendous oppurtunity to unite club and the fans together. I have felt more passion for BWFC in this last few days than I have for over the last 4 or so years. Thus I have posted on here on for once. Attractive football played the right way is what we require and a united support behind our club is what is required. The list of candidates posted above are all dogshit. OC all the way!
  5. Long time reader but very rare poster! Rog is a legend and has talked more sense than a lot of people on here for ages. OC is the man for the job. Cut out this negativity. He know's the club, he will play more attractive football and has full on respect for the town and its poeple. I would be delighted if he was chosen to be our next manager. This type of appointment is everything the bulk of BWFC fans have been crying for the last 2 years.
  6. Bring back standing areas and the good times will come back!
  7. "Looky Looky Much Cheapness" There was actually Looky looky men knocking around in Marseilles. Except in Marseilles they were selling those woolly hats instead of watches. I seemed to remember those hats seemed to go down well with many bolton fans
  8. Did anyone have those pasty's from the shop next to the spa? They were quite unusual with cold Mince meat inside? Anyhow we thought we'd go to a nice French restaurant to sample the work of the so called best chefs in the world. At about 1730 after a good 8 hours on the lash we headed into a restaurant we'd found on the Port edge, it was quite full at the time and there was a few BWFC fans in there already. We looked at the menu which of course was in French so we stuck to the easy options of salad, soup starters etc.. I ordered Rissotto for my main course a few others ordered the same, th
  9. The cheering after the own goal then Nolan's winner against Plovdiv was awesome - the best I have ever experienced! That footage brought it all back - fantastic!
  10. Great day on the lash but did anyone else suffer as bad as I did on the flight home? I was so de-hydrated on that flight home I could have drank water for England. 12 hours on the lash then a 2 hour flight home is not the best way to recover. Great time, top day, top songs, great experience gutted about the Result but overall: PROUD TO BE A WANDERER!
  11. Great day, great experience, gutted about the result. Overall conclusion: Proud to be Wanderer! O:)
  12. I'll be there! =; Its gonna be a top day!
  13. Lets be honest he was crap! Wasn't he in that pop band Steps after he left BWFC?
  14. I have applied for seven games in total up to the quarter finals. How do you know the stats on the total number of applications by England fans, is this just via the England supporters association? I'm not a England Supporters member so am just keeping my fingers crossed I get lucky with the draw! I applied via FIFA, reckon my chances aren't going to be great but the Germans are openly encouraging people to go over there without tickets, so should be a good atmosphere!
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