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  1. Marsaille was a shithole, and that's what it reminds me of!
  2. Away matches just arn't the same anymore without him....but will have a good drink for him tomorrow and Saturday in Sheffield! R.I.P Lightweight
  3. 6/10. thought i'd done better than that though?!
  4. Ha Ha! I was a good girl on Sunday! (I Think....................... )
  5. A pie eater at work reckons that playing us, is their "Big Match"! We better beat the inbred freaks this season!
  6. Welcome to the Geordie Translator! Can I have a pint of stronbow please Welcome te' the Geordie Translator from Newcastle! Enter ye phrase into the box on the left and watch as the clivvor thing translates the English into Geordie-speak! Your translation is: Gan ah hev a bevvie iv srongba please . WTF!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck to all you travelling down.........
  7. http://www.someonesecret.com/?a=calculate&...mit=Find+Out%21 AAAGGGGGHHHH!!!!!
  8. Last few seasons I've been they have more or less turned the Furnest (facing ground) into the away pub! :p Last season we were in after the match and 2 young Blackburn scally's came in and were abused by all the Bolton fans! In the end the bouncers escorted them out!
  9. I generally tend to read autobiography's. These are a few that I can remember at the moment....... Gazza's = Very good. Couldn't put it down George Bests = Was ok for a minich Angela's Ashes = Also a good read (Film missed loads out of the book though) Brian Keenan (held hostage in Beruit with Terry Waite) = Very good, couldn't put it down Sharon Osbourne = Not bad. Worth a read. Touching the Void = Can't remember who wrote it but still a good read. Also I've read a few different autobiography's were men ended up in the Thai prisons for drug smuggling which were also good, but can
  10. Don't get it? Why do you have to scroll from bottom to the top?
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