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  1. An oldie but Goodie, I was in bed having sex with my Chinese wife, when i'd finished i commented on how baggy her fanny was getting, she went crazy and asked "Why are you always Clittysizing"
  2. Worst thing about 4 on 4 off shifts is you only get two full weekends off in eight weeks, and if you do any hobbies with other people ie. football etc you tend not to be available for most of it. On the plus side you only work six months a year and a month of that is normally holidays, so only work 5 months and normally for a premium on shift pay. Did shifts for 11 years ,best thing i ever did was moving too 8-4 days ,piece of piss compared to 12 hour night shifts.
  3. As said above decathlon offer a very good range for very decent prices , i was in charnock richard cycles last week , had some good bikes on sale ( end of season type sale) giants and specialized for about £300 and less ( both good makes ).
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JU69UHwY6-Y
  5. Apprentice at work asked "Does it come out like talcum powder when you have a vasectomy?"
  6. We are talking about sexy soap star and you have all overlooked owd guppy face , for a proper sexy soap star step forward miss platt
  7. As good as this sounds i would stay well clear , it was Jimmy Savilles downfall getting involved with miners.
  8. I felt the original Tracy Barlow's (from corrie) arse whilst ice skating, on my next time round she winked at me and i thought i am in here, when i got close she punched me in nose and sent me sprawling on my arse. oh to be 15 again
  9. still have my amiga 500 sat in loft , with a floppy disk holder full of non original games the like all my xmas's came at once when i got my own copy of x copy .
  10. "like sticking your nob in a welly of custard" "so ugly ,monkeys wouldn't play wi her" "she would fricken a police horse"
  11. Gary linekar , doesn't sound like fa cup, just looks like it
  12. i have one of these from decathlon http://www.decathlon.co.uk/satori-pro-t1830-home-trainer--id_8164386.html Beltin bit of kit ,and a very good price too, comes with mat (stops floor getting covered in sweat and marks etc) and front wheel support (gives you a more level ride) , other makes charge a lot extra for these.
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