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  1. Surely he's just excited about the goal and singing his favourite song from a musical.
  2. Fully support the no nonsense way, if someone told me at work I was crap It would be my priority to prove them wrong .
  3. I reckon there is more truth in the story quoting the man himself than a bookies telling you to lump on at 1/1 . Keeps it interesting for us all though
  4. I think this rules out dougie, http://www.streathamguardian.co.uk/sport/9986540._/?
  5. I'd have MM if only because of this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OQT1psCoAc
  6. White Kobo touch ereader on offer at middlebrooke asda £59.99 should be £79.99.
  7. The Google chrome browser on nexus 7 doesn't support flash and I believe the have removed the adobe flash player from the Google play store for nexus 7 , but just install an alternative like dolphin browser find the adobe flash APK somewhere and install it, and any flash websites will run through dolphin.
  8. I take it we will be pushing through a deal for that oxtail-chamberlain too
  9. No surprise, playing football is just another job. Wouldn't expect him to behave any different than anyone else would under the same circumstances in their job.
  10. I remember saying i'd take relegation 'if muamba pulled through, so can't complain really. A bit of a shake up now and who knows,i reckon we'll be ok.
  11. It is very overwhelming the football community pulling together like this, even juventus dedicated their 5 nil win to fabrice, Come on son stay strong
  12. But with Jussi we didn't have to wait
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