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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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  1. I bloody loved that place! Rave on!
  2. My first day back in the office tomorrow in a number of weeks & because I'm a cunt I'm hoping I can walk in with a smirk on my face.
  3. Ha Ha, grandad! Probably best I'm not there as I'd only have embarrassed myself trying to get my stumps over the advertising boards Time for champagne with random strangers now! They'll all be Wanderers fans by last orders! The whites are going up............
  4. FFS, didn't realise it was on at the same time! ????
  5. I've found a bar that shows sky sports. They'd better put it on for me or I'll be windmilling!
  6. Blackburn fans at work yesterday have already thrown in the towel. They congratulated us too. Poor sods, I nearly felt sorry for them.
  7. Ex Heaton player. What a cunt. http://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/15211042.Former_Bolton_Cricket_League_player_jailed_for_beating_wife_with_bat_and_forcing_her_to_drink_bleach/
  8. Got my dates are all wrong. I shall be in attendance. Though if anyone sees me smiling it may be my phone
  9. I didn't give a flying fuck I came from Lancashire, they did though.
  10. It may be a Yorkshire thing. The vitriol from fans of Yorkshire clubs to Leigh whenever we went was astounding. They really hated Lancashire. I worked between keighley and skipton years ago and have to say, they're an odd bunch.
  11. Was it not Ken Dodd's dads dog that was dead?
  12. Also out. I'll be 7 hours ahead by then so might just have to recreate the excitement by having a flat lager & refreshing the BWFC app in bed!
  13. I see the wally with the brolley has gone too.
  14. I'm sat in the airport lounge pissed off I've missed this day out! Top win! Have a good piss up folks!
  15. saw the photo, you silly old fuckers ????
  16. Gutted. Mad Susan's tweets are now protected. Probably for the best as it's really not healthy lurking on twitter.
  17. Ive just been tooting on her twitter and from looking at it he's doing a good impression
  18. Retreat is on Chorley New Road.
  19. For us none twitter types, when's the face to face, fan to fan thingy happening?
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