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  1. Not biting R. Southgate out.
  2. Fear not. All is well. As Southgate said, you have to pick out the positives. Our pre match virtue signalling and armband protests are all completely sorted. Football? Who gives a fuck? I am sure that his FA puppet masters are delighted with the way things are going with World Cup preparations. We can come home with heads held high even if it is at the completion of the group stage.
  3. How reassuring. After hearing Southgate's latest press conference there's an excellent chance we will come out on top in Qatar. Of the virtue signalling league of course. The football? Haven't a clue but FFS let's focus on the important stuff.
  4. Daniela, thanks for reminding me what an utter balls up that was. I sincerely hope no one took my advice. Colette hasn't fired a shot since I posted that. Still, she was a little cracker for me before that so can't complain. Never one to shy away, I am into one called Surefire for this years edition of the Melbourne Cup. 34.00/9.00 been available with money back for a non runner so too good to refuse. Won at Ascot and a few other UK tracks so will likely be known by the learned racing types on here. Certainly with the right trainer down here. Same bloke who trained Winx.
  5. But thank you anyway mate. Notice Bradley giving their fans the 'shush' after the goal.
  6. A West Ham mate of mine was there at Goodison and WhatsApped me after the game. Reckons that a good number scousers booed the memorials to the Queen; wreath laying etc. Irrespective of their views on the monarchy and acting with decency and respect, they missed an open goal in the moral high ground stakes. The whole country would be siding with Everton in future derbies etc. Instead, it's the 'always the victim' card again. By contrast, it seems that the West Ham fans behaved impeccably and belted out the national anthem a few times. It's a shame we can't detach the city of Liverpool and moor it in Dublin Bay. They'd be more at home there.
  7. Last Sunday, I was at an event called the Armadale Cup as one of my grandsons was involved (note - he missed the 5th penalty in the shootout in the final after a 0-0 draw during the game, condemning his team to defeat. Last year he scored the winning 5th penalty in similar circumstances and was the hero. Football summed up right there). Standing in the crowd with my son watching the final were players and connections from many of the other clubs who had been involved in the tournament. One kid spotted BWFC tattoos about our person, points at us and, in a very loud voice says one word. "Thogden!". I asked him how he knew that name and he told me he watches all of the Youtube videos and 'quite likes' Bolton Wanderers because of awareness generated by Thogden. I suppose that should make us consider if Thogden is a good thing or a bad thing? Obviously nothing I would ever seek to watch but, if it is spreading the faith?
  8. bolty58

    MK Dons Away

    A real raiser of spirits that result after days of sombre reflection. Life goes on. COYWM. GSTK.
  9. Traf - spot on. I really hope the obnoxious bastard does it.
  10. Looking good this season. Lorenzo who?
  11. In. Just let us know where.
  12. bolty58


    Always was tinpot. Nothing has changed. Consign the stupid fuckers to history.
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