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  1. Watched Metz v PSG this morning. Fucking hell, what a last 5 minutes that was! Talk about how to lose a game through meltdown! Tell you what is really starting to piss me off this season (all leagues it seems) and that is the persistent and voluminous feigning of injury to break the rhythm of a game, most often the rhythm of superior opposition. Needs stamping on along the lines of the previous campaign against 'simulation'.
  2. RIP Jimmy. A character and a legend.
  3. If he plays Ake, I reckon Radcliffe will be right about next weeks game. Lukaku would monster him. I also reckon the DMB's will get it together as the season progresses. I truly hope I am wrong about this!
  4. Swap Massives and Liverpool around and that's where I am at.
  5. Already over it. I just know we will bounce back. We all know it.
  6. Just watched it all again. That same fucking dust which seems to hang around my computer from time to time got me again.
  7. Some player though Alonso. Good luck to the lad. Looks like he will end up with the full set of winners medals.
  8. I know they had a good win at Leeds but I have this suspicion that the Liverpool system has been rumbled by the other big boys and, unless my hearing is failing, Klopp says he won't be changing it. Time will tell I suppose. If I had to pick just one it would be Chelsea.
  9. Can only see the PL winner coming from Chelsea, City or the DMB's myself.
  10. If that was addressed at me, I can advise that I was attending home and away BWFC games all over the country when your old man hadn't even reached the twinkle in the eye stage. Some JCL like you won't be affecting my plans. Of this you can be sure. I'll be booing the knee taking too to give our resident snitches a chance at orgasmic level virtue signalling.
  11. One sentence producing such a voluminous response. I still got it.
  12. I see they've cut it with Vim again.
  13. Struggled to get off to sleep last night. What a win! It's been coming. We all know we should have had two more wins than we have.
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