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  1. Lamentable spelling of 'Terrorists'.
  2. You have to consider the positives. The good ol' EU rushed in with satellite location technology to help find the wreckage. I suppose it's what an aspiring caliphate should do? Why the fuck they weren't launching Exocets to make absolutely sure that he was toasted mincemeat is beyond me. Pillocks.
  3. Can we get some nasty bastards. A Stig or an Abdoulaye Faye type character. Talk about soft centred. We won't get anywhere whilst we are too powder puff.
  4. bolty58

    The Final

    Not read anything above. Still too raw. Before venting, commiserations to all the poor fuckers who spent big to get there from all over the globe to witness that piss weak effort. Apologies to Good Knee as he has already heard this. No passion, no commitment, no fight, no hope. I know it will piss some off but I think Ian Evatt has had his chance and that this looks like a hurdle he can't overcome. We may as well have come 15th to 20th and not have to suffer the ignominy. Paying for the privilege too in many cases! Fuck off - I'd rather have mid table obscurity. I want to see a coach prowling the touchline like a fucking angry caged tiger; foaming at the mouth and spitting bile - not some fucker smiling and sunbathing in a suit. Big Sam. Perfect. I wonder if.............. Common sense and calmness comes in waves now and again so whilst I am currently not wanting to kick the fucking TV in any more, how many teams coming third and just missing out on automatic fall at the last hurdle? I reckon it's a good few. Similarly, 5th and 6th placed teams who gain promotion. I reckon that must be a healthy percentage too.
  5. bolty58

    The Final

    We haven't turned up. No idea and worst of all no fight. That little cunt Brannagan is niggling and up to the usual shithousery and it looks like we are just going to take it all day without offering any sort of resistance. Hoping for a minor miracle which we have performed before.
  6. bolty58

    The Final

    Just remembering that Bernard Mannings Roller with the rego plate BO110X was parked outside the Tower Ballroom about 30 years earlier. Anyway, the big day has arrived. Probably foolish but I feel supremely confident. The recent Wembley experience gives us a huge pyskickological advantage in my opinion. I just don't see us losing this but of course it is possible. Funny game football. Four family members just arrived from Oz. Were planning watching it in The Crofters but now somewhere up around Leyland. I'll be here wishing that I hadn't booked to go to the CDS in a couple of days time. Carton of a fine German beer and up til the wee hours - hopefully celebrating. Flag is going out on the balcony. Best wishes for a cracking day today. "Back where we belong" headlines tomorrow.
  7. Oh, I don't know. Don your PVC private detective suit and you may feel differently.
  8. Seems that you are but we all already knew that didn't we?
  9. I can't imagine anyone biting on that one pal.
  10. What a set of useless cunts this faecal pile of protesters are. Still, I like the new silence from the obnoxious fuckers. Should be encouraged in the totality of their existence. Time for the water cannon to be utilised to flush the turds away.
  11. Give it 6 months and watch how many of his current 'lifelong fans' on here are knifing (figuratively speaking of course) the boring fucker. A man of straw which will become clear and evident very quickly (not that Sunak isn't just as bad. A cigarette papers thickness between them from what I have seen).
  12. When you say 'nobody', you mean on here right? Seen and heard lots about their evil fucking union for months now.
  13. Fuck me. Detective of the year award awaits you m'lad. Not only have I championed GB News on here for months now, I have frequently mentioned that I watch some of it. Specifically Farage but on the odd occasion Patrick Christys and I think we have caught that news programme with the Irish DMB bloke a couple of times. Important that you don't bother. Channels which present both sides of the story possibly wouldn't be for you? Stick to the Beeb and their left/woke propaganda.
  14. bolty58

    The Final

    Like it. Biorhythms, lucky omens - whatever you want to call it. Like it.
  15. Not another FF moment then. No, not cup size Whitt.
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