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  1. You mean a consonant don't you? 'S' for 'L'? My lad used to change it on all of his books and his locker when they were at Rossmoyne together. 😉
  2. Never thought I'd have a knot in my stomach in anticipation of a match against no marks like Crawley. Getting worse every day. I'll be watching on Sky. I have a carton of Flensburger in to keep me company. I will probably shake one up and spray it over the sleeping missus when we have automatic promotion. Silent breakfasts for a month. Bonus!
  3. As thick as Morecambe Bay mud. You'll be non league non entities again soon. Shrimps is very appropriate.
  4. A gut wrenching defeat but, if you'd have asked me when we were 19th or when we nearly disappeared completely if I would take where we are today, I'd have snatched your fucking hand off. Some people have short memories (probably short attention spans and short everything else too). We have to beat Crawley. Despicable. Arrogant, self aggrandising, condescending with a superiority complex. 1-0 will do me very nicely. Crack the champers.
  5. 10-9, 5-4, 1-0......I don't give a toss. Just score one more than Exeter and we are truly back.
  6. bolty58


    You may be reet mate - maybe two more good years? His best is behind him though and a few friends I have in the Milwaukee area rate him as a talented choker. I won't be slashing my wrists if he heads off. Very well managed organisation and the future is covered.
  7. In the Armfield era, about a dozen of us relocated from the Burnden Terrace to the MNR for one seaon only - determined to counteract the moaning old cunts who used to hang by the players tunnel to abuse the fuck out of the players no matter what they had done - good, bad or indifferent. Clearly emasculated by their wives, we deduced that this must their only pressure relief valve or method of feeling anything like a man. We routed the fuckers. Hopefully Shitesince63 was amongst them. The thick muppets just do not get that their whingeing whining negativity has a bad effect on team morale
  8. Never been completely away mate. Lurker McGurk. Need to get the real info re the Whites and the best TV and film recommendations around. Other than that, the thrusters and negative twats on here can fuck off. Not the time for that anyway - what a fucking result! You won't believe this but I was up all night bristling with a combination of nervous energy and ecstatic relief. Videos of the support at Morecambe had the chest thumping I can tell you. Oddest of all - I had a Christmas dinner for my breakfast this morning! I shit you not! It was there; I was hungry; I am unashamed.
  9. Not been able to sleep last couple of nights thinking about this one. I'd be with you at that Morecambe pub if I could. Wouldn't do any harm for the team to see what it means to us. We are on a 3 day lockdown!
  10. Can't let this one go. Gave me the best three footballing moments of my life. Not in any particular order - that goal; Ewood Park; the double over the DMB's (this should probably be my number one as no other football moment has excited me to a point where I blacked out - the moment he knocked his second in at OT). RIP Frankie - loved, respected and never forgotten. If there are 70 virgins somewhere I hope you get 'em.
  11. A very significant date and a significant milestone for me today. Through all the BS, we all know that England will always succeed and prosper - with or without the other three (and certainly without the 27). Semper inventionis facultatem faciunt. Out on a high:
  12. Some bumfluff ridden spotty little irk from Cornwall sticking a swastika on his nursery wall and imitating Paolo Do Canio isn't much of a concern. He'll be embarrassed about it when his balls finally drop. No doubt the left leaning media are having a field day with it and the 'influenced by public opinion' (in truth reacting to the screechers) law persons will make an example of him (and yet fail to round up property damaging, statue defacing/destroying anarchists who regularly pollute our streets). The rise of the real far right is far more insidious than examples like him and was entire
  13. TBF - RC was the erudite Trafs recommendation which I took up after recommending Gomorrah and, as he told us it would be, it was superb. Agree with Ronnie, nothing will match Gomorrah's menace for me but ZZZ gets close. Esco - yes sir, watched all of Your Honor ('Honour' FFS you gun totin' nobheads!) episodes from day one. One to go. Gripping stuff. I don't think I have ever watched anything with Cranston in which I haven't enjoyed. Also enjoying S2 of The Bay.
  14. You won't be disappointed. Best I've watched for a long time.
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