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  1. Great result. Great winner. Must have been a top away day. Onwards and upwards.
  2. bolty58


    We are the one and only Wanderers the JCL bastards Any sort of a win please. Chairboys "She had a fanny like a chair menders toolbag".
  3. 😁 Fuck off cuntybollocks! I'm not fucking tetchy! I will concede however that there is some football worth watching which is not the Women's World Cup finals:
  4. If you want to watch womens football mate, go for your fucking life. I watch the womens World Cup Finals tournament and that's alreet. The majority of the rest of it is pants and you know it.
  5. Some womens football international results from last night: Belgium 19 Armenia 0 North Macedonia 0 Northern Ireland 11 Spain 12 Faroe Islands 0. Pass.
  6. Hoping against hope that they stick with him. Watching MOTD and others has been really enjoyable in recent times. Surely there's some Ted Lasso type character the Glazers can trawl up over there?
  7. I think we all got carried away with the good start and relatively lofty league position - I include myself in this. Traf and others are correct - it is all about stabilising for now and then building for the future when we are on a sounder footing. As long as the fan base stays loyal, better times will come with the current management. Am I wrong to think that it all turned with the Sarce-Evatt bust up?
  8. With you there brother. The sanitised PL inhabited mainly by overpaid prima donna's does little for me. Far more enjoyment for my money in many tiers below that lot. Watching the Robbie Savage Macclesfield FC thing or the BT Sport Film 'Brothers in Football' means far more to me than watching any PL offerings. The attempt to form the Euro super league by certain clubs tells us what the PL is all about. Fuck all to do with identity or community - only commerce.
  9. Only just seen this. Awful news. Met Neil a few times in my numerous visits. Great lad and a gentleman. Some of the fantastic experiences I had in Europe and at home would never have happened but for WWays. A big thanks for that, Happy Wanderer. RIP mate. It was a pleasure and a privilege to know you.
  10. Sorry R - I would have sent you wrong anyway. I would have tipped you 2nd, 3rd and 4th! Like an idiot, I discounted the classiest horse in the race (reigning Australian horse of the year FFS!) because the run before the Cox Plate was ordinary and her third in the Cox Plate was not all that impressive. I should have twigged what the very astute trainer (trained Winx) was up to but it only registered when they were three furlongs out from the winning post. 17/1 I could have had. I'd been following her until the bad run too! That's racing! On the plus side I have had some very significant collects on my current darling - Godolphins bonny mare Colette. From around 9 bets she has now won for me 6 times at 6.50, 3.70, 34.00, 12.00, 2.50 & 12.00. Mainly Group 1's too one of which was the Empire Rose Stakes last Saturday was another and she's now backing up in the Group 1 McKinnon Stakes this coming Saturday at Flemington. The 34.00 win for me was in last years Golden Eagle (6.00 on the day but I'd been backing her for months at antepost odds) on an absolute bog track (heavy 9). They are predicting heavy rain in Melbourne in the next few days plus everyone will be wanting to back scratched Cox Plate favourite Zaaki so I am hoping the current offer of 5.00/2.00 will blow out a little and I'll be loading up again. May go 33% win 66% place this time as I would be confident of making profit and not giving them back any of the winnings from this spring carnival. Two weekends to go and I suspend operations until the beginnings of the Autumn Carnival in Sydney late Feb/early March. Hopefully Colette provides a further boost and then I only have to negotiate the Sandown Guineas/Sandown Cup meeting the weekend after. Donkeys going around all over the country after that - no thanks. One to keep an eye on down here for future big races - Espiona. Another one trained by Chris Waller of Winx fame. This one will be a star. Remember the name - it might turn up at Royal Ascot one day.
  11. Always expect the unexpected. Nobody expected the Spanish Inquisition.
  12. Don't be fucking silly. You missed the bit about keeping Solskjaer and hoping City give them another thrashing did you?
  13. It makes me feel slightly dirty but I've grown to like him as a pundit. Straight talker, pulls no punches and keeps his bias in check for most of the time. In this case though I believe that he is misguided. That club needs a top level manager to compete with the other top level managers. All this shite about 'we tried that with Van Gaal and Mourinho and it blew up in our faces so we will stick with Ole' is a load of bollocks but, I sincerely hope that is what they do. More days like today watching them squirm would be most welcome. I hope City give them a repeat dose in a fortneet.
  14. Just catching up after over doing American football over the weekend. That Lazio-Inter game was a good watch with all the shenanigans!
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