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  1. Must be the same as my grandparents 'varnear' for almost?
  2. How do we attract such odd cunts? Huge Mongus. You don't deserve success you miserable fucker. There will be no yo-yoing. Only a steady climb.
  3. As fow as a gas cinder. The't a mugwump. I'll go tert foot of our stairs. I didn't start smoking til ah were six. Always remember lad, if a bloke looks stupid, there's a bloody good chance that he is. Put wood in th'ole. Thanks grandad, you were a belter.
  4. Cheers for this mate. Best thing I have seen on TV for quite a while.
  5. Especially them Turbanators
  6. Just get rid of social media. Spawn of the devil. Allows utter cretins of all political, religious or perverse hue to spout absolute bollocks.
  7. If my memory serves me well wasn't she also campaigning for those of colour to be treated differently (more 'culturally sensistively') by the police - especially in relation to Stop and Search? Delicious irony if correct that a 'caught in the crossfire' incident involving two drug dealing gangs at the same 'party' (so unlikely to be whiteys) she was at ends up with her shot in the head. Off the critical list yet? No surprise that the usual suspects jump to conclusions - no doubt labelling the 'far right' as likely would be assassins. Diane Abbott. Fucking hell - you would think
  8. Couldn't agree more sir (didn't need the sensationalist last line though. Overkill). It can't happen but if we could remove Islam, the next cab off the rank for me would be the extreme right and left wing nutters and then the bible bashing zoons in the US who murder abortion clinic workers and the like. All completely and utterly deranged.
  9. Notwithstanding those fucking wank commentators and shrimpy dick who came on here, of the four in with a chance, I hope Morecambe do come up. Better and easier away day for you lads when it all opens up again and they have no history, no class and a massive inferiority complex when it comes to us. Trampmere are the scum of the earth, FGR mung bean munching hippies and the Welsh should fuck off into their own league.
  10. Isn't this a fact though?
  11. Most will shy away from answering but I'll give you my two bobs worth. For reasons similar to those stated by wanderer1984, I am on the side of Israel. A myriad of reasons including the fact that they have a stark choice - fight or be exterminated. Further, as far as these military confrontations go, they never start it (but certainly finish it). I then look at Manchester Arena; World Trade Centre; Lee Rigby; London Bridge stabbings; Islamic State; The 'Beatles'; female genital mutilation; grooming gangs and hundreds if not thousands of cruel, murderous and heartless acts carried out
  12. Bugger off Ani. I've been trying to get that fucker to bite for years now. Not you.
  13. Precisely what you are attempting with this post? You have a record of backing the wrong horse.
  14. Very well put sir.
  15. Resolved to just stay on the football comments but seeing some of this shit would provoke the comatose. Boil it all down. Countries dominated by Islam are, in the main, behind the western world in virtually everything - certainly standard of living. Held back by their primitive faith (don't educate females anyone? How about a little FGM?) much is still at donkey and cart transport/shitting in a hole in the garden level. Is it any fucking wonder they are invading Europe illegally in ever increasing numbers? Israel can and will defend itself. Those Palestinians who offer succour to lik
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