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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Into all sorts me mate. Besides the requirement for technical support (where coincidentally my lad is the service manager) at the drop of a hat as well as regular support for my successor, I spend time furthering the cause of walking football (and of course playing/training twice a week which I am also managing to maintain in Spain), lawn bowls with a surprisingly youthful bunch (30's and 40's), scooter related maintenance/riding - get thisen a beltin' man cave), bettering my Italian lingo and considering learning Spanish, involved with a nationally based punters club down under which involves significantly more than simply placing bets, regular power walking with the missus, reading - I've been catching up on all the classics which I had never read etc. Quite frankly, I am not sure how I ever found time to work! Every so often, some blissful solitude where I get to contemplate where the fluff in my navel comes from when 'er indoors heads off on a shopping exodus. You need this time to fulfil such vital functions as recharging your batteries/girding your loins ready for the battle against sinister elements on here etc.
  2. Playoffs for us. Anything better than that and happy days.
  3. Same to you mate and, coincidentally, a very similar story (re the succession plan).
  4. See you somewhere mate. A ceramic coating may be in order
  5. I expect to retire today at around 23:00hrs. A very personal question but as we are such great mates
  6. The vast majority of us think this way anyway - we all bleed red. Sanctimonious pricks lecturing us all on how we should think not welcome.
  7. Very happy with that set of early fixtures. Might have to make an effort
  8. I wish they would let we English vote. Landslide. A millstone around our neck for three centuries.
  9. As usual with you, over simplification. Suits you sir.
  10. Oh, FFS. Give it a rest. The poor downtrodden can rely on St. Ian of the Immaculate Virtue. It is overdone matey. Lost all impact and I suspect will now end up doing more harm than good. Before you ask, I mean that it may result in more people with racist tendencies than would otherwise be the case. Likewise the massive over representation of minorities on our TV screens. The guilt runs deep in many. Force fed foie gras geese can lash out now and again.
  11. Probably a furtive imagination more like. Best squad ever was in 1966, obviously. The only knee you'd likely have got from them was in the bollocks.
  12. FFS, we now have a Fylde representative for the British Pork Marketing Board. Good lads (apart from Hart of course) if they are pumping money into BWFC,
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