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  1. It usually is going off at the Swinging Pig but not in that way! Been there when it looked like an England game away in the 80's but without the plastic furniture! The two Aussie neighbours closest to me asked me what I thought about it this morning (they were gardening, I was adjusting the main jet of one of my steeds). Neither had watched it or intended watching a replay of it! Both AFL fans (Kangaroos and Lions) although to be fair, one of them leaves for Europe on Wednesday and is attending the Palace v Fulham game on Boxing Day. Utterly uninterested in the World Cup so I don't think it likely you were drinking with nerds - simply the way they have been brought up and influenced here. No interest in 'wogball' (they call it this because Italians, Spaniards, Greeks, Croatians, Serbs, Macedonians etc. who live here are termed 'wogs' which still makes me think WTF every time I hear it) and call AFL the greatest game in the world and RL the greatest game of all. I think it would take an actual World Cup win to have any hope of a change.
  2. R - don't encourage that sad twat FFS. Sheep - the Skippy thing is very tired and unoriginal me old son. I think Eddie Howe is a very good young English manager - tactically more aggressive than the FA puppet. As a couple on here will be aware he's a bit of a ringer for my younger brother! Not gone off him at all; the virtuous bullshit could easily be coached out of him - far more easily than waistcoat. If not I will switch my support to Irfan Kawri.
  3. I am not disagreeing with you Dave but I have been hearing this since 1974 - especially in relation to African teams. Personally I expect the next few World Cups to go to countries who have won it before. There's something about pedigree/history in international football which seems to come to the fore.
  4. Too many jumped on the wrong train when they lost their first match. World Cup winners generally come from slow starters who build their way into the competition. Some older types may remember that England drew 0-0 with Uruguay in their first game of the 1966 tournament. Having said all of that, it would be no surprise if the Netherlands were to knock them out. Their support is phenomenal which is why I want to attend a match at the Bombonera one day.
  5. Fair play to the Australian team. I had them down not to win a single game at the WC. Other than their national propensity to resort to cheating of which we are all aware (sandpaper, underarm bowling etc.) you have to give them credit for grit and spirit. How the fuck they got back into that game I will never know. their luck sometimes seems unbelievable - that shot must have been missing by 10-15 yards. They say you make your own luck so maybe that explains it. They just keep going. I have not forgotten the 2003 RWC final where they should have been dead and buried three times over. I am sure that Perth White will agree that the hope is that there would be some legacy for real football after this World Cup but, having witnessed what happened after 1974 and 2006, I won't be holding my breath. All available funding will continue to be filtered to the two great minority sports down here enabling them to keep attracting all of the best available young athletic talent and 'Soccer Bloody Soccer' (as many label it because much is shown on the 'ethnic' channel SBS) will continue having to construct a national team from Scottish and lower league English league imports. Expecting both France and Brazil to advance. The England game has the potential be a good un.
  6. bolty58


    The World Cup is all consuming. I've missed loads of NFL stuff over the last couple of weeks.
  7. I wondered who the first straw clutcher would be. Brazils reserves losing to Cameroon is as meaningless as France's reserves losing to Tunisia. Now it gets really good. Senegal will be a tough nut to crack for England. I am expecting a similar result to England v Cameroon at Italia 90.
  8. Never know what they want. Moaning about a ball not being over the line since 1966 and now moaning about one being over the line. Auf wiedersehn pest.
  9. Reassuring that even you can eventually start to get it.
  10. I think a few must be reading some of the comments on here! It's the old wishful thinking and trying to convince yourself that things won't be as bad as you might think syndrome. As our Fylde correspondent recently commented, Mbappe could win the World Cup on his own.
  11. Yes, agreed. Their problems will always be temperament related. Some fantastically athletic and skilful players mind. I always expect one or more to have a meltdown over a poor refereeing decision or similar. European or South American winners for a very long time yet.
  12. bolty58


    I have many friends in Wisconsin through my employment with a Milwaukee based corporation for around 12 years. A few of them have been telling me for around two years now that he should be moved on. TBF, his performances over the last two seasons would have made it difficult for the Packers hierarchy to do this but I suspect that this will be it. Encouraging that Love is showing something.
  13. The important point. We have drawn with USA and beaten two very ordinary sides. You can only play what has been put in front of you though so fair play. First goal achieved but feet need to be kept on the ground. Senegal will be a more difficult challenge but I think England will overcome them. Then it gets interesting.
  14. Possibly but I thought the keeper had been unsighted by the defender and was late diving that way anyway. All conjecture of course. It registered which is all that matters. Great technique as you say.
  15. No but you are starting to...............
  16. How the fuck can they give a penalty for the ball inadvertently striking an arm being used to break a fall? Fuck this VAR off - the referees first instinct was correct.
  17. The keeper wasn't stopping that - 1mm deviation or otherwise.
  18. May as well leave it Pabbers but yes, you are correct on almost everything you've said on this subject.
  19. ..and once again came through comfortably. Exactly what you want at the group stage. Peaking too early can be fatal. What I suppose most miss are the defensive facts. Alisson Becker hasn't had to make a save yet. Obviously far bigger threats to come but perfectly happy with how things are progressing.
  20. How can you not like Brazil? No one plays the game the way they do (although I do remember a dark period in their history when they tried to be 'European' with Dunga in midfield etc.). Their sheer exuberance makes them a must watch for me. Hopefully your huge satisfaction will come in 2030. I can see them winning this one and the next one.
  21. bolty58


    Looking like Jordan Love could be a starter next season. Been coming for a while this. My Wisconsin friends reckon they have persevered for 1-2 seasons too long.
  22. Be kind mate, be kind. I've seen lots of long brown things washing in on the Blackpool tide. Plenty of similarities to well known surf hangouts.
  23. True. Brazil look a far better overall team to me but maybe that is the hip pocket talking. Can't be arsed checking the permutation possibilities but a Brazil v France final looks like it should be the one.
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