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  1. Feeling quite revolutionary in saying this - why not work on selecting the best player for the position regardless of colour, ethnicity, size, age, sexuality etc. I suspect this is what has happened with the England women's team. No doubt the wokists will have a fucking field day with such outrageous, non diverse, 'far right' and downright insensitive views. The fucking imbeciles.
  2. Disgusting isn't it. At least 0.33% of the team should have 'brown skin' to reflect the make up of the population. Time to write to MP's.
  3. I see Barry is fighting gamely to get off the hook I don't believe anyone has an issue. Good on them - good for fitness and general health. Sadly, it is poor quality so not really for general consumption. Feel free to continue to consume young Bazza. If you find a lingerie version, please let us know.
  4. Looks like we could have a few converts to flatdicks farceball amongst us. I wish them all well but suspect that they will be back.
  5. Have a like sir. Add some apple sauce too. Very well put.
  6. It will find it's level eventually. All the meddling and 'positive discrimination' in the world won't make it mainstream because it will always be second or even third rate. Simply an extension of the current overhyped desire to be seen to be 'doing the right thing' exhibited by media outlets and the legion of virtue signallers. You can't polish a turd but can roll it in glitter seems to fit the bill. Pleased the lasses won 8-0 as I had heard the Norwegian coach and one of their players telling the press what they were going to do to England. Watched a bit of it but gave up in the end.
  7. Never saw him play but saw him in the flesh outside of his villa in Marsaxloxx after he'd retired. Shortly after I watched the Maltese Cup Final at Ta Qali where Hibernians sadly beat Sliema Wanderers. Obviously I wanted the Wanderers to win. My dad admired Stanley Matthews greatly but always insisted that the greatest player he ever saw play was George Best. That would stick in his throat because he despised Bests club.
  8. Saw him score for us at Stamford Bridge. RIP Henry. Hard as they come and very entertaining to watch.
  9. Every days a school day. You are correct. Charles Wreford somebody or other. The twat.
  10. Not really mate. The Americans had truncated the word 'Association' well before 1953. A painful result for England in the 1950 WC Finals proved that. One of the best headlines ever though was 'USA beats England 1-1'. Great post LW.
  11. I agree with you but the current zeitgeist needs to be considered. I suspect that women's football will run its course and then, to an extent, wither on the vine and settle at a level commensurate with its pulling power. Some of the women commenting on men's football are mindbogglingly atrocious but quotas must be met as we are all now painfully aware. Once again, the mute button can be a godsend.
  12. That fucking noise from the crowd. It was like being at Goodison FFS. Thank fuck for the mute button.
  13. Know Los Boliches area well mate. Regular visitor. Think I've seen La Parra on one of those Place In The Sun or Bargain Loving Brits programmes. Will check it out (hope he doesn't put mint in the mushy peas like some Leeds types we know in Perth!). Cheers mate.
  14. Not exactly Wanderers Abroad but we currently have a cousin and two of his Salernitana Ultra compadres with us for a few days. The cousin is Bolton daft after many great days at Burnden. Craves a Walsh's pastie and I am having to take him to Fuengirola today for fish and chips at the Crispy Cod. Biggest problem is stopping them assaulting anyone they see in a Juventus shirt! I know they had a serious issue with Hellas Verona which goes back about 50 years but they hate what Juventus have done to the reputation of Italian football (bribes etc.). He has taught them "We all agree, Bolton Wanderers is magic" and, if I'm honest, after hearing it for the 39th time, it is wearing a bit thin They have, however, been trying to teach me their song which is basically a response to other fans singing that they stink of fish. Words to the effect of we stink of fish ("puzzo di pesce"), are proud of it and have been fishermen for years. Another cultural experience brought to you by a committed Europhile Good atmosphere:- https://www.facebook.com/tuttosullasalernitana1919/videos/so-pisciaiuó-so-nato-pisciaiuó-puzzo-di-pesce-ma-che-ci-posso-fare-se-puzzo-di-p/1991071357727636/
  15. That will change if he ever gets near her laundry basket
  16. Fuck me! That IS Utopia!
  17. Into all sorts me mate. Besides the requirement for technical support (where coincidentally my lad is the service manager) at the drop of a hat as well as regular support for my successor, I spend time furthering the cause of walking football (and of course playing/training twice a week which I am also managing to maintain in Spain), lawn bowls with a surprisingly youthful bunch (30's and 40's), scooter related maintenance/riding - get thisen a beltin' man cave), bettering my Italian lingo and considering learning Spanish, involved with a nationally based punters club down under which involves significantly more than simply placing bets, regular power walking with the missus, reading - I've been catching up on all the classics which I had never read etc. Quite frankly, I am not sure how I ever found time to work! Every so often, some blissful solitude where I get to contemplate where the fluff in my navel comes from when 'er indoors heads off on a shopping exodus. You need this time to fulfil such vital functions as recharging your batteries/girding your loins ready for the battle against sinister elements on here etc.
  18. Playoffs for us. Anything better than that and happy days.
  19. Same to you mate and, coincidentally, a very similar story (re the succession plan).
  20. See you somewhere mate. A ceramic coating may be in order
  21. I expect to retire today at around 23:00hrs. A very personal question but as we are such great mates
  22. The vast majority of us think this way anyway - we all bleed red. Sanctimonious pricks lecturing us all on how we should think not welcome.
  23. Very happy with that set of early fixtures. Might have to make an effort
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