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  1. No mate, that was the Hull City goalkeeper. Ian Hector McKechnie/
  2. Eneabba can do this kind of thing to you
  3. I do believe in a good shit so you may be on to something. Not convinced you do much thinking at all - at least not for yourself. Don't the metropolitan elite do your thinking for you?
  4. bolty58


    Game of the season. A compelling watch. Of course there's another room. It's where firemen keep up with the table tennis world.
  5. That may as well have been written in Mandarin.
  6. You are entitled to your opinion. Mine is different. Southgate out.
  7. Let it not make sense to you then. Lots of things often don't make sense after you've mixed beer and tequila.
  8. Guessing I = Imbeciles and A = Aliens?
  9. bolty58


    Probably been mentioned earlier in the thread but I like the forces providing the officials thing. Nice touch on this weekend - the kind of thing I would expect to see at Ibrox. A smash and grab raid behind enemy lines would be even more appropriate. COYWM.
  10. You know full well why. When he concentrates solely on football which is what he is paid to do then all well and good. That is what I expect to see from the manager of our national team - every effort to bring success for the long suffering fans. Whilst he is a Black Lives Matter, LBGTQ alphabetti spaghetti (or whatever the fuck it is these days), equality and diversity eco warrior, he can go fuck himself for my money along with the virtue signalling fat controllers at FA HQ. For the first time ever in my life, I do not want England to do well at a major footballing tournament. Out at the group stage would not upset me (won't happen). This does not sit well with me but I will console myself with other wins for England in the lasses RU, the mens RL and the T20 World Cups. Justice for the majority (who pay for everything).
  11. Mentalist here. Southgate out.
  12. Locals are not too keen on the thought of us winning it. India yesterday and now Pakistan merchandise flying out of the sports stores. Some result last night that.
  13. People have been predicting an African winner since the 80's. Back then my opinion was 'won't happen - too indisciplined'. I have still seen nothing to change that opinion. Prone to too much hotheadedness in the cauldron of the worlds largest sporting event. Can't see it happening for a good while yet. Personally I'll be having some on Brazil and Argentina and a saver on France just in case the quarrelsome surrender monkeys manage to get it together.
  14. Fair point R - they always seem to get it right for the big ones. I am willing to take the risk this time though.
  15. Yep, they must be favourites. If they don't win it, it must be Argentina or France. France will probably fuck it up again with infighting about the consistency of breakfast croissants or the correct temperature to serve cassoulet.
  16. Yes, 2-1 if I remember correctly. Not good memories of the Zulu Warriors from that game.
  17. VAR has reached a point where it has to be ditched. How does it take three and a half minutes to award a goal when every single one of us knew from one replay that it was a goal without any doubt? Ruining games and denying us of some stellar moments for the sake of half a fucking millimetre. Ludicrous. The World Cup will be shit anyway. VAR will just add an extra layer and it won't be glitter. Looks like the US, England and Australia are determined to make their protests and FIFA are threatening to severely punish. Should be interesting from this point of view if nothing else. To echo comments of FIFA and the Qatari government, it should be about football and nothing else. Sadly, in FIFA's case, this stance is only when it suits them. Just watch how quickly they revert to telling us all how we should think once their corrupt World Cup is over.
  18. Always a source of intense pleasure. Regarding Villa and Emery however, one swallow does not a girlfriend make. I have a severe lack of knowledge about football (as the great one has highlighted) but I am sure that I heard two blokes in a pub one time discussing something called 'new manager bounce'. I deduced that this was nothing to do with Shore Hardness but rather an opinion that players raise their game to impress a new manager and that often things can regress to a point which is worse than it was before the new manager arrived. Time will tell but never, ever doubt the genius of the master of condescension. If he predicts that Unai Emery will be an abject failure it is certain to come to pass is it not? This weekend I have been very impressed with Arsenal, Napoli and Benfica. All playing out of their skins and consistently paying off for the punters club I am involved with which places doubles bets with a Ladbrokes odds boost every weekend, some midweek league rounds and on most European nights. This coming midweek and next weekend will be the same formula. I wonder how patient the rags will be with Erik ten Months?
  19. Just needs a tee shirt under his playing shirt next PL weekend with either "It's football, not women's football" or "Repatriate Shamima" or similar and make sure he scores for the opportunity to flash the message. He'll be in the squad like a fucking rocket.
  20. I don't want to be reminded of mine. We were relegated from the First Division with grown men openly weeping all around me. Could have put me off football for life - my old man was visibly upset. Instead, I thought that anything that could move men to such an extent must be fucking fantastic. So it has proved.
  21. FFS, the levels of FIFA hypocrisy know no bounds. Apparently they have just released a statement saying the it is the football which should be concentrated on in Qatar and not 'social and political' issues. Asking for restraint on any sort of demonstration of these issues (read 'virtue signalling') and concentration on sport. Mind boggling hypocrisy. They have been trumpeting these issues (racism, homophobia, sexism etc.) for years but now, as their corrupt decision to award a World Cup to Qatar looks like it might blow up in their faces, it's 'sport without politics please' (as it always should be IMO) all of a sudden. I hope it's a shambles for FIFA, the FA and its puppet woefully under achieve and Infantino has to resign in shame. I have always looked forward to World Cups with increasing excitement as they got closer. Not this time - couldn't give a fuck in truth but I will be watching hoping for a debacle which will embarrass FIFA.
  22. I am undertaking a review of my PR policy. Something is out of flunter somewhere.
  23. bolty58

    Oxford H

    Black Sheep does have a point though. Many great teams who became habitual winners had a midfield enforcer (thinking Vieira, McMahon, Keane etc.). We had a few at our zenith. How can we tempt Granit Xhaka away from north London? Maybe when the Swiss take over? Got to be the best one around at the moment and a large part of the Arsenal revival. Also has the best christian name in the game.
  24. bolty58

    Oxford H

    Always looked a tough game on paper. Depressing result. Ah well, we go again.
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