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  1. Never look forward to this fixture. Any sort of a win and I'd be happy. I'd even settle for a draw (probably).
  2. I'm in trouble then. He was in a lower year at BCGS
  3. It has just got down to the serious lesbo action in the second last episode so keep watching.
  4. No bulldog tattoo and you didn't wind me up. The most loyal of the loyal will always be my preference to be successful up there but you knew that anyway. Still a way to go to catch up to the lot who should be in the League Of Ireland but the gap will close this season.
  5. Agree on that last sentence. With their huge support, the big two would eventually stabilise in the premier league but it could take 3-5 years of receiving the TV money etc. The question is - who the fuck would want them there? Bedlam every week treating every away game as the old type invasion of Wembley. Be a fucking nightmare for clubs policing bills etc. The football gulf is currently gigantic. Can't see that changing for the foreseeable future. I watched it on BBC Scotland down here. Did I hear correctly that Villa had spent 90M quid in the off season whereas the Hibees had spent just over a million?
  6. Nobody would have been surprised surely? Looked like Villa went easy on them to my eye. Expect Villa will play a lot of their reserves at Villa Park and still would not surprise if they wallop 'em again. The local TAB down here offered close to 1/2 ($1.48 actually) for a Villa win. Account emptied on it. Money for jam. Price ended up $1.24 and even that was generous.
  7. Yes, I had heard a similar tale. Sacks of cinders was one story.
  8. I'm on it mate 😉 I'll advise the working title by February.
  9. Can't argue about the winners. Best team by some way in that game. I suppose the thrashing by Japan was just an anomaly and it was Spain who actually grew into the competition. Silly bloody flatdicks. Wiegman out (and take that clown Southgate with you).
  10. Yes, me. According to my great grandad, it was based on the fact the we served pigs trotters at games rather than pies etc. which every other club seemed to do. Visiting fans reputedly used to say 'I'm off for some trotters' when they were heading to Bolton. I would never doubt Ike for a second although I am sure some smartarse will be eagerly seeking an alternative explanation.
  11. So you don't agree with me? I don't think I'll ever get over this.
  12. Was at a family function keeping track of the score. Get over it, get back on the horse and get revenge at their place. That should be the mindset.
  13. You miss the obvious trends in virtually every World Cup we have ever seen. It's about timing. England have hit peak form at a perfect juncture. Spain have peaked too early in my opinion. If you can't remember West Germany winning it in 1974 after losing to East Germany you can certainly recall the most recent winners being less than convincing in the early games. They didn't struggle against the three you mention. Just didn't thrash them. Perfect. I can see Spanish tiki taka being trumped by power and pace. We shall see. The comment about Australia is utter nonsense as well you know.
  14. Excellent use of vocabulary sir - I will forego the opportunity to label you 'ageist' - especially as you seem to be getting your rocks off with 'mysogynist' these days. Oft curmudgeonly, fleetingly mellifluous. C'est moi
  15. Me. Part of our identity.
  16. Owd on FFS. Not 'Bearcats', 'Horned Frogs' or 'Razorbacks'. Wanderers due to the search for a home. Trotters because of a foodstuff synonymous with a visit to a BWFC game. Hardly comparable. With this in mind, happy to accept Luton Town being the 'Clangers', Middlesbrough the 'Steamers', Bury the 'Black Puddings' and Blackburn the 'Chickens'. Satisfied now?
  17. Apology accepted (I'll be watching). Still await the apology for the Bulgarian/Macedonian border turd photo though.
  18. Then we disagree. The RL teams jumped on this American idea to sex up their minority sport and it has spread. A bit like a preference for the names Zane, Dion and Hunter over Jack, Tom and Algernon. Pitiful.
  19. Assume you must mean fans? Villa will fucking pan them as far as football is confirmed.
  20. bolty58


    Good luck to them. Vital trade partner. The red rags may fuck this up once they get in.
  21. First two sentences - understand/agree with. Last one, double take WTF moment. If we secessionists ever get our way there'll be none of this green and gold, sandpapered underhand ball nonsense. Queensbury rules, union flag, three lions dominion of Britain set up.
  22. Found it to be excellent. These guys stay pretty grounded amidst all of the razzamatazz, money and adulation. Probably most impressed with Cousins (from a Packer main rival and seemingly a bit of a religious nutjob!). Just seems a really down to earth good person/nice bloke. Enjoyed it - just wish I could get every series of QB1 - Beyond The Lights. Only number one so far - can't get two and three which is a shame.
  23. Any win will do. Undeserved penalty in the 96th minute, hits both posts and then trickles over the line by a millimetre after hitting the goalkeepers arse. Four wins to start our season will be good enough for me.
  24. Have to agree. Hemp was enormous in that game. Impressive energy levels. Even the keepers weren't too hapless.
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