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  1. Correct. With a constant flow of common sense. Haven't you got serious adhesion problems to be concentrating on? The Cyanoacrylate Kid.
  2. Drum roll............... here he is! It was only a matter of time. FFS, you remind me of that boring cunt on Early Doors who endlessly talks about traffic diversions.
  3. Can you please leave the Pork Marketing Board references to the one trick pony. Cheers.
  4. Oh do fuck off. You know full well that I'm right. He needs to concentrate on what he is amply paid to do. Sadly, as they say these days, he just doesn't have the minerals as has become clear in recent games and glaringly obvious in a major international final. If you're so fucking obsessed with all of these minority issues rather than what is important to the overwhelming majority then become another London Wanderer, research transport hubs/methods and invest in some super glue FFS.
  5. Exactly. He should be concentrating on football, not telling folk what to think. "Those who don't support the taking of the knee are on the losing side" Who is on the losing side now Southgate?
  6. Yes but the one they really pap on about endlessly is the game vs Italy and the dodgy penalty. Just for balance, they regularly smile when the Hand Of God incident comes up. File them under nobheads with the rest of the England dislikers.
  7. Southgate out! Get a football man in instead of a sycophantic FA yes man. Fuck off into politics. That's where you belong.
  8. What's bugging me is who I knew (other than your good self) who also knew them. SW, the LA White for one. Think another may have been the son of a former club secretary. Not asked him yet.
  9. It was a BT Sports Film mate. I know it's on Youtube as my lad watched it on there. Up there with the best football documentaries I have ever seen if not the best. Well worth the effort.
  10. Conte is a genius. Spurs will be a major threat next time around. If we are having a 'second team' then it would be them. The Muamba incident, similar colours to BWFC plus I am a great admirer of Conte for his tactical genius and pure passion. I would be happy to see them win the whole thing. My disdain for Arsenal would make it even better.
  11. In 2006, they had a lot of players who were doing well in the Premier League and around Europe (Viduka, Kewell, Cahill. Emerton, Lucas Neill etc.). This time it's cart horses from the A League. They have no fucking hope and I am only sad that we didn't draw them as I would love to have absolutely trounced them in a meaningful game as I still have cunts reminding me of the 'greatest win in world football history' when they they beat Sven, Sven ,Sven's England at Upton Park 3-1 when the daft Scandinavian twat changed the entire team at half time. The Perth Glory Shed still sing about that result. Yes, it fucking well irks me.
  12. I couldn't hold it in any longer. On the day you said you thought I was a top lad. Last time I buy you half a dozen pints or so you fucking ingrate.
  13. Doh! Well at least it means I will get good coverage of the WC and there will be the schadenfreude of seeing them fail miserably They will be overpoweringly optimistic at the start (they still argue that they were cheated out of winning the World Cup in 2006) and then the hype will reduce to a point that if their last game is a dead rubber, no one will even want to mention football. It is then that I will engage hyperdrive and stuff it right up 'em!
  14. Must just be me. Dickhead or otherwise, being so far away from home, meeting a fellow Boltoner really means something. Bolton til I die.
  15. No mate, I'm a Tonge Moor lad meself. Think these lads are more out towards Atherton but could be wrong. S & B.
  16. Wasn't sure which one to put this in. Out for the evening power walk along the southern Spanish coast and pass a couple of lads and thought 'hang on a minute, I recognise these two'. Stopped and said 'Ow do'. Twin brothers who I remembered way back from the Lever End days. The T twins. I am sure some on here will know them (or of them). Goes without saying a good chat about BWFC past, present and future. Even the subject of LA White came up.
  17. I actually feel for the players having to play in this comp. I know there'll be talk of 'World Cup preparations' but FFS, they seem to play all year round now. Burnout has to be an issue.
  18. Is it just me or did anyone else find Grealish and Sterling to be ineffective?
  19. He'd be a fucking liability in court. He needs to re-read who actually watched BGT. Thick as mince. I note he didn't dispute the figures. Ignoring or disrespecting the views of a different section of society is what lost them the Brexit vote.
  20. Thanks for allowing me to read that worthless turds comments.
  21. Words from a kindred spirit here in Spain nail it for me. "Sometimes I thank my lucky stars that I no longer reside in the UK. I am now fully aware that should I ever go back, I would probably be arrested and behind bars before I even got out of the airport. This week I had lunch with friends from London who were born and bred there. They told me that they have almost completely ceased to socialise, particularly with younger people, because they invariably say something out of place which causes 'offence'. However innocuous the subject, they said it is now almost impossible to just what you can freely voice and what you can't. One example was their innocent comment on one of the contestants on Britain's Got Talent - "Oh, I do hope that little blind girl wins, she was so talented" one friend remarked kindly. Big mistake! One of the party, hackles visibly rising, remarked crossly "Why do find it necessary to mention her infirmity in reference to her?" "Oh, errr, sorry, I meant to say the little girl with the long hair, wearing the red outfit with the white shoes that sang.." Give us a break FFS! He then goes on about the Invictus Games where overcoming disabllities are actually trumpeted as a cause for celebration and admiration and rightly so. The part which really grabbed my attention: I was interested in a recent YouGov poll which published figures regarding peoples conception of the percentage of minorities that reside in the UK. The findings were extraordinary. 1,800 people were randomly asked how many people in the UK were transgender. Roughly 5% of the population from the responses. True figure - 0.3%. When asked how many adults were white, 'roughly 65%'. It is actually 87%. Those questioned estimated that black Britons numbered roughly 20% of the population. Wrong, it is 3%. Gay and Lesbian number 1.3% and 1.8% respectively. The Common Sense Campaign deduced quite rightly that "this distorted impression by much of the media broadcasting and on line media who are so out of tune with the facts they are utterly befuddling the people as to the true make up and character of Britain'. Cheers Mr. Lee. I couldn't have said it better myself.
  22. Brothers In Football. The story of Corinthian Casuals in London being the 'father' of Brazilian giants Corintians. Best football documentary I think I have ever seen. What those plumbers, bricklayers and painters must have felt being welcomed by 30,000 people at Sao Paulo airport and playing in front of a packed stadium must have been indescribable. Thousands of Brazilians making the pilgrimage to Corinthian Casuals home games too. Skriking in a bar in a demountable in some muddy English field at the realisation that they are visiting where it all started for their club. Brilliant documentary.
  23. Yes, and it was me again. I apologise once again
  24. What fol-de-rol. At least you didn't represent yourself as the poster boy for the British Pork Marketing Board again.
  25. Have a like mate. A very reasoned response.
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