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  1. Hello Caruthers. You wouldn't be owt to do with this lot would you:- Retired Field Marshall Ponsonby-Smythe "I say old chap, heard anything of old Caruthers lately?" Ex Rear Admiral Farquharson "Last I heard, he was living up the Orinoco with a gorilla" Ponsonby-Smythe " Really! Male or female?" Farquharson "Female. Nothing queer about old Caruthers!" Only asking......... BOLTY Clean living under difficult circumstances.
  2. Bowton lad here at footy training last night made me laugh. Hadn't heard it sin I left Bolton in '88. "Watch out for that barkers egg lad!" Pis*ed mi sen.............
  3. Cheers Traf! But the't reet. I was a skint b*stard too. A Lever End skin buying his first record in his mid bleedin' teens. All the money I had went on Docs, Ben Shermans etc. Got mi music fix at the Bolton Palais, not at home. What a place that was. Met the missus there.
  4. Lant - pi*s thrown on t'lawn out o't pisspopt kept under t'bed. Apparently helped create a nice green lawn. Funny that eh?
  5. Earliest I remember was Na Na Na Hey Hey - Steam. Anybody know the year? Forgotten (owd bastard).
  6. Thanks Maggie. WTH - get stuffed yerself yer 2 headed Chemic bastid. Dunno what all them blanks from me were about (firing blanks? Jaffa58?) Bit of a Luddite me tha knows. Maybe the half carton of Becks didn't help..
  7. Anybody knows what 'lant' means? Ask thi gran.
  8. Gutted this thread was not about that fine bunch of warriors - Warbies Mob who used to wreak havoc on the Embankment for years. Great memories of a Man U - Leeds FAC semifinal where they sorted out allcomers and that superb banner they used to string along the back of the embankment "Freddie Hill Alias God" Happy days.
  9. If one of you kind souls could confirm which series of Shameless you are up to it would be greatly appreciated (i.e. is there a series 3?). Considering changing my login to ''Invisible Man"then back to bolty58 after I have reached the milestone of 500 posts.............
  10. That's it lads. Thy's geet mi dander up. I am getting on to the BWFC chief scout down here to find out what the fcuk he's playing at. Surely he can find summat better than a 3rd Division dago. Having said that, last time we ended up with that famed Melbourne bank robbery getaway driver Mr. Con Boutsianos. Only ever played in the reserves, right?
  11. Just for 1958's sake (I am sure the rest already know):- Flunter = plumb (as in "call yerself a bricklayer? It's a fcukin' mile out o'flunter") Mugwump = Gobshite (mongtard in wanderersways speak) Fanackapan = Wotsisname Gamp = Umbrella Sniff. Makes me long for the old country................
  12. Shameless by a fukn mile. Just seen series 2 here. Are you lot on series 3?
  13. Bleedin' ell 1958, what the fcuk was all that about? Clouseau fan are we?
  14. Flunter. Mugwump. Fanackapan. Gamp. Regulars in Tun Moor and Tun Fowt in't 60's and 70's liiiiike..........
  15. At the Rugby World Cup semifinal, we were singing at the Froggies (to the tune of LeMarsellaise) You have a yellow streak right down yer back and yer tanks go in reverse, You surrendered to the Germans in ONE and TWO World Wars, You were frightened of Saddam Hussein but we helped our mates the yanks out. March off to save yer skins March off to save yer cars March off, march off and stick your baguettes Right up yer fcukin ar*e. Surprisingly, it did not go down to well.
  16. Colchester at home and any 2 of Manure, Chelsea and Liverpool drawn against each other. That'll do nicely.
  17. Is Nakata a conehead? Looks like one.
  18. Dunno if English goths are different from the ones we have down here but, if they're the same, they all want to be dead by the age of 25. What's the problem then? Only a matter of waiting.
  19. What a bleedin time to go out for me. 4am in the morning, we've just dumped the gooners out of the FA Cup. Wife asleep. Son asleep. Fcukin' dog shat himself and me dancing round the house like a bell end. No way to let off steam with site down.
  20. Just for the record, my recent arrival has fcuk to do with that flag. Former Wanderers player tipped me the nod. No names of course but the older end will know straight away. Scored a screaming 30 yarder against Sheff Utd (at the Lever End) early 70's. On the subject of flags - don't know if the Wanderersways one will be at the World Cup but watch out for one with Perth Royals WA across the middle (England football/cricket/rugby emblems in three of the quadrants). Me and my Spurs/Man U/Coventry/Reading and Rangers mates. Easy to find. just watch for the teargas canisters going off. What a result last night. Those Gooners must fcuking hate us. Brilliant
  21. Seems I'm with Homerjay and Mick - 100% Bolton. Just wonderin'where got the travel bug from.
  22. All over t'place but mainly the Trotters for me. Strippers up stairs and many a fine time when the away specials came in. Funny thing is - never any hassles with Millwall. Used to pop in for a swifty then high tail it to the Wood St Social Club! Kind of squalor they were used to them days I suppose.
  23. Tell yer what Northy, we had one of the toughest firms around in the early 70's. No doubt a number of you will remember regular mayhem against Sheff U, Leicester, Brum, Derby and Hull? One of the lads I knew from my home street in Tonge Moor (Tintern Avenue) was done for tw*tting a Leics fan with a half house brick whilst on a stretcher being carried by two St. Johns after being stabbed! Any of you remember a particular match v. Hull when 6 Lever Enders cleared a couple of hundred Hull fans out of the Lever End about an hour before the game? I can name all 6 (but won't for obvious reasons). A few years later one died of leukemia (RIP mate - never forgotten); one became a top helicopter pilot for the Navy; one is a sports reporter with a newspaper; one runs a bearing suppliers in the Bolton area; ones a big wheel in the printing business and one moved to Perth. Great days. Football too sanitised now.
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