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  1. The key part. Rather than 'kick and rush' I would use the term 'high pace, high energy'. It's what has shebeens in Guguletu and opium dens in Afghanistan packed out at game times. It is also what has caused tens of millions of replica shirts to be regularly on show in China. 'Kick and rush' does it a massive disservice.
  2. bolty58


    There you go again with that common sense. He only has that one word in his arsenal and no doubt gets a huge kick every time he gets the opportunity to use it. You kick him first.
  3. As others have said, Bayern win virtually everything every year in Germany. It was only really a 3 way fight in Italy for a long time so one more than the PL. Madrid seemed to have it sewn up well before the seasons end in Spain. I think you're influenced by the shadow cast across Stanley Park. Yes we have a City and Liverpool fight at the moment but I suggest that it would be unwise to think this will be year in, year out. Spurs are on the rise as are the Geordies and Boehly and Co. won't be fucking about at Chelsea. The weight of money won't just be in the hands of two clubs and that will stir things up a bit I suspect. Not sure that Howe can mix it with the likes of Tuchel, Klopp, Guardiola and Conte mind but time will tell.
  4. I'd be interested to know which you see as stronger overall at the moment? Not Spain or Italy. Bundesliga? Don't think so. All of these top line managers in the PL at the moment (Conte, Klopp, Pep etc.) say the PL is the toughest and that there are no easy games. There seem to be a lot of easybeats in Spain, Italy, Germany and France these days.
  5. We shall see. Some of us lived through a long period of 3 European competitions and no one looks back at winning the Cup Winners Cup (Chelsea twice, Arsenal, Spurs, Man City, West Ham, DMB's, Everton, Rangers Aberdeen) or even the Inter Cities Fairs Cup (Leeds, Newcastle, Arsenal) as worthless. You are displaying European Super League tendencies.
  6. ...and we are all entitled to one. Mine is that I saw history being made last night - in more ways than one.
  7. Has anyone on here actually said that? If so, they should lay off the hallucinogens. There isn't a league anywhere in the world at the moment which is even a millimetre above the Premier League by whatever yardstick you care to measure it with. They are all a way behind from what I can see. Doesn't mean to say that watching a different style of football to the pace and power of PL football can't be enjoyable. The cat and mouse game of Southern Europe can be fascinating in its own way.
  8. I would give my left arm to see BWFC win it. Third tier poverty league my arse. Leicester couldn't win it and they came 5th and 8th respectively in the last two PL seasons. Hang on, I'd forgotten that you no longer identify yourself as a Bolton fan. As a glory hunting failed quadruple bandwagon jumper, maybe I do see your point.
  9. The Special One does it again. Please for the lad. Made history once more.
  10. Has anyone other than me and stekbwfc ever turned up for one? Waste of time although they do seem to lead to a reet good piss up. Organising it for the back yard of the Three Crowns was probably a smart move on someone's part. Lifted the atmosphere
  11. Everyone is entitled to their opinion sir. Yours is different to mine.
  12. Aye, sadly they proved your point at Wembley not too long ago.
  13. On the Klopp v Pep thing I'd take Pep every time. Klopp is a very nice guy. Nice guys often come second. I believe that Guardiola has more killer instinct and it is only a matter of time til they win the one they crave. Haaland may well prove to have been the missing link.
  14. In the 70's they had a great team with the likes of Romeo 'Smiling Assassin' Benetti, Franco Causio, Marco Tardelli, Zoff, Bettega etc. I enjoyed going watching them when I got chance. Unfortunately the Agnelli's and FIAT are bent bastards and there is a list of proven cheating against them (bribing referees etc) which devalues anything they have achieved. They became Italy's equivalent of those dirty red bastards up the road so hope they continue to go without silverware for as long as possible.
  15. Aye, the Fuorigrotta is something else when full. First time I ever went was in 1977 in the middle of the 'off' season. Deserted stadium with grass very long and loons driving around the stadium in Fiat 500's with the roof rolled back waving flags and chanting. In the middle of the closed season! When it comes to fanaticism, they are in a different league.
  16. WTF has got into these morons recently? Idiots attaching opposition players and coaches will only result in the fun Police sanitising the game even more to the cost of all us.
  17. Fair point. Obviously the family over there identify as Campanians and see Napoli as the flagship for the region. Local rival yes but they would all love Napoli to get there eventually instead of having to self award the spoof 'Campione del Sud' scudetto most years. Of course, they only do this to wind up the northern giants and the two Roman clubs and it works a treat!
  18. Wife's family in a state of delirium. They can't quite believe it. Keep seeing their banner (Torriones) at the Arechi when the games are shown. Only a few weeks back they were resigned to Serie B next season. Over there in 4 weeks - they'll still be fucking celebrating! Dread to think what the atmosphere will be like in the Alba di Luna bar with a few of the GSF (Granata South Force). Expecting a few hangovers!
  19. Aye, candle light vigil as well. Thank fuck they can't now get the quad, we would never have heard the end of it. I don't even think they'll get the treble.
  20. They like hairy buggers in Germany
  21. Be interesting to see if they can pick themselves up for the weekend. Jambo's must be rubbing their hands. Couldn't have gone better from their point of view.
  22. Aaah, cheers mate. I have known R for a number of years now. Great lad but from time to time I have to rise to it to make it worth his while
  23. Have I missed something?
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