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  1. Go away in a copulatory fashion Wahid.
  2. As is always the case it seems, you could not be more wrong. My favourite tipple isn't Australian. Silly boy.
  3. Oh dear. How sad. What a shame.
  4. You suffer from achromatopsia eh? Blue and green. Go and sleep it off son. An alka seltzer and a couple of Panadols in the morning and you'll be right. For me right now it's 'bon appetit'.
  5. And, it seems, you are losing your mind. You've been in the Aldi liquor store and partaken of todays specials as your Friday night treat again haven't you? I'm off for my full English now pal. Back in a few hours.
  6. So you didn't answer the question. Deep down, I know that you are a very confused individual.
  7. No. I have no problem with 'brown folk'. It seems that you and the other virtue signalling zealots who consistently use this term on here do as it must always be at the forefront of your mind. There must be a lot of guilt about past racist behaviour by you lot to explain this obsession? If that weak as piss Biden has decided to bomb a few of Iran's proxies around the Middle East because they are fucking with the worlds economy then fair enough. I don't really care what colour of their skin is. Just bomb the cunts and then bomb them again to make sure. One has to consider one's own hip pocket nerve.
  8. Didn't bother with the rest of your hissy fit diatribe. I just wanted to ask a question on the above. Are you sure?
  9. She would have to pay me a lot more than that.
  10. You know full well this is not true. You are making it up. Most Leavers I listened to used terms similar to 'short term pain for long term gain'. There's been a worldwide epidemic in the meantime which I suspect none of you will freely acknowledge as an obstacle to progress. Rather than concentrating on the lie that 'an immediate return' was promised, why don't you concentrate on the absolute lies the remain side concocted about immediate disaster or have I missed something and you are all living in tents and accessing the net by candlelight?
  11. Good man. More of this is needed from the glassbacks, wastrels and moaners.
  12. No you didn't. You escaped an overbearing bureaucracy.
  13. And you think it will be any different when the hypocrites are in power? That would be a first.
  14. Don't put words into my mouth mate. Open your fucking eyes and look what is happening all over Europe. On second thoughts, don't bother. Just continue as a von Der Leyen sycophantic Europhile like the other sore losers on here and absolutely refuse to acknowledge any positives whatsoever. Bitterness gets past a point of no return after enough time has passed.
  15. ECHR innit. Get the fuck out then we can turn back the air beds with gunboats.
  16. Still fucking whining. Get over it, you lost. Even Starmer has said 'there's no going back'. Get your shoulder to the wheel and move the UK forward instead of playing with the fluff in your navel and licking what will soon be a decade old wound.
  17. We can bat this back and forward across the net forever and you will repeatedly resort to such sarcasm. Point - none. Waste of fucking time. Quite simple for me. There is a country under threat from virtually all of its neighbours which want to see it cease to exist and "the Jews pushed into the sea". This country has Western values and would behave in a completely civilised way if left alone to simply get on with life. Instead, they have to resort to military and other means to counter such savagery as seen on October 7th. Would that entity have my support or the other one which claims to be part of the 'religion of peace' which has committed the most vicious and bloody massacres all over the world over the last few decades - even in the UK. Simple choice for me. Dismantle the enemies capability. Completely. Pointless discussing with you any further. Truth is, none of us is ever going to change our position.
  18. You've had too much pie crust. Your debacle but you new that didn't you Mr Binary-Choice?
  19. Utter fucking drivel. I hope Israel step it up and finish the job quickly for a number of reasons not least of which is no longer having to read terrorist appeasing sarcasm like this.
  20. Yes, Israel are absolutely not behaving like Hamas did on 7th October. No comparison.
  21. "The same butchery". What the fuck are you on about? I really wish I had the smarts to post the video I have seen about your (apparent) fucking heroes slicing open a pregnant woman. I won't even repeat what came next. Still traumatised. Finish the job no matter what it takes. That will be the mantra no matter what the wets and tacit supporters say. Survival depends on it.
  22. I thought you lot claimed this to be a pejorative term?
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