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  1. Watching it!!!!???? Now come on, be serious. Big Mourinho fan mind so able to find some solace in a little more success for him.
  2. Yes, that's the fella.
  3. You have no fucking idea. Nowt new there then.
  4. 1-0 win at home and then score early at their place will do for me.
  5. So now you are a mind reader eh? You'll be challenging the site superbrain for supremacy soon with all of these ethereal skills. There were undoubtedly some irregularities but I wouldn't mind betting that there are in every election anywhere. Trump should ditch this stuck record IMO as it does not help his cause. Doesn't change the fact that I should be most pleased to see him back. Entertainment value alone for those who it would completely piss off would be enough for me.
  6. No I won't. Go on then. Show me where. Thought not. All of that shite that went on played into the hands of repulsive bastards like Pelosi. They are fucking loons as are The Proud Boys. Pissed off at the latter as I have a black and gold Fred which I don't wear any more as I may be erroneously associated with that lot. Still, you and the other foaming fannies carry on.
  7. As always, very easy (and habitual) to criticise the police force. Of course there will be the odd mistake (only this one, those yellow fuckers from coronation day should have been held for a fortneet just to be sure). We couldn't live our lives without them without toting around an AK47 and a machete. You and your BLM mates must want this?
  8. It was Little Whitt on here and you are right. A good un. Anyone watching Silo? Would suit the sci fi types.
  9. Of course. Trade deal with Australia. Suggestions that the next GE may produce a hung parliament. Wanderers going to Wembley again. All beltin' mate.
  10. ...and yet your avatar suggests otherwise? Unless you mean their actions since the bloc disintegrated? It was even worse before.
  11. You struggle with many things.
  12. Hair growing on the palm of your hands.
  13. Nay lad. Four bowt like we did to Argyle.
  14. Beat me to it. Oddly enough, I had scrubbed the Europa league win with the red shite from my memory banks. Hard to believe eh? Roger, over and out.
  15. Won't change a thing on this occasion. Anyone who doesn't subscribe to the leftie BS just sees this as a never ending witch hunt which has degraded and devalued the US justice system will still vote Trump anyway (if he is the nomination). Let's hope a few more 'middle ground' types see it this way and get him over the line. The entertainment value alone would be fantastic. All that crying into chardonnay. If nothing else, this persistent wave of attacks is a cast iron indicator of how much they fear him.
  16. He's a top lad. One of the few not fooled by the left wing media.
  17. Thought it might be a scam when I first heard about it (SMS from cockney Jeff).
  18. I remember going mental when Franny did that. The galling impudence of it - brilliant! In these wanky woke times he would no doubt be on some sort of charge for doing that - "bringing the game into disrepute" or "behaviour likely to incite violence". The cunts have driven away any real character from the game. Thank fuck BSA is back to inject some colour. The only time I remember going as berserk as that was when Frankie scored that one at Ewood.
  19. The odd thing is, the one's who are putting shite on Italian football are mainly from the anti English brotherhood on here. Flag baggers maybe?
  20. He will have the full set then. Only the World Cup to go with Portugal.
  21. Interesting that you only seem to throw bricks in this direction. You see nothing to criticise from the other side I take it? Personal opinion or being led by the nose by a left leaning media?
  22. So she had deformities did she? Or did she cause him to have deformities? Interesting stuff.
  23. 5 clubs in semi finals of European competition. Give it a rest pal. There's some loons about. I sincerely hope that City and West Ham take two of the three available trophies. If the Italians lift a couple of them there'll be a few eating some humble pie on here. I suspect that they'll get one to save your blushes.
  24. Yep, Big Dennis I think we knew him as. Jumped on the pitch behind the goal celebrating. Coppers came rushing over and the next thing there were helmets flying everywhere and he had one in a headlock and another pinned to the floor by a foot to the throat. Eventful day all round - we had that bouncy end rocking so hard that the edges of the roof seemed to be moving about a yard! Yes, we were in their Kop (and everywhere else) for Sir Rogers debut. An absolute walkover both on the pitch and on the terraces.
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