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  1. Grass roots football clubs got 15 tickets per club for free. I'd hazard a guess we ain't made money on last night
  2. 11.5k West was empty barring the corporate. South and north lower 70% full Say the same for east lower and east upper.
  3. "We've" Picking sides ont jews v muslamic ray guns when your probably from a Bolton district that is mainly C of E or Catholic (back in the day) Let em all blow each other into oblivion and let us have nowt to do with it.
  4. New levels of attendnoncing incoming
  5. Insert spiderman pointing gif. I've had a year off after 27 years of renewals. Not sure I'm coming back. 5 or 6 games a season will do thanks to Ifollow.
  6. I don't even know what you're trying to call here mate. The mrna Vaccines are about as useful as a chocolate tea pot... Battlenips was the best bit of the plandemic
  7. Same amount as flu. And average age of death 82. ALLEGEDLY I'm one of the ones who both of us had to try to work from home whilst having a 2 year old and a 6 year old in tow. Still got PTSD now. No wonder I've gone tinfoil whilst gammons sat in their gardens enjoying the weather having a glass of fizz! 🤣
  8. Players that have took the knee and worn rainbow laces for years. Lead by Southgate. Very much doubt so.
  9. I must admit I've always thought taking your relatives ashes is a bit weird and is always open to you getting some other fuckers remains if some cunt can't be arsed following procedure. Didn't @Breightmet Boy work at one? What's the controls for making sure you aren't scattering some randomers bits over something they couldn't give a fuck about? Get buried. The worst that can happen then is you get your organs harvested in the morgue.
  10. Purple, blue and dark blue represent heavy cummers with poor directional control
  11. Exactly. I'm paying 15 quid for snides from Turkey no bother. 125 quid kits ...fuck right off.
  12. Send it to the alphabet people and it'll be in the flag by summer if there's any space left. Jews who identify as Nazis. Or vice versa.
  13. West upper. They're all dying off now. Least impact to existing fans In all seriousness I'd have been all over this back when I was 20. Now I'm knocking on 40 and can't be arsed going let alone watching the match the idea of standing up all game leaves me cold. It's a young man's game. It's got to be nob head corner or nowhere in my opinion
  14. Like it. Diversity is our strength.
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