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  1. The fact that previous legends are getting old as fuck. Hearing aids are just the noticeable marker that everyone is getting old as fuck. Apologies if it irked you you deaf bastard! 🤣
  2. He's a bit spesh isn't he. Seeing Steve Davis aged as fuck with an hearing aid in and John parrot close behind... He is the only one keeping this game alive.
  3. And it's even worse if it did happen.
  4. What was attendance? Dan and Bod confidence booster. As someone has said already 4 strikers bouncing with confidence going into the busy part of the season... Can't ask for anything more!
  5. Partridge.... 80% Richard Madeley 20% Jeremy Vine It's probably 99% modelled on Madeley but Vine is vying for some relevance
  6. Trinity street station clock tower lookalike?
  7. It's my 6 year old daughter going to a party you degenerate.
  8. If she wasn't here would a mental boltoner stabbed her? Was she mental because she was seeking a better life and realised it's shite in Bolton? Possibly.
  9. Accurate... Nearly. Superb for Dan. Hope he can push on from that and the confidence from a league goal helps him build on to bigger and better things. Still not been to a game since the first home of the season. Today I was wanting to go for the first time since but had prior commitments due to 6 year old girl parties.
  10. Seems as good a thread as any for this...
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