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  1. I saw an old guy driving his porsche, top down, on his own wearing a mask. It rained shortly after so he probably got what he deserved
  2. 64 58 That 'boob curve' on the other one I thought was her back! Fuck me
  3. No but you lurked until you could complain about ticket prices!
  4. Petchy and hutch Never posted on here before (probably) and more vocal about ticket office matters than any of our recent promotion run in. Never seen in battlenips either. If only Gonzo was a mod he could ban em! 🤣
  5. Anyone not happy with pricing can go and watch some cheap local non league football 2 leagues (maybe 3) below BWFC for 3 quid entry including a bag of chips and a reach around of the tea lady and a chance of a half time substitute appearance.... Oh hang on: New Season Ticket Holders Adults £270 Concession £215 18-21s £110 12-17s £65
  6. Top 3 threads on wanderersways currently Religion Politics Snooker Sounds like a Munich flag
  7. That would have made sense if it was the last ever. They surely can't leave it on this. That just made it guaranteed another series IMHO.
  8. I sold my pension into cash when covid hit Italy and markets tanked and bought back in 3 weeks later when American stimulus was touted. With delays in selling I cut out about 20 days of horrific red. But even if you didn't have 'the vision' like moi.... markets have rebounded like fuck since mid march 2020. Sitting in cash at present is fucking mental. Dollars / pounds everything getting printed into oblivion Every spare penny I get when I get paid is going into investments at the moment.
  9. Probably more accurate
  10. Was there and back in a day. Went down Wigan to London 7am train. Again, usually packed full of business types and was empty. It's sight seeing only as all the 'attractions' are shut.
  11. @Big E Anyway for anyone who hates London because its full of cunts and tourists... Get to London now for all your sightseeing needs. Most enjoyable. Hardly any cunt there.
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