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  1. He was a shining light loanee in a Keith Hill side.
  2. Probably frequenting brass houses on his lunch break and smelling his fingers of an afternoon. He was one of my favourite ever posters on here. He was probably just a pre incarnation of Rudy
  3. Reebok offer £80k token gesture. Uni of Bolton renew at £50k Carrs narrowly miss out with £75k Sgi take £100k consulting fee.
  4. Missing it. Daughters birthday Nathan Blake and Gudni doing the corporate lounges too...
  5. ... and he's not been since we were 19th in league 2
  6. Southgate just sang 'God Save OUR King' Send him to the tower...
  7. Yeah. I know. But we've seen both playing for us. Who would you rather...
  8. Productive Saturday. 👍 I didn't watch but I reckon Charles has got to get in ahead of fucking macgennis soon enough.
  9. Away games are different gravy though aren't they. Standard home match day I suspect most go home and have to sort of blend into normal family life for a Saturday evening after 6 Madri watching us piss the league. Maybe it's just me.
  10. Not for me. Starting on the ale at 1.30 for a few pre match and powering through til later in the evening is possible. Starting at half 11... No chance.
  11. Same here. Having league games between internationals is either going to be amazing or absolutely horse shit. I'm erring on the latter given everyone but Scotland have qualified for this world Cup
  12. Big Shaq's Reebok shack 25 years in we're too far gone for any meaningful non sponsor name that will persist beyond each naming rights deal. Middlebrook / reebok or 'the ground' aside. Get Reebok back. If it doesn't happen it's Neil's fault. We'll be spending more money updating the m61 signs every other year than we'll be taking in from any deal.
  13. Ignore all this. My stream is delayed! 🤣
  14. This game is being played as a dead rubber from us. We can eek a win or point out of Leeds kids and sacrifice a win here... Reckon that's why we've gone 10 changes to give game time to some squad members that need it against decent opposition. I think evatt has underestimated these tramps though.
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