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  1. Johnny come lately. Though he's been about since 2006 But has had 1000 posts in 15 years. Take from that what you will...
  2. I've done the A50 a few times recently... You deserve a knighthood... 🤣
  3. There was plenty of complaining. Having to go down at 30 mins to guarantee a pint when we had 25k on week in week out.. Yep. Turned us over. 2 goals in quick succession then sit back.
  4. I don't wish it on any club really. Derby have overspent big time trying to get into the prem over the past 8 years or so. Our spending to stay in the prem probably pales into insignificance in comparison... But... Derby aren't the only ones, they are the tip of the iceberg.
  5. Wahey! 🤣 I've heard we've sold more than Man City this weekend. 80k on. Don't trust the official capacity. Its a tax dodge This generations Blackburn away.... Int 80s or 70s or whenever the fuck it was.
  6. I just checked... Less than 19k on for the forest staying up game. Peterborough promotion was 22500 Reckon we'll be somewhere between them. Cash turnstile in the South is all well and good but it's more stewards, another bar to open etc. So you can see why they'd want to fill the other 3 stands first.
  7. Nothing to see here just one guy and 5 tubes of crisps in a 5kg bag... 🤣
  8. Yeah. When I bring the kids we bring a small rucksack rammed full of snacks and drinks. You'll probably get asked to show the contents of it so don't slip in cans of super strength lager!
  9. 20k plus would be amazing. That would be Peterborough / forest levels...
  10. Guess the attendance...
  11. It was. I don't think we got anywhere near there during our troubles. Best we got in LOV was "there's no quiz today because the microphone and PA system has been repossessed" Or a guy who had brought his wife and 2 lads for his sons birthday, paid probably 200 for the privilege only to find out catering wasn't on when he turned up so had to go to KFC on middlebrook and bring it in to the LOV! 🤣
  12. Yeah I think so. Kayne woolery scored for us IIRC Then we lost. It was August but by full time it was fucking Baltic.
  13. Blackpool getting 11k? Fair fucks. When we played them in the early rounds of the EFL cup a few years back they barely had 300 on. No advertising hoardings. Hardly any home fans and 2 completely closed stands. Was bleak. Bolton sold out and still fucking lost! 🤣
  14. I won't lose sleep over it. Could deffo do it in league 1 but maybe evatt doesn't see the desire in him that he needs in some of the others. Gotta trust it. It's now working. But he spent 2 years training under Hill. I'd be wondering what the fuck I was doing with my life after that too. All the best Ali.
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