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  1. Congratulations pal. My dad retired last year and he's had a fucking great year doing next to fuck all and if he needs to do jobs around the house he does it at his own pace... He's redone the whole house. Can't settle into doing fuck all after grafting since he was 15.
  2. Does manc not do flights into Norwich anymore? Fly maybe put paid to that
  3. stevieb


    Looking at our start... Stick it on after 6 games
  4. Aye. I will deffo be bringing my lad to at least one league night game before school starts. He did the pizza cup one last year but they kicked off at 7.
  5. stevieb


    Still, cheaper than lockdown ones ale count so you're already £8600 up
  6. Has Marc Iles got a free holiday out of it? Raging
  7. stevieb

    7:45 kick off

    As someone who walks to the game this will make minimum impact to me. I also suspect its a 25 year old "problem" that has been spouted again and again by people that wouldn't have turned up on a Tuesday if they got a lift in a Rolls Royce, a free Carrs pastie and noshed off by Sharon. Attendances will tell... megsonsmillions JCLs
  8. I don't. No signal up at the stadium regardless of network 👀 Am I right!
  9. Aye. Danny Guthrie. Bankrupt this week. It's a fucking sponsor bar it being a sport brand from the town who also manufacture the kit... What would you want. Even the highly coveted reebok made the Shittest kit known to the game in the sports bra yellow effort
  10. I reckon that's the most fun you can have as a fan of a non prem mainstay. Would get boring eventually but it's better than being Rochdale.
  11. Of course not. Went down the local astro turf today with my 9 year old lad for a kick about. Picked his mate up who lives about 60 seconds walk away from the park in the car. I was in nets... Had me thinking at his age I was on bike rides miles away and setting fires in the woods and probably robbing car badges (maybe that was later) We don't let the cunt leave the house on his own now and he's 9... Its properly mental.
  12. Done. They're mad lads these days aren't they. Editing videos and creating their own content for the world at at 7 years old. I could just about switch on a SNES at the same age.
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