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  1. What do we do after Christmas then?
  2. Out of interest when did you last get your prostate checked
  3. You don't have to prove you've had the flu vaccine to get into places though. Yet.
  4. There's 40 thousand or so for each vaccine that are double blind trials based on batch number. So some had placebos and some different doses of the vaccine. So some people who agreed to the trial are walking about double vaccinated but have had two placebos They have to go back to the placebo folk and ask if they want the actual vaccine when the trial concludes. Nadim has said they will still class as double vaccinated anyway. Scroll to the question from Rupa Huq https://hansard.parliament.uk/Commons/2021-07-22/debates/1A0B8C05-9AC1-4EBF-8D1C-C1B35D0C12F7/Covid-19Update
  5. Ronnie I don't know what you are on about but please send me a link to where you are at...
  6. Ill add to this... When I was at uni they were offering 1300 quid for medical trials for a weekend away. That was 26 gram... And I refused! 🤣
  7. I do get that and i haven't got anything about anyone getting the vaccine. Never not stopping that. But why would people who don't want it have their freedoms restricted for something that is, in essence, still a trial drug. It doesn't make any sense whatsoever.
  8. 🤣 Thank fuck someone agrees! 👍
  9. Agree. MMR isn't only on emergency use authorization though. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/regulatory-approval-of-pfizer-biontech-vaccine-for-covid-19/conditions-of-authorisation-for-pfizerbiontech-covid-19-vaccine https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/regulatory-approval-of-covid-19-vaccine-astrazeneca/conditions-of-authorisation-for-covid-19-vaccine-astrazeneca So you are up for mandating people take a vaccine for a virus they probably aren't at any sort of risk for to go about their daily lives. I think that's fucked up reall
  10. Share the link. I need some new tinfoil to laugh at! Best one I've heard recently is we're being primed by the media for a fake alien invasion.
  11. Was totally logical when a negative test could also be used as proof you don't have Covid. When it's double vaccinated only (negative test now not permissable) , even though you can still transmit the virus with double vaccination, it isn't logical. It then creates divide between those who can't or don't want to have the vaccination. Luckily Chris Green is fighting this. Hope it gets defeated and people are still allowed a choice whether to be vaccinated or not. Quite a good balanced read on it here from a think tank https://www.instituteforgovernment.org.uk/expla
  12. Well 'tinfoilers' were. 😉 I saw the loons banging on about it. 🤣 And here we are. Whether the earth is flat and Hitler is hiding out in a deep underground antarctic lair organ harvesting trafficked kids that trump is about to expose will have to wait for another day. But vax pass they've got right.
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