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  1. Fucking hell do you like your balls being clamped! Missed 2004 to 2013 and started coming back after we started the decline.
  2. Old man piss, bovril and werthers all butter bastards
  3. If Charles is off I'm getting my local paper compo face on as I've just got Charles 10 on the back of my lads shirt.
  4. Was thinking about this. The generation of bloke pundits now retiring or being pushed out probably needed to keep on working in that game to some degree to keep money rolling in. Conversely the top level retirees of the last 5 or 10 years will probably be thinking "fuck that for a 100k a year" So you've got dead beat blokes who have spunked their cash in casinos or on divorces or just weren't that good anyway that no one wants to listen to or championship players that no one knows or cares about so sky don't go down that road. Sky have probably got some box ticking quota on the go with the amount of womans elite (but at the time non professional) footballers now retired trying to make a name for themselves and a few extra quid in the same way the blokes did who retired in the 80s and early 90s. Either way they're all 99% shit.
  5. Fucking AFC Helmand. Cost me a fortune them cunts
  6. Villa took 1500 to watch their u23s in the papa John's against some no marks last season. Though suspect some of that would have been ticking off new ground and Charlie big potato super fan points collecting.
  7. Boltoncelona We're playing tiki taka They haven't got a pot to piss in.
  8. It'll depend if they chuck their kids out. I'd have our "2nd string" doing any teams at this stage.
  9. My mate did same twice! East lower. Old cunts with cataracts on their way out gets mistaken as lazy Racism!
  10. Stevie Gs villa away at a lower league stadium that was made for prem cameras. I'd be surprised if we weren't the tele pick. Super fan points for those in attendance!
  11. If you put that in colour and phitoshopped (insert an Everton players name) on the players face it could be modern day. Maybe less fans these days.
  12. It really is mental how far we've come in such a short space of time. Connor Bradley is class too. Surprised he brought him on but he didn't disappoint. Same with Dapo. Game put to bed like that I'd have thought he'd give the young ens more of a run out but Evatt must hate Neville as much as all of us! 🤣
  13. *daughters* toenails Don't miss half the context
  14. I took it off Sky when we beat them 2-0 in November 2020. Saved it. Will be wheeled out at any given opportunity
  15. Good game that. Last season we had baptiste and some cloggers then brought on that dwarf Mitchell Henry. The squad depth we have now is immense. Wemberlee!
  16. I'd take Dapo being provider rather than scorer all day long if he's as effective as Saturday.
  17. Neither did I. Did they even have any? As an 11 year old ankle deep in piss I still remember my older brother pointing out a jam rag at head height! Burnden Bogs were literally just a room blokes went to piss on a wall and come out with piss soaked footwear.
  18. I've done South Lower when it was pay on the day a few times for the 2 season I was at uni and didn't have a season ticket and didn't go into the ESL Done north lower for Madrid as it was classed as singing stand or some shit. Absolute bollocks. Got given some blow up clapping things. Get to fuck. Been in East lower and east upper 99.9% of games over the last 25 years. 2 games in West lower. Everton Cup game in January and that Bradford game when we'd opened one stand but ended up opening 3....ace. Not done South / West or North uppers and have no intention of trying.
  19. Yes. The used tampon from the burden terrace bogs. Send me a S.A.E and it's yours. Congratulations.
  20. Missed from 12 yards though. Shithouse
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