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  1. Rishi is a wanderer, Rishi is a wanderer, na na na na na... Na na na na
  2. stevieb


    Have we got one showing what ours was last year? That would be a good test to see if FV are ambitious, tight or mental. I'd go the first two. Not the third
  3. Politic on the bench for Cremonese
  4. Fucking beautiful strike that. COYWM!
  5. So close to coining a new song... FFS. 3 disallowed goals for the opposition. And a cheery goalless draw. Good luck to em all. Would love em all to make it, if not with us then somewhere else.
  6. The new eidur Anyone saying different is fake news. It's like 1999 all over again. So he was 7 when he said he knew eidur was here. And probably not born when gudni signed for us. I'm calling it now... He's a bullshitting bastard but will still be amazing for us! #katonaesprawnring
  7. Nicolas Anelka was the best player we had who was still at the peak of their career
  8. @gonzo post the Muamba win loss with him or not stats
  9. Can't say I've ever watched any of it, ever, even when we had players representing over there. Apart from the euros I reckon I've seen one south American match in a tournament ever. Probably Brazil v Argentina and it was as interesting as watching Scotland play Wales. Got no interest.
  10. Have they not blown early for that yet?
  11. Notice how it's covid "and injuries" right now. They're taking the fucking piss calling games off now .... like we did in December
  12. stevieb

    Ipswich (H)

    Sweet. I think that's around as close as we've got it too. I won on Tuesday and was 200 ish out. Bottle of red was actually drinkable too! 😂
  13. stevieb

    Ipswich (H)

    Yeah, fucked me over on guess the attendance though. Bastards.
  14. I came here to post that. Well done! There must be a few versions as I'm not sure I'd heard 'drink dolmio straight from the jar' before
  15. stevieb

    Ipswich (H)

    I don't know who this guy is but he's robbed my name if I ever wanted to start a fake profile Stevieb - has chippy tits
  16. stevieb

    Ipswich (H)

    Whatever it was he can keep on doing it! Was in HOF but my bro had a box above nob head corner so sat in there for the match. He was loving the atmosphere without the intensity of being in the ESL at 8 year old. "what are they singing..." every few minutes. So glad we won today
  17. stevieb

    Ipswich (H)

    Sounds like I every one felt super safe with the vaccine passports being introduced on Tuesday. 🙃 Stevieb being a #Visionary again that they're fucking pointless.
  18. stevieb

    Ipswich (H)

    Had one on Tuesday. Can't say they were arsed.
  19. stevieb

    Ipswich (H)

    Shown a slight interest in football more than usual so getting dragged along... And more so goalkeeping.
  20. "that's me sorted... anyone else want owt while I'm on?"
  21. stevieb

    Ipswich (H)

    Bringing the lad on Saturday. Any win whatsoever please.
  22. Jussi was dreadful for us when he first got in the team. Came good eventually but was hair raising ijit. Goalkeepers are a special breed. The good ones get good and last forever. There's very few good early doors (de gea the Munich cunt and donnarumma excepted). The half decent ones who get old sit on prem teams benches as third choice keepers earning big (ish) bucks for doing fuck all until they retire. The chances of us getting an experienced hungry for game time decent keeper for low wages is the same as us getting a 40 goal a season striker from the northern counties. FACT
  23. stevieb


    Aye. He's still one of our best players. The fact opponents know this isn't a reason to drop him for our bench consisting of Delf or kids...
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