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  1. 🤣 Rent free There's never any liability for the vaccine manufacturers. It's alway coincidence.
  2. Zico... Tinfoil alert.... We give our daughter her 12 month mmr jab and she got severe eczema within 2 weeks I'm not saying don't do the jab but you're considering taking a dose now outside of NHS protocol and then you'll probably take the same again when they are 12 months because that's the protocol. Double dose?
  3. Might require some effort but could be interesting. Could a mod do a "who do you intend to vote for poll" no comment, all referred back to this thread. Poll resets each month until we get a general election.
  4. The fast show making a comeback is amazing news. Watched it back recently and some of it is shit but a lot of it is absolute gold.
  5. I've not read others but I'd find out. You're not in blissful ignorance. You're in an informed position.
  6. Kids only need to go twice a season to justify getting a spare season ticket for them 'just in case'. No wonder everyone with little en's is rinsing it. Attendnonces must absolutely love it too on Twatter
  7. Boltoner on tonight She's getting annihilated by a pocket rocket Irish bird going into the eliminator. Edit: absolute scenes... Fair play for that comeback.
  8. Says the man afraid of red seats and upper tiers! 🤣
  9. Yeah. Imagine living in Ukraine and that guy being the guy funding the war you are having to live in. He looks like someone who leaves the hob on and goes to bed.
  10. Meanwhile this senile cunt is prolonging all this whilst struggling to make any fucking sense. The most powerful man in the world clearly has dementia and probably has a piss sack.
  11. The answer is always both. FFS you'll be sitting on red seats in the upper tier before you know it.
  12. I'll take that as a 'no' you've not bothered to watch the interview. Id rather we put our politicians up for 2 hour long form 'interviews' even with vetted questions than the fucking panto that is prime ministers questions.
  13. I'm guessing you've not watched the 2 hour interview. He's pretty calm and collected in what he's saying. I'm not saying he's being 100 truthful but I'd also take Putins word on the same level of any of our politicians. He also calls you all jab shaggers right at the end so he'll do for me.
  14. If Putin is to be believed Boris fucked up the negotiations on a peace deal that were more or less done. Probably so he could launder a load of cash the floppy haired cunt.
  15. I don't know if this is in reply to me or not.. Gael Kakuta - loving random players finding their way He is literally another one of them players we had too early. Some bloke named "Evidence" is peak Afcon though.
  16. Gael Kakuta, ex Wanderer, has just been subbed off in the semi final of an international competition. Some bloke who missed a penalty in the other semi had the first name "Evidence".
  17. Unpopular opinion (or maybe bang on) Afcon is like the Saudi league. Teams have 2 or 3 ballers each and the rest are dogshit. It's a fucking betting minefield! 🤣 I've quite enjoyed it though. Seen about 30 mins of 5 or 6 games. They've all had some batshit drama.
  18. Really didn't see that one coming! 🤣
  19. As apposed to what other unbiased media source of a Putin interview? You've not seen the interview yet. Watch it and see whether you can pick through any of the inevitable bollocks. Then compare it with your own view of current events. Then try and decipher if our media have played similar games Slava ukraini
  20. Your supposed to post that on a Morecambe forum you moon man.
  21. I don't think anything will top the peak downpour and dead ball bounce of the zenit game for me. But watched on Ifollow tonight and knew within a minute or two it was at risk of getting fucked off. Fuck knows when we'll fit all these games in. Tinfoil cunts in the lower league fan groups will be saying it's an EFL ploy to get Bolton back to the championship 👀
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