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  1. Too easy for the fishing... Loads of shit goes round this time of year anyway. Everyone now flapping it's Covaids. I've survived northern rail 2019 and earlier cattle class to Manchester in winter without having a day off. I'm basically iron man.
  2. Or jab shagger with a shot immune system and myocarditis! 🤣 Reckon he's out for a few weeks unfortunately.
  3. Underwhelming in stature maybe. But the big teams going out have been dog shit and are going our deservedly so.
  4. Maths bods trying to stifle the fact we're all not arsed and just laughing that Germany are out. Fuck em.
  5. Where's the Brazil v Bolton video? Can't find it
  6. Can it happen... Please make it so
  7. Banzai! Absolute scenes for the Japanese.
  8. Quite happy for shit quality teams to go through. Easier for England to bring it home
  9. Maybe he knows what he's doing. We've topped the group and only struggled against the team that come second. We'd have loved that pre Southgate.
  10. Scenes. Until we get knocked out by the bloke selling Bolex watches on benidorm beach...
  11. The better stat would be Bolton slags nailed by: Nicky Hunt v El Hadji Diouf Reckon it could be close
  12. 'Thas lost 2 bowt' would be more Bolton. Than baat as you edge towards Wigan. It's hardly a different language. Unless you're one of the well educated doctors who only speak the queen's English who has been relocated to the Borough after escaping from the outer reaches of civilisation via a dinghy across the Channel
  13. Klinsmann just made it worse with his "probably because I was the USA coach" comment.
  14. Yeah. World famous designer No ken'do
  15. I'm 37 and I think that's the same for me! 🤣
  16. Energy teams = squads playing out of their skin
  17. Uncle Brian is Gonzo, is Gonzo, is Gonzo Uncle Brian is gonzo, he loves poppers
  18. This is just this generation of young lads, they've only seen it on TV clip shows. It's not real to them. Anyone under say 26 years old will literally not even remember it even if they were alive at the time. It was 21 years ago
  19. Never been a fan really seen a couple of his 'pwopa nawty lads' clips and some of the forest game but he's doing what we'd all do some daft shit to do... Seeing every fucking game of a world Cup is a dream of most kids growing up. So he had to pretend to support the team that's winning for likes ... That's most fucking kids growing up these days. Except he's getting paid to do it. He's nothing more than a paid personality though now if he's being bankrolled. He'll be pushing crypto.com and all his other sponsors no doubt.
  20. Someone's doing well for themselves. Most of leigh still watch ont 15 inch tele 7 foot high on a shelf int corner of the vault down the local.
  21. Accurate See England squad before yesterday So not to confuse those 95 year olds watching with black and white TVs
  22. Surely we'll need to know the ratio of away following to census approved population of town before we can confirm if its outstanding or not.
  23. Chicory tip... The only fans to ever...
  24. Ironic that we've all now seen his arse
  25. I couldn't stop watching that last night. Slow motion in real time. What the fuck happened there?
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