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  1. Good point but yes cos in my mind my birthday wins 😉 (Also highest goals to game ratio of any bwfc player ever .....I think)
  2. Claiming Top Trumps with this as I have the same birthday as Andy Walker .
  3. This will probably wind Biggish right up but , loads of rovers lads have sent me well wishes . They are gonna do a double header on tv , their game then ours .....they dont hate us as much as you think . Having said that , ive chosen not to watch it outside the pub on a big screen ...not good for me rage and all that ... Will somebody shut me up ffs !
  4. Also ....just bought the Now tv sports day pass ....we are not on there !! am i missing something ?
  5. Last day nerves.....ish ..... Aldershot ...fuckin robbed , wanted to set the world on fire , really thought we would win Wrexham ..wasnt allowed to go on me own , dad wouldnt take me "itll never happen" Convinced we would win ...he never lived it down ...bought me the road runner vhs as a make amends. Preston...Pretty calm about it until we missed 3 sitters , then bricked it for the next 25 mins. Middlesboro .....Calm til Ricketts came on and scored , party time after he got sent off . Stoke ....knew we'd already blown it by the wba game ...its the hope that killed me. Peterboro
  6. Won 15k on the casino ...figure thats all my good luck used up ...should I but a grand on morcum to soften the blow ?
  7. Come get shit faced with me , not sure I can take this .....already booked my place in the local loony bin . If its us in the the play off finals with tranmere , Ill go all aragorn about it .
  8. 05:05 ...out me bin on red wine and Knights cider mixed , havent slept for 36 hours ...Im too old for this shit ...proper shitting bricks now , just want to go to sleep and wake up when its all over , no fight left in me just bundles of nerves and mental health going sideways at best . You wont wanna know this but the last time I felt like this was the tranmere play off final . God help us all , I pray .
  9. Nerves have really started to kick in so Im spending my 2nd consecutive day drunk . Im usually a football pessimist but I have a sneaky feeling we are gonna do this .
  10. then say nothing more
  11. if its playoffs against tranmere I am gonna stripe every cunt I see
  12. you are such a wanker I actually want to meet you to discuss a few things.
  13. no smart telly , but ipad pro
  14. Trying the old internet explorer , chrome and edge , no joy yet, bad gateway they are working hard on apparently.
  15. Ive got the same problem , rebooting hasnt helped , shitting it now !
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