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  1. After skimming through a few of the fanzines I found this quote below , but who said it and about what goal ??? " Magic is the word used in football to describe goals or players that are only a little bit better than ordinary. But this time it was wholly accurate. If ever the unexpected were completely removed from football , well, it wouldnt be football anymore. Of course we need a framework in which to play-the result of coaching and tactics-but we also need qualities that cant be pigeon holed. Call it flair, call it what you like-its the spice of the game. And everyone who saw it on tv doesnt need me to tell them that goal was in that category. It was unpredictable , it was , as we say, a bit special...Yes, you can even describe it with that other word : Magic!"
  2. The main problem with putting these together chronologically is that a lot of them didnt have dates or issue numbers so Im trying to do it from the cover price and my memory of events , but being an old fart with failing faculties means it could take some time ....as Captain Oates said.
  3. Quick update ...... Once I catalogue everything ill be posting a missing issues to see if anyone can help Ive yet to get the bulk of my own collection out of storage but many many thanks to Bolton Va Va , who I met yesterday (top gent btw) I have an almost complete collection of : Bolton Wanderers WorldWide a half collection of now we want pele It seems that the Normid Nomad became Here we Go Again which became White love Come on feel the Wanderers became Tripe 'N' Trotters And a first (and only ? ) issue of "The last to Leave the Bridgers" was this a bolton pub ? Im not a Boltonion being born in Burnley and schooled in Blackburn .......At least getting me head kicked in once a week stood me in good stead for following the Wanderers in the 80's Please correct me if Im wrong , and if anyone else wants to sell their collection for missing gaps DM me . Ive already got a few spares too if anybody wants them , not sure what I will do with the complete collection but they shouldnt be lost to the ages. Waddy (he's a bit of a git)
  4. Apologies, I was being a sarcy bitch but it probably didnt come across that way .
  5. Agree to disagree cos as usual you are incorrect.
  6. Im not sure about all this lack of faith in Dixon . He has stepped up 2 divisions for the first time in his life and has been asked to play in a new system . His shot-stopping is good , his kicking GENERALLY is good . Most of us have been spoiled with Keepers since Felgate, Brannigan, Dibble , Clarke and Jussi and all of them have cost us more than a bad pass in a cup competition we havent cared about in over 30 years . Now its a World crisis cos we are supposed to be heartbroken over the pizza trophy ???? Bollocks We have had some amazing keepers so our current one is being judged on the memories of the past .
  7. You cant be serious about the love hearts !!! Thats just cruel beyond measure 😞
  8. I think Ive called everyone Ive ever known and everyone ive never known a fuckin nonce cunt at some point . I once made a racial slur as an 18 year old whilst getting me ears boxed from someone a lot tougher than me , does that count ? it was 30 years ago . Does the Sword of Damocles have a statute of limitations ?
  9. Mark Fish who carried a gun to primary school ?? Sure there was a story where he was asked how he would cope playing in a local derby against man U or rovers and his reply was along the lines of growing up playing football with apartheid in SA , there would be 11000 zulu warriors armed to the teeth 3 feet from the touchline......"so I think Ill be fine !"
  10. Seems a common belief amongst some fans of other clubs that Fairclough was the last man you wanted to end up face to face with when the handbags went down. And as Mounts said minus a million points to me for not saying Roy Hartle by name. Stig Tofting , what a life he lived/is living , someone should right a book about that. And as psychos go Chic Charnley must be up there , went to the rigs after football and got dun for chasing someone off with a chainsaw IIRC.
  11. After the Gethin Jones doo ...back in the hotel he was walking down the stairs to the bar in front of the rest of the team and in a very loud voice said "......talk shit , get decked..." Then saw the bar was half full with fans who had paid to stay over night and became the nicest guys ever , like he suddenly realised where he was. He is a big guy know doubt , but David Wheater was there and was fawned over by fans and players alike and quite rightly so , but was the quietest guy in the room . Got me reminiscing/thinking .....skill over steel ...... and something Rioch & Todd used to say .... you have to win the battles to earn the right to play football . We are a soft team no doubt , but I still think we are the best footballing team in the division , however the last time we were the best footballing team in the division we had : Chris Fairclough, Gerry Taggart, Jamie Pollock , Alan Thomson , John Sheridan , Nathan Blake , John McGinlay et al Try bullying that team ...theyd sprint a 100 yards just to knock the face off your head... THEN theyd football you to death ...... Maybe we/I live in the past but I hate seeing us bullied , out fought to the point Im regailing stories of players I never saw ....Edwards Hennin Higgins Banks etc , the most feared defensive line ever known to man ... OMG Im turning into my dad !
  12. Loved that , had a big chuckle but Lamb for Christmas dinner ?? Maybe should have included some kirschtorten or stolen cake for Kacha ....tho we are gonna have to change him from being a yorkie !!
  13. Strange how everyones favourite section (including mine) was the good the bad& the ugly bit , stories Id only ever heard rumours or whispers about give meat on the bones.
  14. Ill take photos of all covers for posterity and can share if anyone wants to see.
  15. Definitely , pm me and ill give you my address and send me your paypal account or ill just come collect. Many thanks.
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