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  1. That had me laugh/coughing red wine everywhere , ya bastid !
  2. We Only need 10 men and we only need 9 men . 2 of the best games ever , anyone that says different can fuck off. The former we was supposed to meet a couple of Burnley mates in the Balmoral and/or the Bricklayers after the match ....came out of the away end into a blood bath , ducked into the cricket pavillion for a few extra drinks . Came out and got them from the pub for a night out round blackburn .....must have been arranged as every place we went had been smashed up about 30 minutes before we got there ...thankfully. Proper crazy day .
  3. The only thing to do with that shirt is burn it and send it back to hell to be joined with its owner Boring as fuck and fuck the fuckin fucker . Id rather have an Ian Stevens shirt.
  4. For a change not the refs fault but the linesman. I remember the reverse happening at Burnden park at home to Southampton in the FA Cup. Tony Kelly timed his run to perfection just before the halfway line as their back line stepped up ala Arsenal. Clean thru only the keeper to beat 20 yards clear of any defender and the ref blows for offside assuming the flag went up only to turn round and see no flag from the lino . Still brings blood to me shoulders !
  5. Whats wrong with that ? Im sure some bloke in the middle of Idaho has just died and again , shame for him but has zero impact on me .
  6. I have no idea who charles wick is , he has no influence on my life and I couldnt give a fuck if he is alive or dead , I assume he is a footballer Ive never heard of , theres millions of them . If hes alive and going thru some horrible trauma then I hope he pulls thru as I would anyone in that situation footballer or not. I no more do la mort dansant for my worst enemy than I do for anyone a million miles away . btw didnt t'Wanderers used have a song to the tune of John Browns Body ?
  7. as ya know lived down south for 8 years , scared fuckin rabbits the lot of them
  8. Thought MOM was Scully for them ....Dions work rate never in question but apart from that I thought he wasnt his usual self.
  9. Some scrote called a 80 yr old Bolton fan a fuckin cunt , it did not end well for him (the scrote)
  10. Well that was under-whelming ! Thought Jon Dadi was MOM , He also got clattered more than Afolyan does . Terrible pitch another terrible ref and a time machine that took us back to 1980's 3rd division football . Mark Came and Dave Sutton would have fuckin loved that match. Better team in the 2nd half but the game had already gone . Dion with a sweet as a nut goal that gave the score line a bit of respectability. Thought Dion and Bodvarsson should have started as we know Baka is crap in the air. Unpopular opinion of the night ...I think Williams needs resting as he has been poor for the last 3 games with the exception of the last 10 mins at Morecambe but we have no one else that can play that position apart from Tutte. Win the next 2 home games and all is right with the World again.
  11. Damn you and your fastest fingers !!!
  12. Been done to death but I dont give a shit , Im doing it again. (As we are once again falling in love with players that arent ours) Gotta be in your life time ! You only get 5 , Ill start. No order. John Newsome John Dreyer Martin Pike Andy May Andy Dibble (so want to put Vincent Candela)
  13. Looking at it now and with the "end of an era" programme in the bottom let ... That season will live with me forever , not least as it ended in a sportsmans dinner in the Burnden park executive suite with Nat Lofthouse as guest of honour (obviously) and i remember going up to get his autograph at the end of the night as a gangly 24 year old and he said "...eee thanks fo coming cock" ....after that i couldnt get a word out ..... Nat thanked me?!?!?!? for coming to HIS night !! One of the other things that I remember was that there was a guest speaker ... A naval submarine commander (Arthur Taylor???) that was sooo funny that the professional comedian had to go on first cos he knew he couldnt match him oh and we were all given one of these ...
  14. I remember when I was working at the J.R. and spoke to one of the neurosurgeons that treated him on his return , It was literally a one in ten million chance he survived let alone recovered enough to run on a pitch. So I shouldnt be too harsh on him now Ive thought about it.
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