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  1. Nobody was better than Andy Walker !
  2. This debate has flown right over my head .........I dont really know what woke means , I certainly am confused about the virtue thing ....I was always under the impression that a virtue was a good thing and I have no clue about gammon unless it refers to some kind of pork product and what that could infer , but then I am a child of the 80's . So for the hard of thinking (ie me) can we deconstruct this to say racism bad , inclusion good . ? It would really help me to know whats what and be much better for my narcissistic rage . 🙂
  3. No pile on is a legitimate pile on unless Gonzo is there to officiate/join in !
  4. For disclosure my name is Richard Waddington and I live in a small village called Langho near Blackburn and I couldnt give a fuck who knows it . Any halfwit could find me if they so chooseded to , has this helped ?
  5. Maybe it was me ... I call everybody a cunt , at least twice.
  6. Ok Im gonna go for the line of getting older lets you see the game a different way , when I was a younger person it was all about the result e.g. win = happy , not win - sad ... but as Im an now a grumpy old man I can see that we pissed on Cambridge and totally battered Burton tonight ....it didnt go for us but we were far the better team . we embarrased a team joint favourites for promotion .....Im so happy and positive and havent felt like this since allardyce re-signed Frandsen.
  7. Sorry ...Im very reactionary , I just saw the 4/10 ....apologies.
  8. I remember way back when I was a member of a couple of Bolton forums that no longer exist....after a bit of research looking for another I learned that Wanderersways had more members than any other football club forum in the world . So I joined . There was a European cup game that I couldnt get to , and Happy called me personally to tell me that he would get me on a chartered flight . He didnt know me , I didnt know him other than as an admin on here. But sure as shit ...a man of his word he got me there and back . He will never remember me , but I will always remember him ! Thankyou Happy !
  9. The best performance by us in a country mile since we lost at home against Southampton in the Prem in approx 2005. We battered them for 75 minutes and there wasnt a bad performance amongst them . Every single man jack of them had burton on toast . played against 12 men and a bank of 12 . How the fuck they were one of the favourites to go up is shocking I tell ya shocking. We were robbed but we need to get used to how non-entities play as they are all terrified of us and rightly so . Best team in the league easily.
  10. They certainly werent the home team.
  11. Cambridges first away win of the season . Had to happen eventually.
  12. I could bore everyone to death about the experience of watching JJ...There was a reason we sang that song about him . The perfect 10 away at spurs where he hit the bar 4 (four) times all from 20 to 30 yards out , which got him an ovation from the Spurs fans , and his performance against West Ham to practically guarantee us safety all overshadowed what for me was his finest ever performance . Home to Man City and at 0-0 he missed a penalty for the first (and I think only time in his career) . He was so upset that he took it upon himself to dismantle the entire opposition single handedly and orchestrated a 2-0 win practically on his own , like an English archer at Crecy an utter hero . He was let go a year too soon , and in his last season took every corner , both sides, every free kick and every throw in and captain I remember questions about his age as he had no birth certificate (allegedly) but fuck me he WAS the club for those years . We will never see his like again in my lifetime and I can only feel sorry for those that werent there to see him . We paid to see Okocha ...I cant think of any modern day footballer I would pay to see if they werent at Bolton but I did do for him ....on a few occasions in Hull .
  13. According to Tommy he was the gentle one out of the brothers , Ralph was a bit pepperami. Scary thought.
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