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  1. At least one of the relegated teams will f*ck up, no way all 3 are going back up in their first season.
  2. Saw Bod doing running circuits round our street last Wednesday morning, we're resigning him.
  3. Broke his fibula (smaller bone in the lower leg I think). 6-8 weeks recovery from an op to fix it according to the Tinterweb.
  4. Always the bridesmaid never the bride or maybe Pep swooping in with millions more for the war chest. Coleman didn't do much wrong and better than Dixon or Crellin.
  5. Stoke FA Cup Semi Final. Davies and Klasnic up front . Elmander ahead of Mark Davies in midfield.
  6. Both Conn Clarke and the lad from Rochdale played their football within 15 miles of us, so you hope we would have given them the once over. Posh have paid significant fees for both of them. Big step up from National League to League One, so always a risk. To be fair they always seem to pull a few off though.
  7. Leaks like the Reebok. Trains like Northern Rail. Whatever happened to the German economic miracle.
  8. I'll put this here not least because 2 days into the window, this thread has dried up. Luke Matheson has ended his spell at Bohemians. Started some games but not all, still had a few niggling injuries. Guess he'll be back here for pre season training after a break, but even though I'd love him to succeed, think he's on his way somewhere in L2 - maybe on loan.
  9. Did wonder where Santos was. Curse of the calendar (June 2024)
  10. Central defender, so someone's off. Was out of contract at Wycombe. Offerred a new deal.
  11. Charlton would have spent more than us last year I would have thought. Cue 2 pages of “we should have signed Alfie May” comments.
  12. He made a couple of decent runs in front of us in the Pizza at Blackpool, but was woefully off the pace in his other appearances. Clearly not fit and the fact he’s going out on loan again to a lower L1 team says it all.
  13. Playing for NI next week with it on and after taking a couple of paracetamols. Then he'll be out for the season.
  14. It says "Evatt's Squad" in the official notice of the pre-season friendlies with Stoke and PV.
  15. I looked but didn’t vote at the time. For what it’s worth I’d vote stay but not fussed either way. Agree SB will be the Queen Bee but you wouldn’t stay unless you had the full confidence of the whole Board.
  16. Horrible disease. Rob put himself out there to raise awareness and fund research. Very brave. RIP.
  17. GT has improved every season, but did run out of steam a bit towards the end. Can he keep improving, hope so, at least for another season. Don't think he's peaked by any means.
  18. Pops his head above the parapet.
  19. Nice photos. How many of those played at a higher level? Krikken, Irani and Alleyne most obvious.
  20. He's out of contract but Posh offered new terms.. All these linked are central defenders, can we have some midfielders please.
  21. Well we passed on Jonson Clarke Harris
  22. Had 3 managers since then. JOHNSTON will have to prove his recovery and fitness before any move I would think.
  23. If it ever happens will be a spur off the Bury line somewhere near Radcliffe and running through East Bolton. Cheapest option.
  24. Biggest shock result at Wembley since……last Saturday.
  25. Only 17 starts for St Mirren and 14 appearances off the bench this season. Don't think we've missed out on much.
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