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  1. Reckon your best bet @MickyD is take any spare then swap it for one of the (very few, looks like less than 10!) west lower ones
  2. desperado

    Pompey (H)

    Surely you’re making your way over the Pennines for this?
  3. desperado

    Pompey (H)

    @tomski thought you might appreciate some blue dots to start the morning! 🤣 Even if we sell no more in the South, it justifies our decision, we’ve got our own fans in there who wouldn’t have been there otherwise. One of ours just purchased, you can’t get two together anywhere else now. Latter days of prem had a cut off at 27k didn’t it? Was that with this level of segregation? Or would 26.5k see us sell out today? I reckon there’s a fair few of those going to go today. Portsmouth twitter fans put in their place over ticket allocation - good to see. 👏
  4. desperado

    Pompey (H)

    Fuck me this is huge! But as @barrycowdrill says I can’t shake off this let down we’ve had on big occasions this season… Yes I can (hands over ears blocking out my internal negative thoughts). This is Bolton Wanderers, we produce big, special moments in promotion winning seasons and today is going to be one of them. Let’s get the place banging, no excuses, have a few beers beforehand and get those vocal cords lubricated and make sure we do our bit 👏. A first for us in Nam Ploy today, table for 10 booked at midday. COYFWM 👏👏
  5. desperado

    Pompey (H)

    Had a search about can’t see anything? What’s the details/source?
  6. desperado


    looks like They’re all fit! Including Charles who could be on the bench.
  7. It’s another unique aspect to being a Bolton fan, which strangely I quite like, that we genuinely have fans who consider some clubs to be a rival/derby, yet other wanderers fans aren’t touched by them! I embrace it all, I love it, adds a bit more passion. I’ve immersed myself in the newest version with Wigan. Even got taken along with the Morecambe debacles last few years. The Blackpools, Burnleys, Prestons Burys all have a great edge too and I really look forward to them. The Tranmeres, Wolves relationships still fester with me and is/was/could be prickly, If we are lucky enough to get alongside our other NW rivals, City, Liverpool, Everton I’d gladly embrace those derbys too. But for me it’s United closely followed by Blackburn that stand out as the ones top of the tree for rivalry. I would love to play Blackburn next year, hopefully in the Championship rather than L1.
  8. desperado

    Pompey (H)

    After that result tonight I don’t want to be going into that Shrewsbury game 4 points behind Derby!
  9. desperado

    Pompey (H)

    What was the clamour for Greaves to lose his job for failing to get promotion?
  10. Stats going more in Wycombe’s favour. Should I be feeling optimistic?
  11. desperado


    Yeh, you are probably right. Conceded some goals without him there too, would rather have him in. I think the only thing we can take, is that it’s not crucial he’s there, we can win games without him.
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