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  1. These two getting slaughtered on Twitter. And rightly so. What a set of numpties 😂
  2. As we look from TV cameras (watching England game now) is the East where we are on the right or left?
  3. I think that’s always the case, every season. The clubs going for automatics, clubs going for play-offs, clubs fighting relegation. There’s never many teams who have nothing to play for. Still say our run-in is preferable to any others. 4 very winnable home games. This period where we didn’t play could have seen us out of the play-off positions. Derby need something against Ipswich, Wycombe need to win by about 5 next week, if not we’ll be playing Exeter, in the top 6, with a game in hand.
  4. Despite my treble not coming in, that was probably the next best scenario. 3 of our rivals not winning and moving up a place without playing. After the Ipswich defeat don’t think anyone would have predicted us being 5th when everybody caught up their games around us. Well set for a good run-in 👏
  5. Good scores so far charlton 1 Wycombe 0 Peterborough 0 Derby 0 Pottsmouth 0 Port Vale 1 ive got a treble on those 3 results 35/1…..
  6. Well done England - saw that out really well with 10 men Chuffed for Kane
  7. I know it’s only San Marino - but two decent finishes there from Dion 👏
  8. In + 2 Not sure how to play this one yet…
  9. According to Iles, VAR not being used.
  10. Sorry wrong thread - only just back on. Wasn’t sure how to work through that privacy block - Facebook helped me out, cheers those gents 👍
  11. And another red card for Accrington - their recent discipline record is farcical
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