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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Some cracking goals there
  2. Those 3 posts sum it up nicely for me. Good business, which has probably paved the way for this transfer window. Well done and let’s move on with another win Saturday 👏
  3. Nah. He’s a Bolton fan - he puts a good show on for the other games he goes to and he’s become very popular because of it, so fair play to him he’s getting a bit of money for doing what he’s good at. I know he splits opinion, but personally I don’t have a problem with him at all.
  4. I know he’s not everyone’s cup of tea - but it’s a good watch, he captures the goal and celebrations well and you can’t doubt his passion.
  5. Good stuff. Glad he was ok. When he keeled over right by us grabbing hold of my daughter then my sons feet breaking his fall (his feet are ok now 😂) I jumped up straight away and provided initial first aid. Was so glad when I heard him breathing! He came round after 5 mins or so and I let him have my seat (the extent some will go to to get a sit down on a packed train 😂) But yes the heat/lack of airflow on that train wouldn’t have helped anyone feeling a bit faint.
  6. Yes, I recognised a few of the lads he was with. I think one of them was jay (special one/ @anewman I think) Other lad was long beard, lots of tattoos. Bloke who collapsed was 50/60s I reckon, big fella
  7. Anyone else on the 10.31 out of Piccadilly in the carriage when one of our fans collapsed? Right next to us, I did initial first aid and was shitting it at first as I wasn’t sure he was breathing. Got him in recovery position and he came round. Let him have my seat while he recovered, but he was very pale and definitely not right. I passed him onto his mates, I’m wondering how he is.
  8. Think so, I’m 127 away ..Can’t see anything closer…
  9. As much as it was a fuck up, you did make me laugh, you made it sound like you were about to keel over! I actually sneaked in front of you and got served 😂
  10. You’re right that is much better. We must have been stood very close👏
  11. I know 😆 Must have watched it 20+ Times!
  12. Good lad! It was a belter of an away game. Fucking buzzin! Eldest is celebrating with his crew. Middle one is the envy of his mates having witnessed a late wanderers winner and the young daughter is making sure she’s booked in for Morecambe!!
  13. Who gives a fuck We’re by far the greatest team the world has ever seen
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