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  1. Evatt mentions him being hospitalised with Pneumonia on his interview. That’s going to take some getting over. We might not see him for a while. All the best Rico. Toal grew into the game after the first goal, but we missed Santos last night.
  2. Perfect summary. Frustration certainly the overriding emotion. When are we going to get in front in the first half!!??
  3. Team and formation (3-4-3) I posted yesterday apart from Kachunga for Lee and Toal for Santos
  4. Trafford Jones. Santos. Johnston Bradley. Thomason Morley Beck Lee Charles Dapo As always tough one to predict. He may favour MJ. John will be on the bench. Iredale may replace Beck or Johnston. Sadlier, Bod will be knocking on the door and Kacha is always in his thinking, but I think IE will see them and Sheehan more as the game changers in the 2nd half. Really looking forward to it. The feast of Football continues! Think I’ll get to Fanzone and watch first half of Brazil game.
  5. Good lord, couldn’t believe that score as I sat down at lunch to check the score - RIDICULOUS 😂
  6. Cheers - makes a bit more sense. I take it this is the incident which Brown didn’t want to talk about post match? Or is it the scuffle? Or are they one of the same thing?
  7. Despite some upsets, best sides so far have topped their groups. Belgians look most likely to spoil that stat.
  8. Bit misleading that - as teams from E and G will also be in our side of the draw.
  9. Is it me or does this not make sense? How can you admit and deny? And “Fleetwood Town to have committed the breached” ???
  10. I hope they somehow scab a win in next game v France so we play them in the quarters. But there’s no chance of that if they perform like they did tonight - shocking. To put it in perspective, it made Wales look good
  11. Of course a convincing win would be nice. And I agree it will only be a convincing win that will keep the hoards of international tactical experts and Southgate haters “happy” But in reality you only have to look back at our games against home nations in major tournaments to realistically know this is very unlikely. In 2016 we should have lost to Wales. 1996, despite Gaza’s heroics and Seaman’s penalty save, that Scotland game was very close. And the last Euros game against them was a right durge. So really a convincing win is very unlikely. Whats more nailed on is a further bout of extreme criticism as we qualify for the last 16 and set ourselves up nicely for a World Cup quarter final.
  12. Poor that. Best chance is Stockport beating them. Come on the Hatters! City v Chelsea United v Everton Be nice to see 2 of those going out in the 3rd round.
  13. I’m hoping you change your mind and can put the politics to one side. You’ve always been a passionate and positive BWFC and England fan - don’t let politics get in the way. I’m sure you know deep down that from a football perspective it can only be BWFC and England. I’m pissed up (again, 2 nights on the trot 😂) so I’m off to bed now. Come on England and come on BWFC (and Denmark 🤣) 👍 Looking forward to the next couple of weeks, which has the unusual combination of England and Bolton games 👏
  14. On this I have to agree with you. Never want the Aussies to do well in any sporting contest. However, I’m a passionate Englishman, who will always want England to win and all our sporting rivals to lose 😊👍
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