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  1. Was following that. 95th minute! And you were top of the table for a while. SSN were suggesting Portsmouth deserved it having had some decent chances 2nd half, fair?
  2. Exactly the way I saw it
  3. Really?? I’m presuming you mean live? Regardless, whether you’ve watched Doyle live or on Ifollow, coming to the conclusion that he is just plain “poor” is astoundingly narrow minded. Really strange post
  4. TBF that proves you’re nothing like him. You’re right that it’s really frustrating on so many points; we didn’t fulfil our potential today, we’ve underperformed in front of a big crowd and lost a home game when we were all full of hope. No issue at all with feeling disappointed.
  5. Deary me, this takes us back to this time last year. You are in danger of becoming the next hughmungus
  6. Maybe I’m on my own - I thought he played well today! Retained possession well, first touch was class, brought others into the game quickly, was willing to take the ball all the time and was leading from the front. Ok he didn’t score, but there was hardly a plethora of chances created for him.
  7. Reality check today. They are an established top tier league 1/championship team. We are a young, newly promoted League one team, with an expectation of settling in this league, with raised lofty ambitions of getting into the play-offs. It may or may not happen. We will come back and learn from from this. The dream is still on.
  8. Well found Micky. Nice to see plenty sympathetic to our situation back then.
  9. desperado


    That’s pretty much my view. Having experienced this and knowing how much a football club means to its town and people and how it damages the lives of fans and staff, I wouldn’t want to see a club go bump. Drop down and be worse than us… yes 😊
  10. 8 mins Sarcevic Bolton Hospice
  11. Mike Pink - he’ll be well liked by a few on here
  12. Just seen 26 shots from Rotherham! And Lincoln have been one of the better sides I’ve seen so far this season. As you say makes it interesting Saturday.
  13. Important to add a bit of balance on this one I think And I say that coming from a similar self-centred outlook as most on here, in that as a professional spectator Sport it’s not really high on my agenda. However from a professional outlook (teacher and coach of girls football teams and advocate of the game through the girls in football partnership) and as a father (like others on here) of a daughter who enjoys playing football, the tv exposure can help grow the game. She likes watching women’s football and is starting to get to know some of the players who can act as good role models. If we are interested in the future generations of our daughters/granddaughters choosing sport, choosing football and choosing healthy lifestyles then I don’t see a problem with the exposure it’s getting. There’s loads of sports channels now with a whole host of programmes, sports and variations, it’s easy to chose not to watch it if you don’t want to.
  14. It’s cause I said the championship as well as league one. I hadn’t banked on Johnny’s knowledge of the league above 😂. TBF the ones he mentioned are high profile and good players, but I still maintain Lee is up there with them. He was performing at a good level with Sheff Wed a couple of years ago when they were challenging for the prem.
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