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  1. The age of your own kids. And more alarming, the older they get the stuff you were doing, should have been doing and shouldn’t have been doing and thinking/knowing they are probably doing the same 😲 Even tough you tell them not to
  2. Great goal from City. Just about saw it go in, they need an orange ball out there!
  3. Sums it up perfectly 👏. We will be renewing 👍
  4. https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/19274369.bolton-wanderers-boss-ian-evatt-makes-injury-admission-midfielder-kieran-lee/ With Lee looking like he’s out, I think it will be a straight replacement with Thomason. No time I don’t think to start experimenting with formation changes and chucking Miller in as an extra forward.
  5. It’s a good point. I think if you look at the past and in some cases ahead to the future, some of our players have been/could be/should be, playing at a higher level. But currently they are not and there’s reasons for that. Take Lee and John for example. More often than not they look a cut above this level, but Johns performances have been off the last couple of games and we’ve seen Lee miss a few sitters in this good run. His bad injury has put him in the gamble category for a league 2 club, which fortunately has worked out well for us. Like you I’m hoping their experience along with the
  6. We should be fine then 😂. How we survive in division one should well and truly be left till 5pm on Saturday at the absolute earliest. I’ve got a bit of a different perspective on why we haven’t finished sides off more convincingly, why we haven’t scored more goals, on why players haven’t performed more consistently and what this team looks like if we play our best. These players are all still division 2 players. From an attacking perspective they are inconsistent, lacking quality in certain key moments, they occasionally get their decision making wrong and execute poorly at time
  7. My understanding is rather than pay a tenner to get the game through Ifollow, you can pay your tenner to get a Now TV pass. If there’s a small minority who can’t get this then obviously my sympathy is with you But getting a proper coverage for the majority, that isn’t delayed, doesn’t crash, no circles of death, no blackouts and an all together more professional package of picture and commentary is surely better? Especially for such a big game.
  8. That is great news 👍👏
  9. Really hoping it’s our game. After the ifollow shenanigans yesterday (well all season 😂) the nerves and tension don’t need ramping up anymore with delayed coverage, circles of death and blackouts. With no play-off rivals playing against each other, There’s only 4 games they are going to choose from. I’m dismissing Morecambe as it’s not in their hands. And they are just a small time outfit with 10 fans. Cambridge must be tempting as they could finish 1/2/3/4. Cheltenham being favourites for the title is understandable, but they are up, so not a great deal of excitement there.
  10. No I don’t! It seems you want to find as many ways for us not to win next week and I’m the opposite. We are 1 point ahead in third. Its in our hands. Whatever form table you look at (6 games/10 games) we are in better form than Crawley, I think your argument is seriously flawed. We should, and I believe will, win even if it’s our signature 1-0 win. The form is in our favour. You always seem to think the worst. I’m going to pass it off as BWFC undoubtedly making it harder than it should, us not finishing teams off when we should, us having to live another week of nerves and te
  11. 😂 Quick get your last post in. 9pm curfew approaching.
  12. Gees. Where to begin with that.... I’d say playing close to our best is winning like we’ve done regularly this year. Admittedly going that extra yard to finish teams off has frustratingly not happened enough. But we can’t moan about this when we we were 20th 3 months ago. Nobody is saying today is acceptable, or we should be happy with the result/performance. But when you look at the bigger picture those 4 results you pick out are the ones were it didn’t happen. You could just as easily pick out the 15 winning games in the same period that if repeated would have us prom
  13. Do YOU not agree that if we play to our best we can beat Crawley next week?
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