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  1. Cheers Rudy 32nd Minute Sarcevic AMEND
  2. Think we are allowed to name 7 subs, using just 3 according to this article; https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/efl-temporary-covid-rule-scrapped-24574101.amp “From next season, in the Championship, League One and League Two, teams will be able to name seven substitutes but only use a maximum of three.” If he doesn’t pick Dixon on bench, then I agree he’ll go with Politic.
  3. I think we’ll win narrowly 1-0. Crowd between 12-13 thousand. Can’t see Formation of 4-2-3-1 changing. I’m predicting Sheehan and Bakayoko to start alongside some of last years mainstays. Gilks Jones Santos Baptiste John MJ Sheehan Sarcevic Afolayan Bakayoko Isgrove Subs Dixon Brockbank Johnston Delf Doyle Lee Thomason Not in Politic Aimson Gordon Amaechi Senior
  4. I think the Dick’s on Twitter https://twitter.com/bwfcgc/status/1421495777776607235?s=21 Clown face and papping on about Evatt masterclasses. Good god what a tool. Sounds like he wanted Evatt to go for it 2nd half…….. in a game we didn’t need against superior opposition 😂
  5. Well what a 17 hours of a day! Started off last night watching Alex Yee win Silver in the Triathlon. Then waking up to watch the divers, the mountain biker and the awesome Peaty win us 3 golds. Marvellous 👏
  6. Congratulations! Albie is a great name. Glad you are both fit and healthy 👍
  7. You are arguing with yourself 😂 The 2nd you is right.
  8. Real plus points yesterday. Gordon looked a different player, on that showing more than a decent stand in for John Jones equally as effective on the right. Santos and Baptiste picked up from where they left off last season. Sheehan looked quality, as did MJ. Amaechi looked really threatening until he went off and actually we didn’t look any worse when Delf came on for him. Good showings too from Sarce and Dapo. Bakayoko will be a different option to Doyle, he won a few headers/flick-ons that came up to him and has a bit of power and strength. But the best s
  9. In one of my more insane moments of Wways deprivation when we couldn’t get on, I had a quick look on Bolton Nuts. The “stand out” posts on a “booing the knee” thread, consisted of a Sluffy diatribe about the history racism followed by whitessince63 justifying his right to Boo in front of his TV. I could have done with “The feeling low” thread, as I genuinely thought I may not get to share my views with like-minded Wanderers’ again. Thank God we are back
  10. Murray was brilliant tonight. It’ll take some doing to come back in 48 hours to take on the number 10 seed. You’ve got to admire his guts and determination to come back from where he’s been.
  11. 👏 . It reeks of our post February form and all the moonmen saying yes but yes but….. We’ve just beat the fucking Germans in a tournament knockout game for the first time since 1966. If you are hunting out negatives then I’m sorry, you are just trying to be some kind of controversial, opinionated and obstinate individual who thinks they are above everybody else’s opinion and you’ll stick to it no matter what anybody else says. Yes I’ll get carried away thinking football’s coming home, yes I’ll go to bed content that we have done something in my lifetime we have never done an
  12. It’s coming home 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
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