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  1. @tomski would love this 🤣
  2. I agree with what I’ve just heard Carragher say, Who the hell is out there thinking that’s a job I can have some success with? You have to win the World Cup or you’ve failed to do better than Southgate. These foreign fellas might fancy a big pay day, but they’ve no investement in making England better. Didn’t work out well going for the best foreign managers last time did it? International football doesn’t attract the best managers anyway. They’re more interested in winning the champions league and domestic titles. Who had heard of the Spanish manager before this tournament? He, like Southgate, came through the ranks didn’t he? I think he’ll go, on his terms, he should get a good send off (he probably won’t) as he’s been fantastic helping to turn our fortunes around and making following England fun again. Good luck to Howe, Potter, Carsley or whichever Englishmen (as I think it should and will be) gets the gig. He’ll bloody need it, as well as very broad shoulders, when he doesn’t make the World Cup final and has every man and his dog telling him where he went wrong. Remember when the lads of 1990 received a hero’s welcome returning from Italia 90 as losing semi-finalists 🤣
  3. Well that would be a first! 🤣. I’m very rarely on here during any game I’m watching and emotionally invested in. I’ve been shot down before for expressing my surprise and criticising In-game comments, as I don’t really get it. People are generally venting, inconsistent and over emotional. And more to the point, spending most of their time typing and reading rather than watching the game! But I’ve learnt we are all different and some are very protective over their right to comment in-game. Some have gone as far as to express their talents at being able to multi-task during a game. And for me it usually makes for some funny reading back later in the day or the morning after. Which is why I’m surprised there was a chunk of the game not being commented upon. Maybe as said above everyone was just too busy celebrating 🙂
  4. I disagree. Would love to be proved wrong in the USA. But for me it could be Klopp, Jose, Ancelotti, BSA, Howe or Carsley, I’m not convinced anyone will win it for us. It’ll be same old same old. Fast forward 2 years and the thread will look the same. Unhappy people moaning and telling the manager how it should have been done to win the World Cup. Do agree with your point about the ref blowing too early. Proper annoyed me that last night
  5. Pages 124-125 Why’s there no in game comments or celebrations for our goal? Just full of folk moaning (nowt knew here). Is that genuine or comments taken down? Anyway…… 58 years on, strangely the hurt get’s less for me, maybe it’s a bit of reality or maturity, but I don’t feel as bad as I did in 1990. Don’t get me wrong, I care and would have loved it and partied longer last night if we’d won But I’m quite reflective this morning in a positive way. Overall getting to the final was a very decent effort. Best team won.
  6. The alarming thing from that video is how good he looked on black Sunday. I don’t remember anybody coming out of that with any credit. He looked brilliant on that day from them clips 😂 Loved Sasa
  7. Doesn’t surprise me. What did surprise me was that the Germans are hoping we beat Spain, because they thought they were harshly treated in the quarter by them. Mind you, pinch of salt with that one, I heard it on Talk Sport.
  8. Heard a simple sentence on there a couple of days ago in preparation for the game which I liked; ”The best team in the tournament V The best tournament team”
  9. You could be right @Big E 🤣 .. untold stories behind the scenes…… can’t work out whether you’re ITK or guessing like the rest of us @thebells?…..
  10. Can’t win here Santos can he? 🤣 option 1; He cracks on as a captain, which in all honesty means very little on the pitch. But as the name carries some pride and association with it, let’s say he’s keen to hold onto it, not to relinquish it as he still feels it’s something he can do while maintaining good performances - critics clamour that Evatt and Santos are weak and there should have been a change. option 2; Santos and Evatt chat and agree to take captaincy off him. Translated as Santos has told IE he doesn’t want to be captain - critics will moan that we had it wrong in first place or Santos has no pride relinquishing captaincy. The most likely scenario is, a talk has taken place, Santos will remain captain, but leadership duties will have some shared responsibility and delegated throughout some of the likely candidates; Thomo, Demps, Airfield, Jones - critics will moan it’s not enough as Santos should have been publicly shamed for standing on the ball too long. I think it’s the most overrated topic of influential discussion we’ve had post Wembley. Yes we need leaders and experience (aka Airfield) but they don’t need to wear “captain armband” on a Saturday.
  11. Yep I agree, good signing. I also like the fact it suggests IE is looking for different solutions which are needed.
  12. Well anyone who was calling out for an experienced leader with a bit about him surely has to be happy?
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