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    Not sure you’ve always trusted him 😂👍
  2. 28th Jan is a bitter sweet dilemma. Think I’d sacrifice a 4th round place in FA cup to keep Charlton on the Saturday…..
  3. Leeds u21 complete the Papa John league
  4. Heaton Bradshaw put on another cracker yesterday, with the 20/20 going down to the last ball, with Heaton holding on to win. Good to see you down there @MickyD Never thought I’d say this as I was always a massive advocate of Bolton League cricket, but it seems to have been a good move for all the Bolton clubs who are now playing in the GMCL. I’m hearing on the grapevine Horwich and Westhoughton are next……
  5. That was top entertainment! Amazing display of batting, some nerve from the Lancs boys at the end in the field 👏
  6. desperado


    Excellent from Root today, he really is a treasure in an era where batting is over shadowed by the brilliance of bowlers on show and bowling friendly conditions. And well backed up by Foakes. Great start and great test match to hopefully kick off a new exciting era.
  7. Fair play mate. Great effort, cheers for sharing. While I’m a bit gutted it looks like Fossey isn’t coming back, the reasons are valid. And as always trusting Evatt and his team to find better value for money with less risk is something I’m happy to leave in his capable hands. Enjoy your hols!
  8. desperado


    Ridiculous days test cricket. About sums up where England are at the moment. Very much in transition under new management and captaincy. Bringing back Broad and Anderson. Still to bed in some youngsters. Will always take wickets but batting biggest issue. And the crazy appearance of Parkinson still to come. Should be worth tuning in tomorrow.
  9. I’m trying to think how a person will look and come across with a very low “mental aggression” but a very high “physical strength”. Loves a tackle, rarely get pushed off the ball unless it’s cold or is easily distracted and then he becomes like bambi on ice 🤷‍♂️
  10. Well yes. Crazy story with him travelling down today for the test. And that after having been overlooked for the short form of the game. Would be nice to see Heaton’s finest take a few wickets in the 2nd innings.
  11. It was Enjoyed that. As I alluded to after the Yorkshire win, we have immense batting power. However, we lose Livingstone, Salt, Wood and Butler (although we’ve not had him back post IPL) to England soon
  12. Great experience for him. Let’s hope he continues to develop and improve, he’ll be a cracker 👏
  13. Great game and great evening. The beers flowed nicely 😊🍺. Early call, but there can’t be too many teams that are better than Yorkshire/Lancashire at that form of the game. That Harry Brook for them looks like he has all the attributes to bat well in every form of the game and with Rashid, Malian and Root have some experienced quality. We have a number of destructive batters that can add runs very quickly; Jennings, Salt, Livingstone, Vilas and that new guy David and a good range of bowlers including our own Mat Parky. And I’m presuming we still have Butler to come back??! Looking forward to going again Wednesday 👏🍺
  14. Only just realised, it’s a cracking set of fixtures to look forward too, next couple of weeks.
  15. That was some innings! Honours even after you won the 20/20. Best batter on show was young Cian - great player.
  16. Talking in gyms about fellow players
  17. Best line I’ve read. “Daniels decision to come out won’t address the issue of homophobic chanting in the terraces or alter the sorts of policies that see major tournaments awarded to countries that criminalise gay people…. But perhaps those are conversations for another day… However football is more open, inclusive and more welcoming today than it was yesterday, all because Daniels felt comfortable enough to be himself.” My slant on this is that we still have a long way to go in addressing homophobia. My personal experiences - and this isn’t a thinly veiled desperado coming out post 😂 - mainly from an education perspective, are that some gay people, especially those who are good at sport keep it a secret. They really fear the reaction they will get coming out. This one action will hopefully allow more to feel brave and free them from some of the mental strain that’s unfortunately, especially in world of football, attached to being gay.
  18. It’s Josh Cavallo the Aussie who recently came out.
  19. All homes bar Wimbledon. Kept a tally of my aways - 16 SAT APR 2 – Wigan (A). FRI APR 15 – Doncaster Rovers (A). SAT MAR 19 – Crewe (A). SAT FEB 26 – MK Dons (A). SAT FEB 5 – Morecambe (A). SAT JAN 22 – Shrewsbury Town (A). SAT JAN 1 – Rotherham United (A). WED DEC 29 – Burton Albion (A). SAT DEC 11 – Accrington (A). TUES DEC 7 – Fleetwood (A). SAT NOV 20 – Wycombe (A). WED 17th NOV - Stockport (A) SAT OCT 30 – Portsmouth (A). SAT OCT 9 – Sheffield Weds (A). TUES AUG 17 – Lincoln City (A). SAT AUG 14 – AFC Wimbledon (A). Plus a trip to the Nou Camp for the first time when they played Napoli. It’s my best effort for decades!
  20. Big one on Saturday We (Heaton) come to Bradshaw. Not sure I’ll get down though as 2nds at Home. Hope our 1sts follow the 15s tonight, we’ve just gone top of the league with a victory V Bradshaw. Big game for our lads next Monday, top of the table clash V Edgeworth.
  21. Fuck all this politics malarkey. I was at a party with some urinals, they were really pissed off Liverpool won. Job done, well done Liverpool 👏
  22. I agree. The original name and it being the Reebok for 17 years sticks with a lot of folk. I tried with Macron, but it never felt right. And UNIBOL, well that’s felt weirder than Macron. It’s now a stadium name that’s going to cease to exist soon. So I’m certainly not going to get into the habit of using it. I suppose it’s an opposing view to @tomski’s, but I feel quite sad it doesn’t have a proper identity. Does nobody else find themselves dodging the name? “I’m off to the Middlebrook watching The Whites?” On the odd occasion I’ve caught a taxi recently, I’ve used Middlebrook, Whites Hotel, The stadium. But I get it. We go where the money takes us and I’m fine with that. But there’s only 2 scenarios that would make me truly happy with its name. And that’s the Reebok again or fusing the new sponsor with something historical - ideally Nat Lofthouse.
  23. Cause we all know including Reebok, that we are heading to the championship and beyond from next season😁
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