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  1. Jones was in Middlebrook JD this afternoon so he’s staying. Scintillating BWFC summer chat.
  2. That performance has really pissed me off. Southgate has gone down in my estimations. It’s a massive job from here. My attentions turned to the cricket for some national sporting pride. Great effort yesterday from Jack Draper this week at Queens too. Should be some decent efforts at the Olympics soon. Need another outlet cause I’m not investing too much emotional energy into this lot as I’m now fairly sure they are going to fall well short. Cue being back interested and football’s coming home this time next week 😂
  3. It’s unbalanced. Nothing progressive/attacking on the left. Needed Gordon or Grealish from Ibiza. Why have we not got another left footed left back in the squad rather than the injured Shaw? It’s not like it’s League 1 making do. There’s 70 million English people to choose from. There’s that Palace left back isn’t there? In fact we should just have taken all Palaces English players, they might have gelled better than that lot today
  4. Cricket ticked ✅ Now the footballers turn. Come on England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ⚽️
  5. Good win. Best possible start in the super 8’s. Semis the next target. Would love to reverse the Aussie result given the chance. One of those unusual days where a double England win in international tournaments in cricket and football is on the cards 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
  6. Mason-Clark has gone to Coventry hasn’t he?
  7. Yeh, thought there would be. Think it was Cundy off talk sport I heard earlier say the same thing as you’re suggesting. I was just surprised that every opinion I heard within 12 hours of the game finishing was very pro TAA and having two 6’s should continue to be the way forward without one of them being Bellingham. I suppose the take away point from this is that it’s not clear-cut, there isn’t one team/system/selection that’s the obvious one that should be used or changed and we shouldn’t be surprised if TAA continues to be used there.
  8. Did anybody hear one of Bellingham’s interviews in the last 24 hours where he talked about how much he enjoyed playing with TAA? He really commended his performance and talked about how the 3 complemented each other. He went on to breakdown the qualities and how he looks forward to playing more with him. I don’t think I’ve heard one professional (ex-pro) give TAA a poor review, the only negatives I’ve heard are from fans.
  9. Not saying you’re wrong, but you’d be going against the 3 pundits I’ve heard talk about England today, Murphy, Lescott and Thomas Frank, who all said they think TAA deserves his place in the next game. They did this while both acknowledging some of the things he needs to improve but pointing out why he’s the best man for that job. I think these guys who are paid to watch and analyse football for a living possibly view the selection you propose as too much of a risk for an international team who are vulnerable at the back. I can’t see Bellingham playing alongside Rice or Foden in midfield or us using two 8’s or Foden in a 10 in this tournament.
  10. desperado


    I know - fucking hell. Those 2 puts will haunt him 😢
  11. Yeh agree with that. Similar to the likes of France, Germany, Portugal, Germany. Think this tournament will come down to whose world class players have the biggest impact. Bellingham was just unbelievable today. So mature for a 20 year old.
  12. Agree good test that. Defense stood up pretty well. I actually thought Southgate got the subs right. Bowen added something different. Gallaghers energy was just what was required and Mainoo replacing the battered Bellingham
  13. Yes! Was looking at it for ages and dismissed it as my hangover playing tricks on me 🤣
  14. How dare you 🤣 Hopefully my interest in England will remain to the final and it won’t WANE 😉 Sir Gareth to work his magic and get those front lads firing us to victory, I know you can’t contain your excitement 🤣👍
  15. I agree with you. We’ve a few world class players, just like the other top nations, but our back 5 will get severely tested throughout the tournament. It would need our forward players to be on fire every game to match the likes of Germany, Portugal, Spain, France and Italy. I’m watching on because I think there’s a possibility and I love watching England. I’ll be honest again, the moment England go out my interest will wain. 2008 I just couldn’t get motivated to tune in, tried in 1994 taking an interest in McAteer playing, but it was shit and when I go back to getting knocked out early in 2016, 2012, 2000, 1992 etc I struggle to remember what happened after England went out.
  16. I’ll be honest enough to admit, while I’d have probably got it right in a quiz question, I wouldn’t have been sure and I searched up just to check. Didn’t know all the stuff about him growing up over here and at Chelsea. The big international tournaments have an appeal to them, (especially when England are in them) I’ll occasionally check into the Champions league, premiership, but very much a passing interest, even less so with other foreign leagues. That said it’s what floats your boat and the spare time you have to follow other stuff other than the Wanderers. I take a big interest in loads of other Sports, again especially when I’m passionate about the team/individual I’m following. Would much rather watch Lancs play cricket, Brits competing on an international stage. Watching my own, Heaton, Bolton, Lancashire, England, Great Britain etc be it Cricket, Athletics, Golf, Tennis etc etc is far more appealing to me than watching Musiala play for Bayern Munich
  17. Always good to hear a view from those who have watched players regularly. Thanks for sharing. I think there is mutual respect between our clubs ever since the welcome you gave us in 2019. @Whitesince63 why on earth would you jump on a potential signing so negatively without knowing the slightest thing about him? Just because we’ve all identified a need for a potential experienced/hardened leader (probably more needed in midfield), it doesn’t mean that every single signing needs to be of this mould. The majority of our signings/recruitment in the last 4 seasons have done well, you don’t rip up the rule book. You seem to have been a little bit more considered and less negative/reactionary without consideration, the last few months, with some decent posts, don’t revert back to how you were when you first came on here.
  18. See, I’m utterly bemused by this. Is it real? Is he an actor? Is it meant to be funny? Are people meant to listen to him for entertainment? I’ve not a clue who he is or who he’s meant to appeal to. If he’s an actor and trying to be funny, he’s shit. If he’s being real, then fuck me, this is everything that’s wrong with today’s society, immediate reality TV/Radio, nonsense, over reactionary bollocks, controversy for clicks, that has started to fuse into everyday football opinion. You see it on here after a defeat from some. Utter crap
  19. What’s the source for this? Mentioned it to a Wiganer tonight who strenuously denied it and said I was talking bollocks
  20. Nobody will convince me that Grealish dropping out was the right decision. He came on as sub on Monday and created 2 goals. Nobody came close to doing that today.
  21. Any interesting snippets from Gibraltar Ways? Bet they are buzzin 🤣👍
  22. No Kyle Walker? No RB?
  23. I think we stand a good chance of going as good if not better than: 82, 86, 88, 92, 98, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2022. Certainly better than 78 and 94 😊 Could even match or better our best attempts since 1966 Point being, it’s always been the case watching England, flatter to deceive, high expectations, never quite achieving. But (if you can remove your dislike of the manager) it’s a great ride watching your nation. I’m looking forward to it
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