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  1. Great idea! We did it last week - it’s great!
  2. IAN Evatt has revealed Wanderers have an option to recall on-loan winger Dennis Politic from Port Vale in January. “Now he’s getting more of a run of games, Dennis is showing his form so obviously we’ll closely monitor it and see where he gets to come January.
  3. 3 bought this morning. 2 night family stop over in Portsmouth 😊. Asked how many we’d sold, she said approaching 800. Fine effort, probably be close to 1000 by Saturday 👏
  4. Now I’ve stopped laughing at the irony of your post today, I’ll give you a contextual answer you probably won’t understand. Well if you’d bother to read the thread properly and analyse both the game and our current situation better you’d get all the answers why yesterday wasn’t comfortable and why we are generally quite happy about the comeback. It feels good following a side that shows some passion, some grit, some belief. A pride in our local team. To celebrate with your fellow townsmen, to have a club that’s risen from the dead, to share it with your friends and family who have the tradition passed on to them to love their town team and no one else. To go to the pub, into school, college and share the love of our club and plan our next away outing. It’s a shame you’ll never get that.
  5. I’m not downplaying that and it’s clearly something that needed sorting, hopefully those 2 goals yesterday will act as an impetus for more. But no other side in league one has conceded more goals than us this season! That surely has to be priority number one. Not helped recently with injuries and suspensions and we’re still having to experiment with the right back position and best centre back partnership, so it’s not likely to be a quick fix. Maybe if those forward players help us out with the first goal it would relieve some of the pressure off us at the back. I think IE is well aware of this and is the man to sort it. Seeing the fight back, the passion from the players/fans and being behind Evatt will be another crucial aspect to us turning the tide.
  6. Well he’s not openly going to admit anything to you/us the fans is he? However if you read between the lines he’s talked about the frustration of not scoring the first goal. 9/11 last games we haven’t got the first goal. And then we all know what happens when we concede first, sides defend even more and there is even less space to create these chances from open play you talk about. I’d suggest he’s well aware of what the issues are. I think he works tirelessly on the training field and with the analysts to try and address this with the personnel he has got at his disposal. I think he’ll also be working with the scouts and recruitment team in identifying these weaknesses and seeing who we can bring in in January. And with Sarce and with Jones’ injury all within a shocking 2 weeks of results IE has had a really testing time. But those last 3 paragraphs would suggest we are in a terrible place, we’re not! 5 at Ipswich, 4 at Charlton and those 2 goals yesterday (great football, open play?!) should be enough to tell you this team has goals in it. I agree with what @Rudy said, there were bigger issues at play defensively yesterday that need sorting first. Yesterday wasn’t the first time a team tired on 70 mins chasing the ball around and it won’t be the last. This team can score goals up to the final minute. Keep a clean sheet and wins will flow again. Even if it’s a series of 1-0’s with no open play goals and Doyle still striking blanks. I wouldn’t give a shit.
  7. It is it’s bloody hilarious.
  8. He really is outstanding. It’s a longtime since we’ve had a player who can ping it about like he can and look so comfortable on the ball. With him and Lee our midfield is strong. You can add Sheehan and Thomason into the mix too. Get a fit Politic back and/or another attacking midfielder in January then this will give us a really strong squad of diverse midfielders
  9. How bad is some of that defending!
  10. We definitely looked better when Dapo went into the 10 role. Takes us back to our pre-match debate. I’m just as convinced post game that Sheehan isn’t a 10 player and he doesn’t do the job Sarcevic did. With work on the training ground and an improvement in form from Sheehan, I still think MJ, Lee and Sheehan can play together but we’d have to adopt a tweak in formation to play to Sheehan’s strengths which are completely different to what Sarce offered.
  11. Baka is still finding fitness and form, he was out for a while. IE has admitted we need to find a way to play to his strengths, that’s work in progress. He’s understandably experimenting at the moment. On his own up front, on the right beside Doyle, there’s not an instant answer. And there’s the added problem that he doesn’t provide cover on the right when there’s not an established right back playing. It’s not that IE doesn’t think he improves the team, it’s that he’s still experimenting with how to get the best out of him. That’s a big difference. I wouldn’t write him off yet and start talking about replacing him in January. Like we debated a lot last season, sometimes it needs patience.
  12. Interesting debate. But as I alluded to earlier, I just haven’t seen Sheehan as a number 10. @Rudy I’m surprised you have. And again I’m not writing this option off it needs tweaks on the training field, but we’ll miss Sarce.
  13. Thing is that midfield 3 (alongside Lee and MJ) didn’t look great Tuesday. Which begs the question is Sheehan a 10? We asked the same question of Lee when he replaced Sarce last year. Pre-season the only other one who looked a decent 10 was Darcy. Granted they’ve not had a lot of time working on the training field with Sheehan further up so I’m willing to give it time
  14. Well so far we’ve had; wife swapping, blackmail, betting irregularities, pending court cases and fighting after Wigan. Along with Doyle and the latest one I’ve just heard, Comley.
  15. I’m waiting for @Gonk 😊 ……… Only joking 14, 019 Bolton Hospice
  16. Player or other staff member? I’m really pissed off about this. After a great start to the season, these last few results and more so this behind the scenes drama have left me feeling like the feel good factor has been erased Rarely do these off field troubles act as a positive stimulus. It just seems to have come out of nowhere and for it to happen to your captain who has been backed publicly on many occasion by the manager is a further kick in the teeth. I’ll be surprised if this hasn’t got the squad split. IE has a massive job on his hands, as do the players who’ll have to pull themselves together after this upheaval. At least they have the opportunity to do their talking on the pitch tomorrow. Let’s hope they can turn this into a positive result, but I’m low on expectation now.
  17. He doesn’t like her and finds her actions embarrassing and cringeworthy. He’s not one of these cajoling her and videoing her, he gets away from her and goes to a different area of the concourse to engage in his own (type in your own definitions ……) singing, dancing, chanting, wafting the smoke bombs around (that’s a different conversation - he knows my thoughts on this and what would happen if he instigated any of that nonsense) You have to trust them. But back on point I have chatted with him about Shannon and tried to educate him around the male/female stereotyping of this behaviour and questioning should it be any different? Telling him she’s just as passionate a fan as we are, And also (although he gets this) about the bullying and victimisation aspect to it.
  18. That made me smile 😊. Shannon and Sharon - it’s got a ring to it. Reminds me of the conversation I had with my eldest (17) about Shannon’s antics last night, when my middle one (14) came into the room saying why would Sharon be behaving like that when she owns the club?
  19. I chatted to her in the pub at Longridge and agree with what @captainmed said. As for name dropping @Zico she was going on about the younger players a lot in particular Politic whose number she claimed to have - think she has a bit of a crush on him. But despite her faults and immaturity there was no doubting her love and passion for BWFC.
  20. A decent interview and answers from IE. Nice to see the interviewer asking some challenging questions. I liked IE’s final response. Can’t really argue with that “All of a sudden it feels like we’re on a really bad run and we’re a really bad team and it’s not actually that bad. “It’s been a week of football and a week ago, you were saying what a great start to the season it’s been when we played Shrewsbury and beat Shrewsbury. We haven’t become a bad team, we’ve just lost a bit of belief, lost a bit of confidence and been on the rough end of a couple of poor results. We’re playing and have had some really difficult fixtures these last couple of months. “We’ve been away from home against most of the top teams. We’ve played Wigan at home, another top team, we just need to ride the storm really and stick together as the playing squad, as the staff and as the fans behind us and if we do that, I think we’ll get out of this run sooner rather than later.”
  21. Fair play to all of you tonight. You don’t deserve that. Great following. It’s nights like this, that make the victories to come even sweeter. I’ve just booked for Portsmouth, we must be due a win on the south coast this season 😊
  22. I’d go Isgrove, Baptiste and Lee in that order (all who’ve played RB) before I even considered the most one footed left sided player we have in our squad. And even before I went through that list I wouldn’t be giving up on on Brockbank yet
  23. No chance. I honestly can’t recall him using his right foot. He is one of those players who relies heavily on his dominant foot. Just watch him next time he plays
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