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  1. 9 minutes ago, Zico said:

    Santos (not that we've missed him)

    I thought we missed him massively yesterday.

    There’s no way those front 3 would have won the amount of ball they did if Santos was playing and If Santos is left 1 on 1 for their first goal I don’t think the striker wins that battle.

    We are also more composed and less risky in our passing and bringing the ball out when he plays.

    Despite what some say about him, he’s straight back in when he’s fit. 

  2. 15 minutes ago, gonzo said:

    Any idea when these lads are back?


    12 minutes ago, radcliffe white said:

    Wasn’t santos out for 3 weeks before Peterborough so should be back after international week? Not sure on others 

    Evatt intimated in his interview that Vic should be right Saturday, Jones, Santos & Maghoma should be back after the international break.

    CMG may take a while longer as his injury was worse 

  3. Just for you @Johnnyrotten 😊

    Bit of help from Twitter with a cut and paste job below. 

    Ploughing through the complexities of this not being an accurate day of judgement, it’s still fair to take a benchmark of our progress 10 games in.

    3-0 V Lincoln City 🏠
    0-3 V Cheltenham Town ✈️
    3-1 V Fleetwood Town 🏠
    0-4 V Wigan Athletic 🏠
    1-1 V Burton Albion ✈️
    2-1 V Derby County 🏠
    2-1 V Reading ✈️
    1-1 V Peterborough United 🏠
    0-1 V Port Vale ✈️
    3-2 V Stevenage Town 🏠

    With our ambitions being automatic promotion, it’s been an ok start without being spectacular.

    1 awful game/performance against Wigan and a massively frustrating one against Reading are the anomalies.

    We dismissed a couple of poor sides early on and we’ve been able to beat a few sides around us which is a positive.

    Our squad depth has been tested recently and so far has come through commendably.

    Finding a consistent and quality strike partner for Dion has been a struggle. 

    Importantly, despite some questionable behaviour from the manager and minority of fans, the squad has shown that they are very much together, it has character in spades (since Wigan!) and has shown glimpses of the quality needed to get us promoted.

    If we continue our 2 points per game that will have us there or thereabouts. 

    It won’t be plain-sailing and no doubts sterner tests to come, but a moderately pleasing start to the season. 




  4. 8 minutes ago, Marc505 said:

    Out, at New Order. We've won every game I've not been to this season though, and I've seen all our draws and defeats 👀 so we'll win this eeeeeasy.

    Good 😊. Hope you enjoy New Order.

    I liked your snappy one word feelometer by the way yesterday - very relatable 😅

  5. 14 minutes ago, radcliffe white said:

    GT & dan out for this

    Morley & JDB in


    Maybe - I wouldn’t be disappointed with that.

    But, despite his weakness in picking up yellow cards, which definitely needs sorting, GT is the fire in the belly we need at the moment, he’s been integral to us maintaining some control and physicality since Wigan.

    I bet @mr_Grey was happy GT and Iredale stayed on in the 2nd half to help us to the win 🤣 

  6. 6 minutes ago, woolli said:

    What about your buddies substitutions? Bringing Jerome on for Lundlu, instead of Bod? More puzzling not taking thomason or Iredale off, who could both have been sent off before half time.. But, we all know whats coming tomorrow. Injuries, bad ref, blah blah blah, The only consolation, we have beaten the might of Stevenage!

    I’d be bringing on JDB or even starting him before Dan or Jerome, so I don’t agree with everything he does 😊

    Thomason and Iredale certainly don’t help themselves with silly bookings, so I’m not going to defend that one either.

    However you can’t fault either of them in that 2nd half, they were everything that’s been good about these last 2 wins; character, leadership, goals assists, passion - I’m glad they were both on in that 2nd half and weren’t hauled off! 

    Surely even from Los Christianos you can see how integral they were to that win? 😉

  7. 42 minutes ago, Deanu said:

    Bloody hell that was a nervy watch, Iredale was naive first half & I was on edge with him/Thomason but credit where it’s due he bailed us out of the shit with some massive clearances/recoveries at the end also involved in all three goals. At the minute it’s try win the first half or get a lead then defend for our lives because we haven’t got no depth to freshen things up in the midfield or at wing back. Showed some bollocks the past two games when dead on our feet.


    9 minutes ago, W.cramp said:

    Already been said that yes we were poor especially first half but then again they were good again especially first half.   

    You can see the spark is missing and Santos was especially missed tonight, but at the final whistle we have 3 points and that's what matters.

    Let's get the 5 back who would have been involved tonight and we'll be reet till Januarys window.

    2 good posts.

    That game was made for Santos, those boys up top wouldn’t have won as much. But fair play to Toal, Forrester and Iredale, they’ll be black and blue in the morning! 

    Special mention for Iredale. Even though I still don’t have him in our best 11, his goal, assist and 2nd half performance was commendable today, showed bags of character. Just what the squad requires in the middle of an injury crises. 

    Sometimes you just have to find a way to get a result, we’ve done that the last 2 games.

    That can only be a positive 😊

  8. I’m thinking Thomason might come straight back in for this.

    Biggest reason being for fresh legs and utilising the squad with the only position in midfield where we can.

    With Sheehan having played consecutively including the EFL trophy game last week, I think he’ll be on the bench with a view to starting Saturday.

    I think the rest will be the same. 

  9. 3 minutes ago, Johnnyrotten said:

    I don't quite get this taking stock thing after 10 games, 15 games or whatever.  There isn't a day of judgement, other than the end of the season, and even then there are mitigating factors (luck/injuries/refs etc).  When we were 3-0 down at H-T on  Boxing Day at Carlisle, we were 15th and they were top.  4 months later we were promoted and they finished 10th.  Its a marathon and all that, I won't have a clue how its going to pan out after our 10th game any more than anyone else will but I'll continue to chat shit on each game or individual players/manager's tactics as they happen.

    I see where you are coming from.

    But the counter argument is that some  folk make fatalistic, long term negative (and positive - “HMS piss the league”) projections ridiculously early in a season as if we are in some kind of rut that means we won’t get promoted.

    Therefore having a timescale that provides some realistic context, like 10 games, isn’t a day of judgement, more of a benchmark nearly a quarter of a season in. I don’t see what’s wrong with that.

    Milestones, projections and targets are used throughout Sport, not just by fans, but management also. Big Sam and his team were massive on this. Kept in house, but looking at where they wanted to be and how many points at stages of the season.


  10. 3 minutes ago, radcliffe white said:

    I know pal,

    my concern is that his lack of help (DC) puts unnecessary pressure on the team, yesterday we struggled 2nd half it was crying out for someone to come off bench and kill game we just don’t have that, reading away example at 1-1 you bring Jerome & dan on you just know we ain’t scoring

    i get you won’t find a Walker & McGinlay but we need something better than we currently have, despite banging goals in early doors we ain’t in the top 3 and this was a flag last season 

    I know what you are saying; because the other forwards don’t have the same goalscoring prowess of Charles, when he goes off it significantly reduces our chances of scoring. 

    At Reading, (and in other games this season) making those forward subs has made us worse. 

    I actually thought yesterday, the forward subs worked out well. Dan and Charles had run their games and I thought with JDB and Jerome on, the ball started to stick better and they helped see the game out to victory.


  11. 12 minutes ago, tomski said:

    I quite like Hertha. Sad state of affairs. Had it on last night and thought the same as it looked chocca. Also noticed in Germany they share the wealth with Referees and they high profile games get assigned to the elite despite being 2nd division 

    After reading this, just been browsing around, didn’t realise that win sent St Pauli top. Did you watch it?

    Looks like Dapo is performing well out there, fair play to him.

  12. 2 minutes ago, radcliffe white said:

    I certainly don’t feed off negativity, yesterday was a well fought win but how anyone can be happy with our attacking options bar Charles and I’m struggling

    Folk go on about how good santos is but when he’s ever out we don’t do shabby for me DC is the kingpin and he needs assistance, if he becomes unavailable we will struggle

    i wont go all doom so I must say the goalkeeper & the back line especially played very well Forrester gets better each game


    Weren’t having a go at you pal.

    Your opinion (although a little less positive than mine, but who’s isn’t? 🤣) is always a good read to me. Always there at the games, Call it how you see it but often pretty balanced. 

    We have some good discussion on here and at games.

    In response to your comments about our attack and Santos, I do have a different opinion.

    While I agree we are very reliant on Charles (which side wouldn’t be?) and we miss him when he doesn’t play, I actually think our options with the other 5 (and I include CMG in this) is quite varied and has elements of quality to it.

    It’s far from the perfection of Walker/Mcginlay - but who has got that in this league?

    I like Santos and simply put, I think we are a better team with him in than out.

    Very good to see that we can perform and pick up points without him mind 👍

  13. @tomski is going to love this thread 🤣

    Very harsh saying we should do better! 

    Even though I’m not against a crowd/attendance discussion, it’s more than just numbers. 

    Taking our numbers out of it (although I think recently in the lower leagues it’s been excellent!) the quality of our support in terms of; passion, volume, loyalty, age-range, demographic, backing and commitment, all during a cost of living crisis, has been fantastic! 

    I think splitting away fan groups up into good/bad purely based on one number formula is daft. 

  14. 37 minutes ago, bolty58 said:

    We said that's when we should take stock. Not looking like the doom mongers will be making much of a contribution. Or will they?

    Great finish, excellent result.

    Spot on. 

    The thing is after a defeat/draw, it’s like a million negative words to say the same thing. Often, accompanied by some magical solutions on selection, tactics and preparation. 

    But I get it, it’s a forum where folk vent and offer their opinion.

    Like you, I think we have too many doom mongers who seem to feed off negativity. 

    A bit of realism, context and time is what’s required sometimes. 

    Always a more pleasant (and less lengthy read 😊) after a win.



  15. 10 minutes ago, Farnywhite said:

    Sam hird as left the club so need a new first team coach at the club 

    Apparently off to take on a position within the Professional Footballers' Association.

  16. 20 minutes ago, Farnywhite said:

    Thomason will be a good option off the bench . Would give Morley another start on Tuesday though he wasnt great  but we won and he just might need a run of games to get going hopefully 

    I thought Morley played well.

    2 different sides to him today. Was linking up play nicely in first half when we were on top, he was seeing plenty of the ball and got a couple of shots away. Then in the 2nd half he did what he didn’t do against Wigan, he tracked back, he hassled, tried to break up play, getting a booking for his efforts. 

  17. 38 minutes ago, Lt. Aldo Raine said:

    A huge win, not just because of their good early form but also in the circumstances of our injury troubles


    They defended so well in the 2nd half. For all their intent in the 2nd half Port Vale didn’t really create 1 clear cut chance.

    Hope we have less talk about fitness, squad players not being good enough to get us points in this league and Evatt making excuses.

    Win on Tuesday and the league table will be looking pretty good after 10 games. 

  18. Just now, Spider said:

    Players being tired is an excuse that doesn’t wash with me at this stage of a season.

    These are athletes whose only job is to be fit and kick a ball about.

    Last month of the season, fair enough, but not the end of September.

    I thought we’d put that one to bed last week when the hysteria kicked off about fitness after Reading? Character, fitness and stamina was put to the test with 10 men last week and we came through without issue. 

  19. 6 hours ago, meanderson93 said:

    I absolutely love the Ryder Cup, pinnacle of sport. 


    Hard not get caught in hyperbole in the great moments of sport, but that’s some of the best quality Ryder cup golf I’ve ever seen.

    Fantastic day

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