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  1. 4 minutes ago, bolty58 said:

    Me too - not anything. Gloating winners and spiteful losers. They support every fucker against England so why not pay back in kind? Same goes for Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

    With you on the second sentence too with the exception of Southgates signallers. Hammer Wales and then I just don't care after that. First time ever in my life so well done Bullingham and Southgate.

    This could well mean England might win the whole thing? Don't think so.

    I’m hoping you change your mind and can put the politics to one side.

    You’ve always been a passionate and positive BWFC and England fan - don’t let politics get in the way.

    I’m sure you know deep down that from a football perspective it can only be BWFC and England.

    I’m pissed up (again, 2 nights on the trot 😂) so I’m off to bed now. 

    Come on England and come on BWFC (and Denmark 🤣) 👍

    Looking forward to the next couple of weeks, which has the unusual combination of England and Bolton games 👏

  2. 2 minutes ago, bolty58 said:

    Really? A battling performance so fair play but nothing more than that surely?

    Come on Denmark!

    On this I have to agree with you. Never want the Aussies to do well in any sporting contest.

    However, I’m a passionate Englishman, who will always want England to win and all our sporting rivals to lose 😊👍

  3. 6 hours ago, gonzo said:

    You're not world class playing for Spurs, Lazio and Rangers.

    Pele played for Santos and New York Cosmos.

    We had the Gazza debate a while ago.

    I honestly think if you were 16-25 in 1990 you have a different opinion of Gazza than everyone else.

    It’s not about who you played for, what you had done, what you went on to do. It’s about what you did in that moment of time. As a 16 year old in 1990, I’d never seen an English player take on the rest of the world and change the fortunes of a nation.

    The fact that he reinvented himself (albeit in a much lesser form) and did It again in 1996 was fucking brilliant.

    Still my favourite and most talented England player I’ve ever seen.

    World Class 

  4. I’m surprised there’s so many pages of comments to catch up on.

    I’m pissed, been out since 7 watching the 2nd team I love, thought more might have been.

    While the emotion of not beating the yanks and playing poorly has not passed me by…..

    We have (bar an absolute disaster) just qualified (again) for the last 16 of the World Cup haven’t we?

    It’s the 2nd round of tournament football where both teams are content with a draw. That dictates the style of game doesn’t it? 

    No team was willing to sacrifice a clean sheet to push on and go for a goal. 

    I don’t think we are good enough to go on and win it, nor do many on here either, so get through to the next round and see what happens. 

  5. 18 minutes ago, Roger_Dubuis said:

    If Bolton don't like who they might draw in the 3rd Division cup, it is very simple. don't be a 3rd Division club

    Well I didn’t think it would be post from me that brought you out of your urinal filled hole - hope you don’t go telling anyone to hang themselves this time

  6. 1 minute ago, radcliffe white said:

    Much as folk aren’t happy with the competition they will tip up for a day out at Wembley 

    I think that’s fair game.

    We’ve talked to death about will you/won’t you if we get to Wembley. I maintain that as long as we play a league 1/2 club it will be a great day out. 

    Like me, I imagine most folk who go will push their morals and dislike of the competition (with u21s involved) to one side and attend because there are far more positives (especially if you’ve got kids who’ve never been to Wembley) to going than staying at home.

    While I disagree I respect and understand why some won’t go.

    But this fixture really does highlight everything that’s wrong about the competition - see @gonzo post.

    While I don’t consider the urinals to be a rival and I never have been a “Munich” signing dissenter (in fact I hate and am embarrassed by these chants) I absolutely can’t stand the club.

    That will probably make you smile as I don’t think you share the same view.

    Them lot turning up on mass to take this piss always has and always will boil my piss - but at least on a level footing in the league/FA cup it was a proper game, one we could passionately get involved in win or lose.

    This is just wrong, plain wrong.

    No BWFC side should have to go through this.

    Anyway I hope we smash em - not so I can gloat (that would feel wrong to) but, keeping it factual and progressive for our season, it will be a platform for good form in the league and get us another step closer to Wembley.

  7. It’s an absolutely awful fixture.

    For someone who has been an advocate of us doing well in this and wanting us to get to Wembley, this is a harsh dose of reality about everything that is wrong with these u21 sides being involved. 

    I wish we didn’t have the embarrassment of having to go through this fixture. But now that we do I hope we knock them out. Same with the other u21 sides.

    Hopefully get all league one and two clubs to the quarters.

    This will really test my resolve keeping my 100% attendance in this comp so far. 

  8. 11 minutes ago, Zico said:

    I hope for your sake it's Mansfield, Burton or Lincoln away

    in fact, I hope we get to the final and those 3 away or our route there

    you deserve it

    I hope the Gods turn in his direction and give him those fixtures. Based on his luck so far it will be:

    last 16: Accrington (a

    Quarters: Plymouth (a)

    Semi: Portsmouth (a)

    With a few Tuesday rail strikes thrown into the mix.

    Feel free to strike me down @Marc505 if this happens 😂 

  9. 7 minutes ago, TM Trotter said:

    The nationality rules have been silly for ages, I'm thinking of Ireland's World Cup squad of Englishmen with grandmothers in Cork.

    I don't blame Cash at all. I do wonder, if his Polish grandfather was on his dad's side (and therefore a born and raised English lad with a surname like Kaczszynski rather than Cash), if it would 'come across' differently.

    I ponder this as my surname is definitely NOT English, but I'm Bolton through and through... and I'd definitely be eligible to play for Ukraine. If I was good enough, I'd pick England and enjoy hearing journalists struggle with the six-consonant start to my surname. If, like Matty Cash, there were many better English players ahead of me, I'd have no problem picking my second option as I do have a strong affinity with both nations... I would just have to brush up on the language a bit more!

    Great post

    Good to see you have strong feelings about both your home town and historical roots 👏

  10. 3 minutes ago, Leyther_Matt said:

    Regionalised would presumably still include Cheltenham, Burton or Lincoln.

    Two evening games at Lincoln 9 days apart with Christmas in between would sort the men from the boys, I’m sure!

    Anyone at home will do for me. Just hope the remaining U21 teams get knocked out and then we can start concentrating on enjoying the competition. 

    Don’t think it’s Cheltenham.

    It could be;

    Burton, Lincoln, Utd u21s, Accrington, Salford,

    Port vale/Barnsley, 

    Everton u21s/Mansfield 

  11. 19 minutes ago, Casino said:

    He did

    Why did he go off after 20 minutes

    Are you getting him mixed up with Dempsey?

    Sadlier moved to the right when Bradley came on late.

    Did enough to get through. Let them back in it, when it could have been a stroll. 

    Last 16 now. I take it it’s still regionalised? 

    Think I heard coming out of ground that the draw is 4.30 Thursday and next round week beginning 19th Dec

  12. 6 minutes ago, Whitesince63 said:

    Looks good to me but I wonder if he’ll continue with Dixon instead of Trafford? I personally wouldn’t as I’d keep the back line as solid as possible.

    Yeh you are probably right. Forgot he usually picks Dixon for these. Ex Barrow as well

  13. Right time to turn our minds to the big game this evening 😂.

    3 of us going, so let’s see what we can do to get to the last 16. Don’t know whether he’ll try to keep some consistency with a winning side, make plenty of changes bringing in those who haven’t played 90 for a while or a bit of both. His comments suggest a bit of both. So could be game time for MJ, Sadlier, think he’s already said Toal will play. But I think establishing some first 11 combinations and consistency also important. So could be something like this;


                         Toal.                       Santos.              Iredale

    Bradley                         Thomason              MJ                     Beck

                                Sadlier                              Dapo



  14. 1 minute ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

    The Dutch game is a bore fest. Come on Senegal 

    Yeh it’s not good is it. Thought the Dutch would have been more progressive. 

  15. 15 minutes ago, Zico said:

    looks like @Marc505really did choose the wrong season to get to every game

    I had a good chat with him on Saturday. It really does seem like every fixture change and train strike is a personal vendetta against his challenge. Whether he pulls it off or not, it’s a fantastic effort 👏 Would love to toast a pint to him at Bristol

  16. Well that was an enjoyable half of football. Monday afternoon off work. In the pub for some food and beers. The strange combination of Christmas decorations while cheering on 3 goals from England in a World Cup. And looking forward to the big game against Barrow tomorrow 😂.

    I could get used to this 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

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