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  1. As it happens I am not against going 4-4-2. But as previously suggested it is more to do with the players than the formations. Regardless of the formation it is about having a bit of luck, putting an early chance away, a bit of individual ability, plenty of balls into the box (yes against Arsenal - it may be our best chance) increasing our percentage of something falling for us in the box, decent delivery on set pieces, overlapping full backs (our best chance of getting behind teams).... Or any combination of the above to get us just one early goal please
  2. I am thinking I should probably just leave this one......................... but just in case you really need it explaining; the 4-5-1/4-3-3 formation are one of the same thing. When your confident, attacking, supporting the front man its 4-3-3 (as it should be more often - and if this is the point you are trying to make then I agree, but there's a whole host of reasons this isn't happening at the moment). The formation is also meant to be fluid enough to change to 4-5-1 when defending, but is the shape we are reverting to more often as we lack the confidence, pace and ability to challenge sides when attacking.
  3. Not got any stats at hand - but that is absolute bollox Take Portsmouth for example where we had a ridiculous number of chances with Taylor and Diouff playing wide off Davies
  4. He won't blow hard enough to complete his goal
  5. Leave him be! Yes the chances of his predictions are undoubtebly long odds. And I think if we all think about it rationally and realistically it looks gloomy - I think he understand this with his reference to him being on crack. For any positive thinkers I think he makes some good points If we do get out of it, it may be that a lot of his thoughts may have to come to bare. Jonathan for the time being I am with you! Surely this is what we are all hoping (yes hoping, not expecting) come Saturday?
  6. 2 players, McCann and J O Brien, play this role better than Campo now IMO
  7. Agree with all of that. The confidence issue is an absolute massive factor IMO, if we are going to get sufficient points it doesn't take Einstein to work out we will have to score goals. It seems the only way we are going to score is by scrapping for something because the team are now not confident enough to play any other way than long ball in the box and getting a bit of luck. If this can happen early in a game and we can hold onto something then confidence might just come back. People I am sure will disagree and may say we can't play any other way, but the performances against Reading and Portsmouth (and to a limited degree Blackburn) suggest IMO these players can mix it, pass it and vary it more than they are doing at the moment - but the viscious circle suggests this will only happen when confidence comes back to the side and this will only happen after goals, victories and points. May be blind faith - but I still believe we can get out of this.
  8. YATESY has got his claws stuck now, you're not going to let up on this one are you!? Relegation to be blamed on Matt Taylor, classic You know its all set for a Matty Taylor Screamer on Saturday
  9. Why does Megson keep picking Taylor = he is a Megson signing and Megson believes all the rubbish that once he scores one he will get a bag-full. Time to drop him* A front 3 of Diouf, Davies and Stelios for the run in may just give us the goals we need. * as many recall - I said the same about Anelka and look what happened. I don't think lightening will strike twice though Cue a Taylor screamer this weekend
  10. Completely agree. And Megson is pretty much saying the same himself. http://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/wanderers/w...derers_fans.php Judge him at the end of the season. It's a big if at the moment but if we do stay up then for me he has done his job. We have to get behind them till the end of the season - it's the only way we can help.
  11. http://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/wanderers/w...ing_wounded.php Forced rather than by choice I would say. No Jussi, Cahill or Nolan
  12. Sentimental post that one lad. Absolutely spot on. Had to remind my dad of exactly the same thing. It certainly is the end of an era - it will be looked back on with extremely fond memories for those of us fortunate enough to witness it.
  13. Yeh Yeh Bextor SEB and all that! Realised I'd messed up as soon as I posted it! I am keeping with my penalty victory although I think its wishful thinking, but we have to keep the faith, "Reserve teams" have done us proud on a few occasions this season. Will have to leave straight after we have finished tonight so a certain somebody can get a good kip before going off to Lisbon!
  14. 3rd time lucky with my side prediction! There will probably only be Cahill who retains his place for Wigan. (Assunimg Jussi is fit and he plays McCann instead of Guthrie) Pretty bloody obvious really but what the hell here goes Al Habsi Hunt Samuel Meite Cahill Andranik J O Brien Guthrie Stelios Helguson Vaz Te Subs Braaten, Harsanyi, Sinclair, Cassidy, Sissons, Woolfe, Walker.
  15. Correction I believe Taylor hasn't travelled either. Bring in Vaz Te then. An optomistic penalty win still stands
  16. There's only Diouff that surprises me on that list. I thought having not played last week and with that shambles of a pitch at the JJB not being ideal for diouffs style for 90 mins he would have got some kind of run out on Thursday. Still think we can field a side that can do a job Al Habsi Hunt Samuel Meite Cahill Campo J O Brien Guthrie Stelios Helguson Taylor 1-1 penalty win for the Whites! COME ON
  17. They certainly do as most of it got chucked last time rather than drunk
  18. He finally makes a post! Can't believe its the breaking of your 100% record that tempts you! Its is a great record including your anglo italian exploits - bet you're gutted Hazzy will surpass you Like Yatesy says hope the injuries are healing well.
  19. http://www.wanderersways.com/forum/index.p...25&start=25 Tut Tut Bextor
  20. Breaking news on the scarves - they have arrived, a plain blue and white little number
  21. Mrs Desperado and sister (but not me unfortunately)
  22. We had a similar discussion post match yesterday. There are a number of reasons for this; the board not backing BSA (understandable and debatable from both sides), BSA taking his eye of the ball from mid season onwards last season, the departure of BSA, Little Sams disaster, sale of Anelka, not managing to replace Anelka. Personally I don't blame Megson, I don't think he has done much wrong since his appointment (maybe Rasiak, but it was always going to be a gamble based on the fact there wasn't the available quality around)And I disagree I don't think we are toothless and spineless - maybe under Lee, but not under Megson. You don't get some of the results he has got by being spineless. The main difference between this year and years previosly is consistency. With all the changes that have been made both on and behind the scenes it isn't suprising we are lacking consistency. But to answer your question no its not too late. We can survive and move onwards (maybe upwards), hard for some people to see after 2 heavy defeats but nevertheless still realistic IMO
  23. An easy mistake to make confusing those 2
  24. Making rash decisions to drop our most consistent players after a defeat by Liverpool is wrong IMO
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