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  1. Started with my dad and brother in the Manchester Road North Stand 73-75 then with friends changed between Lever End and the Embankment depending on the match. Around 78 moved into Burndan Terrace (paddock) for a few seasons. During late 80's until 1996 sat in Manchester Road South (front row) and fully enjoyed the banter with the lads in the terrace. I do miss BP for many reasons.
  2. Can't say many of these are in the 'great' class, some couldn't even tie Tommy Lawton's laces.
  3. There have been some great players born in Bolton and district (yes that includes Farnworth) who have never played for BWFC. I'll start with one, you name the rest. Here is mine: Tommy Lawton
  4. Take a look at this site, some great photos of Wembley Stadium. https://www.imortaisdofutebol.com/2017/09/28/jogos-eternos-bolton-wanderers-2x0-west-ham-united-1923/ Building one of the towers.
  5. The photo in the 1923 thread got me thinking about how goal post evolved over the years and the history behind the changes. Strange to think that once they used string tied to the tops 🙃 Here are a few links with some history. Even though they are not made from wood now we still refer to hitting the 'woodwork'. https://www.harrodsport.com/advice-and-guides/a-history-of-the-football-goalpost https://gdfra.org.au/history_of_goalposts.htm
  6. Gov must be expecting more cases, they are issuing a new number to call as from Monday 🤐
  7. Wanderers V Newcastle 1976 https://youtu.be/-1GF5arqwqo And the heart-breaker at Elland Road 2nd replay https://youtu.be/xsjyhayHiR8
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