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  1. Started with my dad and brother in the Manchester Road North Stand 73-75 then with friends changed between Lever End and the Embankment depending on the match. Around 78 moved into Burndan Terrace (paddock) for a few seasons. During late 80's until 1996 sat in Manchester Road South (front row) and fully enjoyed the banter with the lads in the terrace.

    I do miss BP for many reasons.

  2. 3 minutes ago, Casino said:

    Year west brom went up, didnt they clinch it at oldham, while we won 4 0 at charlton?

    Always thought wolves was the last day of the season

    Also remember it being a sunday, but ill bet it wasnt


    We had another game to go after Wolves, we played at Bristol Rovers and drew 2-2

  3. I remember the day as if it was yesterday.

    Heading down Manchester Road with my old fella and my brother, getting drawn down the road with the crowds.

    All the filth were already in the Embankment by the time I got to the top of the Manchester Road North stand. It took my breath away how many were actually crammed into the end, must have been an accident waiting to happen with the crowd swaying as much as it did. The noise was electric mainly from the filth but the whites gave a response back.

    When Pearson scored the ground erupted and lead to many a skirmish, mostly outside along the fence leading from the Embankment to the main road, under two bridges and the odd bump towards town.


  4. 11 hours ago, Traf said:

    We're down, let's face it. So let's prepare for next season now.

    Get these players who are contracted for next season in the team now. Give them opportunities now and by the end of the season, they might have just got used to playing at this level, meaning they should be OK for L2. 

    I agree, folk need to stop having a go at KH. He may have some strange ways that's just his personality but ffs get off his back (not you Traf) and take the pressure off him and let him do his job.

  5. Today's society and mindset pisses me off. No one is ever satisfied these days, never, they always have something to moan about.

    KH may not be the best manager, but most said PP wan't a good manager either, some hated BSA.

    Yes it's all about opinions but be thankful you have a club to support.

  6. On 19/09/2019 at 20:52, Smiley said:

    Ok, its time to make tax digital and, alas, my 16 years of getting by with Excel and filing my return manually online is now over.

    Before I splash out on Xero or Quickbooks - are there any free and easy-to-use alternatives (Zipbooks comes up on a Google search) that folk are using which are HMRC compatible?

    If you have a decent account who uses Xero they will provide it for you.


    and yes you are a tight git.

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