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  1. Funny seeing this topic. Was with the family in Housing Units just now and looked up to see ZC and his misses looking at wall clocks. That’s enough excitement for one day!
  2. ok, well keep them here please as I'm not one for trolling through every thread that is off topic. Anyone else wish to contribute?
  3. Let's have some serious responses then I'll put it out there.
  4. The sites software is responsive and optimised for mobiles, there is no need to click anything to switch the theme for any device.
  5. I’ll probably regret asking but here goes anyway. Let me have your suggestions for renaming Macron Matters with the most popular being entered into a poll.
  6. I’d appreciate your thoughts and suggestions on the new look forum. Is there anything annoying or bugs? Anything missing or do you have suggestion that would enhance your experience? keep it clean oh and no Brexit filters
  7. Really terrible news. Thoughts go out to Stephen, Steph and their family. Reading about MND and it’s horrific.
  8. Will be a very difficult game and another test of our metal. Unfortunatley I can't see any points from this.
  9. Yes I know we have lost a weeks topics and posts such as Administration and the passing of Eddie Davies, please feel free to start those again.
  10. Well that was an experience As this is the latest upgrade of the IPS software some tweaks over time will take place to the look and feel of the forum. It looks slightly difference but basically the same functions.
  11. Dear valued members, You'll all have been bombarded with emails asking you to accept the new GDPR policy, well we need to do the same but with a difference. You can control your own notification settings direct from the site. Top right you'll see your name, click that and then, My Settings and finally the notification options down the left hand side. Select, update and click save changes. Done! Thanks
  12. I've been away, I'll sort it for you. Nice shout-out "I chucked some money in the server pot the other day" pitty a few more didn't do the same thing!
  13. Time to vote for your player of the year 2017-18 Your vote is important as we shall be handing the player a trophy voted by the WanderersWays community. Voting closes 17:00 2nd May 2018
  14. Most may have noticed that we have been offline for nearly 4 hours today. Our hosting provider had a major outage and blamed their dark fibre network for the lose of service. This not only affected us but knocked 1,000's of other websites up and down the country.
  15. Too many negative thoughts, be positive for once... 2-1 to the mighty whites
  16. Actually who gives a flying F*** about Coyle? History, the past, move on !
  17. Madine has gone To the Chippy for his tea.
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